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If your 2 weeks pregnant and your stomach hurts what does that mean

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Slight bleeding or cramping can be normal in the first couple weeks of pregnancy. If you are unsure, check with your doctor! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-your-2-weeks-pregnant-and-your-stomach-hurts-what-does-that-mean ]
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What does it mean when your 28 1/2 weeks pregnant and both side o...?
If the pain comes when you are walking around or bending, but goes away once you rest a minute then it is round ligament pains. I experienced them at the end of my 2nd trimester and beginning of my 3rd. Very painful and uncomfortable, but t...

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25 and pregnant with 5th baby bf thinking about cheating? Please read?
Q: I am 12 weeks pregnant. And I have been cramping and having stomach aches. This is our 3rd baby but my 5th. We have a 5, 4, 21month, 6month old. This is an email He sent me this morning because my stomach hurt please help... No rude comments pleaseFirst off im not trying to be meen, but this **** is seriously getting old. Im ******* hurting so bad right now. Iv had 2 jack off more in the last few months then ever. Its not relly right. Blue balls dont feel good. And it seems everytime I want some you dont. Its getting to where I cant sleep. Its not like im getting all the things I want anyway. Its agervating as hell having to go without this. You know what im talking about weve had this descussion how many times. All I know is im trying to be faithfull and stand by your side. It is getting relly hard. Im just going to be honest with you Iv thaught about cheeting alot latly. Not that I want to but its been on my mind alot. Its just crazy how i have to work so hard for ****, then dont get what I want anyway. Hell Im to the point where I dont even hardly try or want yo try from you anymore. Im relly wanting this to work between us especially for the kids sake. I have needs though. You ***** about me not rubbing your back ,belly ,legs,or whatever. I dont mind doing that stuff. But I am not motevated to do these things anymore. I mean I get mad when you even want me to do these things when you dont do things I want and like. Ans when we talk about this you allways use to say you will try, to work with you. Well our sex life is dead. Ya you do alot more like cleaning, cooking, and helping with the kids. I appreciate that. Something is gonna have to give though. Im just letting you know im not going to be able to do this. I love you with all my hart. i want to be for you I cant promise I im gonna stay faithful if things are like this.
A: First, I am going to point out - that for a young man -- who really seems a bit uneducated (based on his spelling alone!!) -- I do give this guy some credit... he is expressing his feelings as best as he can - and he seems to be being open and honest..about a tough subject... MOST men would never tell their gf's or wives that they are considering cheating! So, give him kudos for that - good for him.. Obviously he is working through some things in his head. Now, lets not focus on HIM per say - think about you. First, you have yourself in a very dependent position.. and you have innocent kids in that same 'dependency cycle' as you already.. Girl, you are only 25 - not 50! You have an entire life ahead of you.. Having babies is beautiful thing... but they need more than just 'love' - they need things - they need futures, they need two (or at least one) happy, stable parent in their lives... always... are you happy - really happy? At 25, with all these kids and now, potentially, no strong relationship partner to role model with you?.... You are going to find yourself stuck in a bad life position if you do not kick yourself in the butt and get your life in order -- to the point you do not just look like your only purpose in life is to pop out kids - regardless of the effect it has on you and your other kids... you are setting yourself up to be a victim in life - someone who needs others to take care of her! I do not feel based on your questions that you want or are needy right now... but if you keep at things as is, ask yourself.. do you want to be this needy woman needing a man to take care of her forever - is that the message you want to send to your kids?? And honestly, you are not going to be the best catch in the world for a serious committed man if you keep popping out kids -- you will automatically attract ghetto types - men who do not care about responsibility - and so they will come to you thinking, she does not care if I am responsible, she is stuck with all these kids - she will take whatever she can get - and then you will start feeling that way about yourself too! Do not do it.. stop the madness now! YOU can change your life!! Also, think about this - the true you is barely ever out for him to see and appreciate.,. and if he does not see and appreciate the real you, he is not going to feel positive around you - and you will pick up that vibe and not be responsive to his needs either... and WHY is he not seeing the real you? Because you have been pregnant most of your relationship[ or post par tum -- another words - your hormones have pretty much ruled you, your decisions, your actions, your words, and your needs... and that means you are not able to focus on him... (plus you have the kids to take care of -- no wonder you have no time to meet his needs)... Depending on how we live our lives, sometimes parents offer love with perhaps more energy with their kid or kids.. but they lack the life experience, financial resources, and common sense to be ideal parents.. is this you? If so.. do something about it! You can not change what HAS happened, but you sure as hell can change what happens from this point forward!Its always better to wait until you can take care of yourself first - before dragging another human being into your life... you'll feel better and their bond and your relationship way healthier and able to flourish more!! This can be said for babies or even male/female love relationships... etc..Take care of YOU first - then others... do not look for others (including babies) to fix the emptiness you feel)... that is what support groups, friends, churches (or other spiritual groups), careers, education, bookstores for knowledge, etc is for...Now, you put your business out here to get advice about your man... but I am going to