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If your period is shorter does that mean you could be pregnant

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If you are pregnant you wouldn't be having your period. But, you could be experiencing what they call implantation bleeding.ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-your-period-is-shorter-does-that-mean-you-could-be-pregnant ]
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Could Shorter Periods Mean Im Pregnant?
No, if you are having a period you are most likely not pregnant. It could be an indication of weight gain, extra excersise or stress.
Is a shorter that usual period with mucusy watery blood mean you'...?
It sounds like it could very possibly be implantation bleeding that you are experiencing. I recommend that you take a HPT as soon as possible.
Does a shorter, weaker period mean I'm pregnant??
Not necessarily. there is implantation bleeding, however anything can make your period change, stress, depression, exercise, eating habits, anything. The best way to know wait for your period next month then take a prego test if you miss. B...

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Can you still have period?
Q: i was just wondering if u could still get your period when your pregnant? i havn't missed, they've just been late and shorter. does that mean anything? me and my fiance are trying, been off depo for over year.
A: First, if there's a chance you could be pregnant, you should take a pregnancy test. To answer your question about periods, the answer is no, they do not get regular periods; however, some women experience some light spotting. It can happen at any stage of the pregnancy. Usually it's nothing to be too concerned about. The best thing you should do is consult your doctor to discuss your individual case. Watch for other signs of pregnacy too. If you are pregnant & there is a lot of bleeding, it could indicate a miscarriage. Again, talk to your doctor. Good luck.
What does this mean? Could I be pregnant? [Please answer!!]?
Q: Ok, I had unprotected sex 9 weeks ago. Ever since I've still had my preiod, but it's alot lighter and shorter (by days) than usual..(And I found out that it's possible to have your period during pregnancy,but a very slim chance..)Anyway, ever since i've been throwing up, Can't eat certain things thatI normally love, and CRAVING nothing but hot wings!!Well, I just kinda pusshed the thought away and continued on withmy life, just thinking that it was nothing..But for the past 2 weeks I've noticed that I keep having the taste of metallic in my mouth, (super gross! It taste like I have a penny in my mouth..)And I've also noticed that my fingernails are SUPER strong, and growing long:)(Which NEVER happens..)But I didn't know that this was a pregnancy sign..Anyway, I found out today that they were, and now it's been on my mind.I know, I know..No one can tell me if I'm pregnant or not, But...Do you think that this is just a coincidence, or signs of pregnancy??And also, would I be having these 'Signs of pregnancy' at thispoint in my pregnancy? (If I am..)Thank you so much!!
A: You sound like you have a few pregnancy symptoms! symptoms can start straight away in some women and other women take a while for symptoms to kick in. As far as the bleeding, i bleed on and off until the end of my first trimester (12 weeks) with both my kids. But yes i understand this is rare.my advise would be to go and buy a pregnancy test and do it first thing in the morning. Or better still go see your doctor :)good luck and i hope you get the result your after!
i havent got my period n i have been tired alot also gettin Bloating does that mean im pregnant wit no throw ^
Q: i have not got my lady friend this month but last month it was short and also i have been feeling tired but it could be because i get up so early in the morring to go to school and i sleep late also i been feeling like i have to cry have of the time and i have been getting bloating pains like it feels like im getting my lady friend at night i cant sleep cause i feel sick in the middle of the night also i been getting hot and cold and getting mad at times i throw up tonight which is May 28,2008 i dont know what to think or tell my boyfriend so pease if i can get some answers it will be really helpful and also thank you of hearing me out and giving me your time
A: I had a similar problem. No period, almost identical symptoms... But I went to Planned Parenthood, they gave me a free test which took less than 15 minutes, wait time included, and I found out I wasn't pregnant. The safest thing to do is to be tested by a health care pro to ensure there are no mistakes. If you are, they have plenty of information and resources to help you out.

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