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If you have tubes tied can you still have a baby

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A recent study has estimated that 143 women in 10,000 get pregnant after a tubal ligation, making the percentage about 1.43%. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-have-tubes-tied-can-you-still-have-a-baby ]
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Can a women who has her tubes tied still carry a baby as in be a ...?
You can accept, then we can keep this thread open as long as you need. I will answer as many questions as you need! Christy Hammond39660.4793318287
Are your tubes still tied even tho you had a baby ten years ago??
First - they don't just "tie" your tubes - usually they cut & staple them. Second - they do all they can to make it permanent, but humans some times have remarkable healing powers, so they never guarantee it.
Can i still get pergnant after having tubes' tied and not payin a...?
ist been about 7 years that i have had my tubes tied. can i still get pregnanet at any time still?

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can you have a baby if your tubes are still tied burned and cut?
Q: can you be preagnant if your tubes tied burned cut
A: it is possible... if they don't do it right (everyone has to do their job for the first time) or make a mistake... your tubes can fuse back together... it is rare but I knew a 17 year old girl with an infant sister because of this.
if you have your tubes tied burned and cliped can you still have a nother baby and what can you do?
A: You would need to have a micro surgeon review your records to determine if there is enough tube remaining to perform a reversal. If not, your only option is IVF. They would still use your eggs, but the embryo would be planted in your uterus.The take-home baby rate for tube reversals is higher than all forms of IVF, but it still is around 60%. However, as mentioned, if you don't have enough tube, IVF will be your only option.The bad news, even if you have insurance that covers fertility, it won't pay for ANY of this as you voluntarily had your tubes tied. The only exceptions are those who tied their tubes due to cancer treatment or because they carry the gene for a serious genetic disorder (and thus will be using a donor egg).
can you have a baby if your tubes are tied?
Q: i was wondering if you can still get pregnant if you have your tubes tied. I had mine tied about 5 years ago and not sure if they doctor tied or burned or clip. If you do get them clip,burned and tied do you still get a period. just wondering. thank you so much for all the help..if you get all three done do you still have a regular period. i know its unlikely to get pregnant but i am just asking. also if you get your tubes tied do you have a normal period or is your mensual cycle messed up. if that makes any sense.
A: Of course many people are going to say no, but keep in mind that we don't live in a world that's controlled by science, even though it may seem like it at times. It's all in God's hands and with Him ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE (so to those saying no and saying the question is dumb, etc- think again!) Anyways, my Pastor's wife actually had her tubes tied and miraculously she ended up having a son! So, it's possible but you can say it's not likely. Anyways hope this helps! :o)

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