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If you have your period does that mean your not pregnant

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When a woman menstruates it usually means she is not pregnant as the lining of the uterus is shedding. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-have-your-period-does-that-mean-your-not-pregnant ]
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Am i Pregnant? Does this mean i've had my period now or not??
Ok. Time for some sexual education. First of all, like someone else mentioned, if you think you're preggo DONT HAVE SEX AGAIN. Second, the first time you had sex, did you have a hymen? Because the bleeding might be due to that. It could ...
Does getting your period mean your not pregnant?
You can not have a period and be pregnant. A period is your body releasing an unfertilized egg from your body and stripping away your uterine lining, both are needed for pregnancy. Yes, some women bleed whey they are pregnant, it's typicall...
What does it mean if your period is late and you are not pregnant...?
It simply means your period is late. Even the most "regular" woman is occasionally late on her period for varying reasons, only some of them currently understood.

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Does sore breast before your period mean your not pregnant?
Q: My nipples get sore about around the time of ovulation for about 3 days then about a week before my period is due my breast hurt. I just had my first IUI done 2 weeks ago I am due for my period today and nothing so far(glad for that). I am ttc and I did the Ovidrel shot along with 50mg clomid and my nipples started hurting about 4-5 days ago and my breast started getting sore yesterday. I am worried. I am just wanting to know if your breast get sore around the time of your period does that mean you are not pregnant?
A: womens bodies are weird.. it depends.. but it's not really a way to tell.. because i know with myself.. sometimes they hurt before a period.. sometimes they don't.. for some women they hurt when they get preggers.. for others they don't..try not to worry about it.. good luck & baby dust.. xoxo
When you have your period when your on the pill does that mean your not pregnant?
Q: Ok IM REALLY CONFUSED.I realise when you are on the pill you have breakthrough bleeding, not an actual menstrual cycle. I am wondering when you have your breakthrough period (on the sugar pills) DOES THAT MEAN YOU ARE DEFIANTLY NOT PREGNANT? coz I know periods and breakthrough bleeding is totally different. Basically, if your pregnant would u get breakthrough bleeding??
A: No, having your period (or breakthrough) doesnt mean you are not pregnant.
I need to if you miss your period does that mean your pregnant have had 4 kids already?
Q: i had 4 kids already youngest is 8 months old had period last month on the 22nd and have not seen it this month may i be pregnant and has had unprotected sex everyday, but has taken pregnancy test and it came up negative please help.
A: If you have 4 kids already then you should know how the symptoms go and what it means when your period is late...and if you are having unprotected sex everyday well then yeah, there is a huge possibility that you are .

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