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If I'm due March to how many weeks am I pregnant

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If you are due March 2nd you have been pregnant for 33 weeks and 1 day and will be so for around three more weeks. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-i%27m-due-march-to-how-many-weeks-am-i-pregnant ]
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How many weeks pregnant are you if your due date is March 8??
Today (30th September) you are roughly 17 weeks and 2 days pregnant
How Many Weeks Pregnant Am I If My Bab Is Due On March 1 2010??
Pregnancy can be of 40 weeks. On 1st March 2010, you will complete your 40 weeks. On 13th September, 2009, 24 weeks are remaining in your delivery. So, you are 16 weeks pregnant now. You should get proper checkups from your doctor and take ...
How many weeks pregnant am I if due date is March 22nd?
If you are due on March 22, you would be 33 weeks into your pregnancy, and you have 7 weeks to go. ChaCha Rocks!

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Help please. 18 years old, 27 weeks pregnant, how many credits should I take for college?
Q: I'm 27 weeks pregnant with our first baby and I'm going to take online classes through Lake Superior College, I was wondering if anyone can help me with how many credits I should take? The semester starts Jan 11 and ends in May. My baby is due March 15th, since this is my first I don't want to be too overwhelmed. I am a nanny and I can do my school work and take the baby with me to my job. How many credits do you think I hsould be able to handle?? Thanks so much
A: It depends on if you want to go full time or part time. I would say 12 credits, just so you're full time, but you're taking the minimum credits to be full time.
How many weeks pregnant am I? When will I be FULL TERM?
Q: My last doctor's appointment was on January 13. I had a ultrasound and on the printout it had "GA" 33w2d. I'm assuming GA stands for gestational age which is how far along I am--correct? So does that mean that tomorrow January 25--I will be exactly 35 weeks? I know due dates are just estimates but I wanted to make sure that I am on the right track with getting everything together. My original due date was Feb. 28 by my 1st doctor but my second doctor says March 1st-5th. Which isnt too much of a difference. If anyone can give me some insight on this I will greatly appreciate it! THANKS IN ADVANCE! By the way this is my second pregnancy.I thought by 37 weeks you are considered full term..hmm..my mistake.
A: http://pregnancy.about.com/cs/pregnancycalendar/l/blpregcalc.htmJust go to this website...put in the date of your last period and click enter and it will tell you your weeks.And like others have said...full term is 40 weeks but doctors consider anything after 38 weeks full term.
I'm confused regarding how old my embryo is?
Q: according to my LMP (which was june 5th, 2007), i'm supposedly 8 weeks pregnant.but the gyno at the office, after doing an ultrasound, sais the embryo does not look like a 8 weeker but a 7 weeker, and even the screen gives my due date as march 17, whereas if she enters my lmp, the date comes up as march 11. what gives? how many weeks am I. should i go by my lmp or what the sonogram sais??
A: Go by the sonogram and what the doctor says. They measure certain things and are more experienced at detecting fetal age. You go by the 1st day of your last period but you may have ovulated sooner or later than expected and that would change the day you conceived a bit. Even if you have a due date of a certain day, it still could be a few weeks sooner or a week later so the date is just a guideline, not set in stone.

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