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If I'm on birth control and get pregnant, do I still get a period

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You may have bleeding or spotting during pregnancy that can seem like a period, but usually not. I would take a test to be sure. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-i%27m-on-birth-control-and-get-pregnant%2C-do-i-still-get-a-period ]
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Can you still get pregnant and have periods while on birth contro...?
There are several methods of birth control, and not all of them interfere with your periods. Birth control pills are taken in sequence, but with a break of a few days between each set of pills. During that break something very much like a p...
Can you still get your period if you are on birth control and pre...?
If you are pregnant you shouldn't get a period. If you are on birth control sometimes you won't get a period because you have too many hormones and probably need to get that changed. The best thing to do just to be on the safe side is take ...
Will you still get your period if you become pregnant while takin...?
The 1st month I was pregnant on the pill I spotted for 2 days and assumed I just had a light period and took my 2nd pack I was due to get my period on Xmas eve and it didn't come so I tested and it was VERY positive and my midwife said acco...

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If I am pregnant while on birth control, is there a chance I will still get my period?
Q: A few months ago I was on antibiotics and I forgot that they have an interaction with birth control. I had intercourse with my boyfriend with no other protection almost everyday. Its a few months later, I've been having stomach pains, nausea, and my areola are swollen. I've been getting my period almost completely normal, sometimes a little late then sometimes a little early, and sometimes I'll have it for almost 2 weeks. My stomach's getting a little big in a sort of way where it looks like I'm pregnant. Now I've done research and from what I can tell, its most likely that I'm not pregnant if I'm still getting my period but I have a really strong feeling I am and also, my grandmother had her period for six months of one of her pregnancies. Is it possible at all that I am pregnant right now?Also I've been having weird food cravings.
A: Yes! you can have a period while pregnant. Your best option is to go to doctor and have blood work done. Home test are not always right. I have 3 children and with each one my home test came up negative.
I'm on birth control, it's time for my period, and I'm bleeding. But I'm suspicious--could I be pregnant?
Q: I've been on birth control for 7 months. My period was supposed to start Sunday. It doesn't necessarily always start right on the day, so I wasn't worried that I was getting some spotting on Friday and Saturday. But now it's Tuesday, and my period is still light and spotty, and also the blood is dark brown and it's usually red. I'm pretty sure I've had periods like this before, but I've been sick this past month and have been taking lots of medications and lots of laxatives also, I'm not sure if that affects anything, I'm just scared. My boyfriend and I have sex a lot and we never use a condom. I'm going to get a test, but right now I'm just pretty iffy. What do you think, do I sound pregnant?Please only answer if you actually know something.
A: Many things can affect your cycle even when you're on the pill. Medications, illness, stress, change in your daily patterns, increased exercise, etc.It sounds like you are just experiencing some changes due to being sick & on medications. Give yourself a chance to get healthy, take a pregnancy test to be sure and don't worry too much.
On Birth Control, Had period, Now pregnant.... opinions?
Q: I was on the pill and was getting my periods as scheduled, however a couple months ago I did notice some of the symptoms for being pregnant (I currently am mom to 2 children) so I took a test and it came out negative, and i did get my period for May, however my pills ran out of refills at the end of May and i was not able to get another pack until the end of June, but my June period did not arrive so i took another home pregnancy test, it came out positive... Now i'm wondering if I may have gotten pregnant in May and still may have had a period due to the pill, and would that cause the original test to have said negative?
A: I am pretty sure that birth control does NOT affect the outcome a pregnancy test. If it came up negative then you were probably not pregnant OR had just gotten pregnant therefor not enough hcg to detect pregnancy - or the egg might not have even been emplanted yet. Chances are since that test was negative you got pregnant in June after your period, especially since you say you were on the pill for the month of may and were NOT on it the month of june. I had the 1st day of my last cycle June 1st and got a POSITIVE pregnancy test in June (only days after ovulation - 9 to be exact)... My EDD is 3/9/08. If you concieved around the time I did then you'll be close to me :)Also, I wanted to add that I got off the pill in may too and concieved the 1st month we tried (last month). SO it CAN happen!!Good luck to you!!PS An hcg test will give you a better picture of how far along you really are. :)

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