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If your pregnant and have brown mucus discharge

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Brown discharge can be a sign of miscarriage, but it's most likely not. Brown blood is old blood. Please call your dr to be sure. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-your-pregnant-and-have-brown-mucus-discharge ]
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Weeks pregnant and getting brown and sometimes blood streaked muc...?
It may be your mucus plug starting to come out. I'm sure the midwife meant that it's probably not anything to worry about, since losing the mucus plug is a normal occurance that needs to happen soon for you. If you start bleeding bright red...
Is it normal to have brown mucus discharge while 7 weeks pregnant...?
I have heard that it is normal in pregnancy. I am currently 11 weeks, and have been experiencing the same thing. I would call the doctor just to reassure yourself. I also suggest the book What to Expect, it addresses all these issues. I bou...
What is this brown mucus discharge?
When I had a brown mucus discharge my gynecologist told me it was the old blood mixing with the natural lubrication of the vagina. Maybe that's what you're having. Whats of more concern as you already know is the fact that your period is go...

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light brown/orange discharge, 8 wks pregnant, help?
Q: Okay so yesterday after I and my husband had sex I noticed after going to the bathroom, a slight orange yellow mucus, with a little tinge of brown. That lasted for about an hour, not very heavy at all, and no cramps. Then today I woke up and there was a slight bit of orange/brown discharge, then once again after I had a bowl movement then it was gone. I am 8 wks pregnant, with my first child, and I called my mother right away whom said that with all of her pregnancies she had the same thing. There is no pain except the occasional light cramp that I have had the entire pregnancy. I have yet to go to the doctor and my first appointment is coming up in about 20 days, if there is anything you could tell me, to calm my nerves, or if I should be alarmed. Oh and my mom said it could be a way of your body getting used to not having a regular menstrual flow, and I did the math and yesterday and today would be the start of my period. So, anything would be greatly appreciated, thank you! ^^
A: Definitely relax! Stress will just make everything harder and not help anything, though I know thats sooo much easier said than done! The first few months I was pregnant with my daughter, I had light bleeding on and off and a lot of vaginal discharge! Vaginal discharge is very, very normal in pregnancy because of all the hormones and your body adjusting to all the changes taking place. I am certain that everything is alright! I know how it feels to be pregnant for your first time though and worried about everything-that's good and normal! You can always call the doctor and tell them about it without going in, but I really don't think you have anything to worry about! It really is very normal! There are a lot of websites, like parenting.com that talk about discharge and spotting, so the more you know about it, the better you'll feel as well! Good luck and don't worry-It sounds like you're okay and the babys okay!
33 weeks pregnant... think I lost mucus plug... How long after did you go into labor?
Q: I am 33 weeks pregnant going on 34. They are inducing me at 38 weeks if I have not gone into labor before than but I just had (TMI SORRY) brown discharge like my mucus plug (this is my 3rd pregnancy but my first that has gone past 13 weeks) I was wondering how long before you went into labor after you lost your plug? Also I am having lower back pains and belly pain so I am thinking mild contractions. Thanks :)
A: No one can accurately guess that. Going by your symptoms it could be any time and at 33 weeks gestation the babys lungs arent ready to breathe air yet, you need to get to your hospital in case you need steroid injections to speed up the baby's lung maturation. Good luck!
do you think im pregnant? if you answer i promise il answer one of your questions [ :?
Q: ive been feeling sick when i dont eat, and when i do eat i still feel sick afterwards, i havent actually threwup but i def feel like im going to. ive been having cramps and abdominal pains, not horrible but it feels like im going to get my period, but i had my period 2 weeks go.i also had a brown/bloody mucus vaginal discharge a few days after my period.but i had unprotected sex october 18th and i had a light weird period afterwards, i just now realized that couldve been implantation bleeding, i think im getting a test today but i just want to ease my mind.
A: Hey Jen, you really need to get to a doctor like right NOW! This is nothing to fool with, GO now! I hope everything will be alright with you. and good luck.

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