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If you dont have a period can you still get pregnant

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Women who have stopped menstruating & have already gone through menopause wouldn't be able to become pregnant.What age is person? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-dont-have-a-period-can-you-still-get-pregnant ]
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How bout if am irregular that i dont get my period can i still ge...?
if you are saying that you have an irregular period meaning you dont get it monthly yes you can still get pregnant with an abnormal period
Can you get still get pregnant if u dont have a period??
Yes you can... my best friend was told that she could never get pregnant because she had the same issue... well she ended up getting pregnant and not realizing it until 15 weeks... which sounds nuts but she had no period to miss... and no s...
Can I Still Get Pregnant If I Dont Have My Period??
Yes. Unless you have gone through menopause.

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Can U still get pregnant if you dont have a Period?
Q: Well I am a virgin,but I am ready to have sex with ma boyfriend! I am not exact on my period Ill get it a month then I wont get it for 2 or 3 months do I still have that possibility of getting pregnant if we dont use protection???I meant even If I dont get my period?
A: Yes, you ca still be ovulating and not have a period. I had amenorrhea (no periods) for six years due to anorexia, but at certain times, through blood tests they could see I was still ovulating. Similarly, you may be young and have never had a period yet, but have already started ovulating. You don't get pregnant WHEN you have your period, your period is just the end of the fertility cycle. You need to always use protection, or you will get pregnant.
If you dont get your period can you still get pregnant?
Q: Im 15 years old and a gymnast and i had my period before, but i usually never get it anymore.Is it possible to still get pregnant if my periods arnt regular or i just never usually get it?And since i dont get it like everyone else, do i just dont ovulate or anything?Any info would be great, thanks
A: As you mentioned, you can only get pregnant when you ovulate an egg in your ovaries (you may note a slight raise i body temperature when this happens). Since you're a gymnast and probably have low body fat stores, you'll have lower than normal estrogen (estradiol to be precise) levels, as they're a major site for aromatase activity (which turns testosterone into estradiol) and estrogen levels are associated with the lutenizing hormone surge required to ovulate. You can still get pregnant though! Although you rarely ovulate, you still do occasionally and it is then that you still are fertile. Since you don't know when these rare ovulations will occur always wrap it up, if that's what you're interested in knowing.
CAn you still get pregnant if you dont have your period?
Q: I just had a baby Oct 5 2008 and i still havent got my period ive had unprotected sex on thursday Nov. 20 2008 and i think thats when i couldve got pregnant, Can i still get pregnant even thought i havent had my period? And how soon should i test?
A: You're most fertile right after having a baby. I would test in about 2 weeks. Good luck.

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