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If two pregnancy test are negative can I still be pregnant

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It is possible, as home pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate and vary in different women. A blood test at your Dr.'s is 100%. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-two-pregnancy-test-are-negative-can-i-still-be-pregnant ]
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CAN You Still Be Pregnant With Having Two Negative Pregnancy Test...?
I did two pregnant test..the first one was 4 days after the intercourse. It turned out to be negative. 5 days after i missed my period, i took another pregnancy test and still it is negative. Now i'm still not having my period. My period is...
Can a woman have 2 negative home pregnancy tests and still be pre...?
It's possible, if she is testing too early. When the sperm and egg meet in the fallopian tube and become fertilized, they then take 5-10 days to travel the tube and land into the uterus and attach. When the embryo attaches, it then starts t...
Could you have two negative pregnancy tests but still be pregnant...?
YES If you take the tests too early or at the wrong time of day they may well be false negatives. Wait until two weeks after your missed period then test the first urine you pass in the morning. If it is still negative but you think you are...

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Can i still be pregnant if two pregnancy tests came out negative and one negative urine test at the doc?
Q: Missed period for 3 months. Only other possible symptom, lots of allergies and feeling very tired
A: Nope... urine tests at the Doc are generally 99.999999999 accurate... if you are pregnant.. play the lottery... sorry... good luck for the next try though!
I am 9 days late, Is it possible to still be pregnant even if two home pregnancy tests said negative?
Q: I have a regular cycle. I had my IUD out last month at the beginning and had my period normally. Since then, I missed and am not 9 days late. My breasts are sore, I am nauseous, I'm very emotional(more than normal), I'm bloated off and on, and my stomach has strange sensations that I can't explain. I took two at home pregnancy tests and got a negative result back on both. Is it possible to be pregnant even if I do not have a positive on an at home pregnancy test?
A: yes when i was pregnant i had several home tests and they said negative. So keep an eye out and if nothing i would have a blood test done, that's what happened to me. Good luck
Could I still be pregnant even though my pregnancy test keep saying negative?
Q: I am never late for my period, I am now going on almost 4 days late- and the two tests I have taken are still saying negative. I have not felt like myself for the last couple weeks feeling extremely fatigued. I just had a baby last Sept. but he is a good sleeper and I can plenty of rest and am a stay at home mom. Even if the test isn't showing positive- could I still be prego?
A: Yes you can be. I was testing negative at 5 days late (2 tests) and then 3 days later I tested positive (3 tests). Give it a few more days and test again.

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