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If the guy pulls out can you still get pregnant

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Even for people who think they are doing it correctly, withdrawal is not an effective way to prevent pregnancy. Men leak a MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-the-guy-pulls-out-can-you-still-get-pregnant ]
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Can you still get pregnant if a guy pulls out?
You can conceive even if he pulls out yes. it is said that a male ejaculate contains 400,000,000 [four hundred million] sperm. even the pre-cum has thousands of them. so pulling out can't prevent pregnancy. the best way to prevent pregnancy...
Could i get pregnant if he pulls out
Yes you could get pregnant. I wouldn't trust anybody to keep me from getting pregnant except myself -- have him use a condom with lube, or use some other kind of birth control. This is especially true if you are having sex more than 1x with...
Is it possible to get pregnant if a guy "pulls out"??
You can still get pregnant if he doesn't pull out on time. It only takes one sperm to fertilize the egg. This isn't the safest contraception! Try birth control, condoms, whatever you need, but this isn't effective

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Can you still get pregnant if the guy uses a condom and pulls out?
Q: I have to do this project about premarital sex and abstinence and I was trying to think of an alternative to abstinence and i was wondering...could a girl get pregnant if the guy used a condom and pulled out? I'm thinking that she shouldn't be able to but I'm not sure...does anyone know?
A: I'm pregnant now. I'm 39. We used condoms.
if you are having sex and the guy pulls out before he cums, can you still get pregnant?
Q: my b/f has been asking to have sex for about a month and a half now and im willing to do it but he never has protection with him. i think i could still get pregnant even if he does pull out, but im not sure, HELP!!!
Can you still get pregnant if the guys pulls it out before he cums?
Q: well one of my friend has been having sex without any protection and she said that her partner pull it out before he cums and she has been doing it for a while now....so is the possibilty you could still get pregnant if so wut percentage is that
A: UMMM YEAH!!!! I have a 9 month old daughter to prove it!!!!

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