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If you are pregnant how long does it take to show up on a home test

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Most home pregnancy test will show you if you are pregnant the first day of a missed period. You have yourself a great day! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-are-pregnant-how-long-does-it-take-to-show-up-on-a-home-test ]
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How long does it take after conceiving for the at home pregnancy ...?
if your period is 1 day delayed you can take a pregnancy test. you shouldn't be pregnant if you had sex the same day that you had to get your period, because your fertile days are far away, but who knows... it's different from woman to woma...
How long does it take a home pregnancy test to show up positive??
2 weeks after sex at the earliest
How long does it take for pregnancy to show up on a home pregnanc...?
If the tests have not showed p in the past the best thing to do would be to consult your doctor. Most of the tests usually work the days after your missed period but for the most accurate result with the hpt its betetr to wot for at least 2...

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How long after you have conceived will it show up on an at home pregnancy test?
Q: Pregnancy tests say they can accurately tell if you've become pregnant within 5 days of your missed period. Well what I'm wondering is if you have sex around a week before your period is supposed to come. Will a pregnancy test confirm if you've conceived or not a week later? Or is that too soon to know? How long does it take for you to show up as positive or negative... accurately.
A: Well , its depends on yur regularity of your cycle , if it is regular, i mean 28+-1day then , 5days before the mense is a safe period so u might not get pregnant , its hard to pin point the exact date to confirm the pregnancy but generally when a period is missed then only a question of pregnancy arises .
Chances of being pregnant? how many weeks till it would show up on a test?
Q: I just missed my period. I know that if you take the test too early that the test will come up negative because the pregnancy hormone is not strong enough to detect... so how long do you have to be pregnant for it to show up on a home test?Thanks!
A: 2 weeks
Pregnant but negative test?
Q: I was just wondering how long it took you to get a positive result on a home pregnancy test? And if it took a while i would LOVE to hear your story. Plus if it took a while, how did you finally find out you were expecting? Did you have to take a blood test or did the hpt finally show up positive?Thanks
A: Generally, the rule is this: if you miss your period, take a test. If you get a negative, wait a week and test again. If you still get a negative, schedule an appointment with your doctor. I actually missed one period, took a test that can back negative and didn't think anything about it. I had bleeding throughout my pregnancy, so I didn't get a true positive until I was 6 months pregnant (I didn't have a reason to test before then).

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