tell you - you will never change another person - you can only take care of yo and your needs (and right now your kids needs too)... do not focus so much on him - as you do what is best for you and your kids.. go back to school... get educated... you can do this, even with kids.. financial aid/loans, etc wil allow you to pay a daycare, etc... grants, scholarships.. there is ALWAYS a way!! And talk about an ego boost for you.. with each class you pass, each semester finished.. each year behind you.. you will gain not only wisdom... beyond just what the books teach you.. but also strength, confidence... a bigger smile... more friends... more expeirences for your kids that are positive... It will mean a world of difference to you... and your kids!! - do not wait until you are 40 to look back and say, gosh I was still just in my 20's., I could have had a better life! Do not wait.. do it now and you will be amazed at the difference.. THEN, and only then... will the man / or men.. be swarming around you - wanting to be your faithful partner... because you will not need them and you will already have it all... then
your pregnancy complaints? or you like being pregnant?
Q: ust wondering what any of you all want to complain about as far as being pregnant? and how far along you are? i have a cousin that LOVES being pregnant! i don't know how. i am starting to rack up on complaints! 1st trimester i was just tired all the time & moody. 2nd trimester i felt great, had plenty of energy & was in such a better mood! but this last part.. i am close to 30 wks and i am starting to get miserable! i feel like a pig! i don't crave certain things, just everything i hear or if someone mentions it i want it lol. very bad with sweets. and being starved at like 4am a lot! i've always had a fear of being overweight & i have no idea what i should weigh now. but that is the least of my worries. my back hurts most of the time. i am sooo tired of peeing. it's very hard to even grocery shop b/c every time i stand up it's just sooo much pressure on my bladder. it is sooo miserable! if i have to pee a little i feel like i haven't got to go for a week! i am constipated like all the time! i miss taking hot baths & sleeping on my stomach. i wish i could take something like advil for a headache b/c tylenols DO NOT EVER WORK!! i have trouble sleeping. now i am getting heart burn a lot really bad! i can't wait to get my hair highlighted soon! i am getting TIRED a lot again and feeling lazy. not to mention i am very moody. one min. i am okay, then i'm sooo crabby, when i am not in the mood to just cry all day long. i have been feeling really depressed on/off. i am bored and cannot wait till my baby gets here. i feel like there is nothing really to do but to go shopping. movie theaters are rough b/c my back hurting so bad! and having to pee a lot! i get headaches off/on mainly in the middle of the night! i am really missing my old clothes i can't fit in now! i feel like i wear the same clothes all the time :( right now i am to the point where as bad as i wanted to be pregnant i hate to even see a HPT commercial on TV right now LOL. it's definitely harder to get around now as i am feeling the extra weight in my belly hehe.i know not much longer! it's moving quick, but at the same time it is dragging. less than 3 weeks till my next 4D ultrasound! can't wait! it's been a long journey but an amazing experience and it will all be worth it. i plan on having another baby in 3 years or so. i know women do this all the time. but it's not exactly a picnic. i know why they said last trimester is worst! i'm sure once i lay eyes on my son i'll forget all about this stuff going on now. i think i am just anxious for him to get here and getting frustrated with this waiting! and hormones are going crazy i guess! so just wanted to know if anyone else is in the same boat feeling like complaining & just venting i guess. men do not seem to understand! they think they do lol. i mean my hubby has been right there by my side and puts up with my griping about everything. i give him that... but they get the easy part of having kids ;)
A: so far I can only complain about water retention (some days is HELL)cravings that are BAD (chocolate chip cookies, desserts, tortas)heartburnback painI hate sleeping on my left sideI'm 20 pounds heavier I'm clumsymy boobs are itchyi have to pee very oftenI only love being pregnant because I'm being spoiled by my family.
Really Seriouse! need some help figuring this out....?
Q: 1. I have never had sex before in my life, i'm only 13!! 2. I've missed my period already 2 months now, and if I don't get it by the next week I'm going to start to go ballistic. 3. I've only gained 2 pounds in who know weeks, and i only was 98.6 now(i checked this afternoon). 4. I have a small appetite so there is no way possible i could get "huge", except for this small problem where my stomach and below area has slightly grown into one small hill shape that wont go away, even if i excersise like crazy. 5. My symptoms is light headed at time, sometimes slight nauesua-the type where you can feel it tingling in your throat and it makes you feel like it, not actually going to like feeling. I'm always getting bad headaches, they've actually softened a little in the past week tho. My stomach area hurts when touched, like pressure hurt not just a soft touch. Lastly I've been have'ting to urine alot and i barely drink too much water, i mean, i still drink water and liquids, but not enough to have to go every hour or so. 6. I'd love to go visit a doctor, but like i just said, I'm 13, no car, not driver's licens, just 13. 7. I'd tell my parents---mom---all this, but I don't believe it's the perfect timing since' I'm still waiting for my period, and i'm hoping by all means that I do get it by tommorrow or at least next week. I really need to know what's going on, I really don't think i'm pregnant since' I havn't had sex and I havn't a sperm to ever reach that posistion, unless there is a such thing as a virgin pregnacy, but once again i don't think that could be the answer (or so i hope not). Could there be something wrong with, whatever's there? does anyone have any knowing of what's going on with me, i'm really scared, doing my best not to show it around family and friends, and all i really need is some answers---PLEASE---
A: It takes about 3 years for your period to regulate. Don't stress out over not getting it yet. You may not get it again for awhile and it's perfectly normal.

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