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If she lactates, does it mean she's pregnant

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No, not necessarily. A woman can lactate from a high level of hormones or as a side effect of a medication. Visit the doctor. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-she-lactates%2C-does-it-mean-she%27s-pregnant ]
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Does a lactating dog mean she is pregnant??
One other option not mentioned is mammary gland problems. Since she is unaltered she is more prone to getting mammary cancer, you should have a vet check it out. I had a dog with this cancer which spread everywhere very quickly. On the flip...

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if a mare leaks milk does it mean she is pregnant?
Q: I just bought 2 weeks ago(from an auction so limited info available) a POA mare and noticed she is lactating. She is 18 and has had 6 foals in her lifetime. None for a year+ does this mean she's pregnant or could there be another explanation? in the last week her teats or udders have increased in size and there is spotty white "stuff" around the base of the nipples.
A: Some mares are so used to having foals around that they don't necessarily wean them unless they are about to have another foal. She may have been nursing her 2 year old - I have seen this with ponies. I still don't think you should take any chances. Have a vet check her for pregnancy. If she is pregnant you want to be feeding her appropriately.
What does it mean when my mare is lactating too early?
Q: I have a coming 22 year old QH mare who has foaled successfully without complications three times before (her last foal was in 2001). I however, did not own her at the time so this is my first time dealing first hand with a pregnant mare. She is a completely healthy mare who has never in her life had any complications of any kind. She was ultrasounded 4 weeks after exposure and was confirmed in foal with a large embryo and a healthy-looking uterus.She is now just a few days past 7 months and today I noticed her teats were a little larger than normal. I thought it may by mastitis, but on close examination I gave a teat a gentle squeeze and out came what looked like milk. I have been told by my friend who has been breeding horses for 25 years that some mares will lactate their entire pregnancy (three of her mares do) but I was also told it could be a sign of abortion. Just wanting some more input from other horse-experienced people and what they think this might be as I am concerned. Should I get the vet out again to check to see if she's still in foal? She's not really showing much belly yet (although, she has always been an easy keeper lol) but to me it looks like it's hanging lower than normal.
A: You're right to be concerned about your mare- the only other mare I knew which bagged up and started leaking as early as this was one which subsequently aborted twin foals- so your concern is not unjustified, if you ask me. I think you need to get your vet out to look at your mare and do an ultrasound, to make sure she's still in foal, because bagging up this early is NOT NORMAL. If she were closer to her due date ( which I presume is going to be some time in either late June or early July) then it wouldn't be so worrisome, but as it is, you need to let your vet know what you've seen and arrange to have him or her look at the mare as soon as possible. Meanwhile, keep a close watch on her yourself- and pay attention to other possible signs of a miscarriage, such as a softening of the hindquarters around and under tail, the presence of a hollow between the point of the mare's hips and her last rib ( on either side of her body) and the sudden absence of movement by the fetus ( eg, no kicking) when movements could clearly be seen prior to this. It also goes without saying that you need to carefully examine the mare's stall for evidence of either a dead foal or an afterbirth, should worst come to worst, on a regular basis. Is there any chance that the mare could be carrying twins, and you may not know it? Ultrasounds are NOT perfect technology- they can easily be misread and misinterpreted, and it's possible that your vet may have missed the fact that the mare had a twin pregnancy, especially if one twin was behind the other and therefore impossible to see. Vets don't have X-ray vision, and they can't see through things. If the mare has had a twin conception, it would explain some of the things you've been noticing, because it's rare that mares carry twins to term, and both foals are born alive. It may be that she's getting ready to abort one or both of them, if this proves to be the case. I would definitely look into this, and ask about this possibility. Good luck- I hope this helps.
Pregnant cat question?
Q: first of all- DON'T GET ALL RIGHTEOUS ON ME. She's not my cat. Thank you. =]I am taking care of a stray cat named Lily, She's very, very pregnant. As in, I wouldn't be surprised at all if she had her kittens tomorrow. I've hooked up a babysitting job and i'll be making money, after she has her kittens and I have enough, i'll take her in to get spayed and have her shots, and try to rehome her.But, my question is, How soon after she begins to produce milk(I don't mean actually lactating, I mean swelling and filling with milk) Do cats usually give birth?I've seen a cat through birth two times before, but that was four years ago, and some things are hazy. We keep thinking 'tomorrow!' but it never is...
A: Bless you for taking care of Lily. I had a very pregnant female stray many years ago, but she just wasn't sure she trusted me enough to handle her...but she came running when I set food out. We did this for about 3 weeks until one day she didn't come for her food. Finally the 3rd day she came and gobble a few bites and I watched where she kept looking and where she ran back to her babies. Good news, she allowed us to rescue her and her 5 tiny kittens from the weeds (in a cow field no less). She is the only pregnant female I've experienced.I did find this link that says the queen is about to give birth..when milk discharges from the nipples. I don't know if that is any help, but this site appears to have some good info otherwise.Also, if you are in the US, here is a list of free and low cost spay/neuter clinics arranged by state. I hope one of them is near you so you can help your little Lily.Purrs to you and Lily.

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