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If I'm bleeding while on birth control can I be pregnant

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Traditional birth control pills make your reproductive system mimic a regular 28-day monthly cycle. For the first 21 days,MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-i%27m-bleeding-while-on-birth-control-can-i-be-pregnant ]
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Can you get pregnant while bleeding through on birth control??
Your question is worded sort of odd so I will try my best to answer. 1. You can't get pregnant on your period. It has happen but in rare instances. 2. Birth control is not 100% effective so of course you can get pregnant on the pill.
Can you get pregnant while having break through bleeding while on...?
Not as long as you have been taking the pill properly, everyday, like it says. Bleeding doesn't necessarily mean that you are ovulating.
Is bleeding while taking birth control a sign of pregnancy??
Bleeding while on birth control can occur for a variety of reasons: * Missed pills * Pregnancy * UTI * Recently took MAP or ECP * Doseage incorrect for you

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How can you tell if you're pregnant while you're on birth control?
Q: I do not think I'm pregnant or anything, I'm just wondering because I just started birth control. So my questions are..-Do you have a normal period the first month? Or do you have a light one?-If you were pregnant would you not bleed at all?-How would you tell/know if you're pregnant if some of the symptoms of pregnancy are common in birth control also?Thanks!
A: It's usually a lighter period. If you were pregnant you could still experience 'implantation bleeding' the common symptom are breast tenderness(and swelling) and sometimes weight gain.
I'm on BIRTH CONTROL, can I be pregnant AND still have a period?
Q: I know from my sisters experience that you can have children while being on the birth control pill.I also know because I asked my gynochologist that you can be pregnant and still take 'the pill' and there will be no harm done to the baby what so ever...Here's my situation...I don't know if I'm pregnant or not. Yes, I'm sexually active. But I'm also on "the pill".I JUST started taking the pill in December.So, there's a HUGE chance that I could in fact, be pregnant.But what I wanted to know is if I'm pregnant will I still have a scheduled period?I know when to expect it and stuff, no big deal there.But I wanted to know if I can be pregnant AND have a period while on birth control.Any information would be useful. :DTHANKS!p.s. I know from my mothers experience that you CAN still have a period AND be pregnant. So don't tell me that it's impossible to bleed 'downstairs' while being pregnant.
A: I had a regular period for 3 months when preg with my son and on oral contraceptives. You needed to be using additional contraceptive for at least 1 month when using the pill. Some forms are also very sensitive, so if you get off schedule you can get preg. I would also caution you about the uselessness of the pill for protection from STD's, but I figure you already know about that.
Pregnant and birth control and period?
Q: Godd . . okay, i don't know it anymore. On april 25th i had sex with a guy. i am on birth control and all. we used a condom. taken 5 pregnancy tests. 4 negative one positive back in june. i've been nauseated ever since i had sex with him, even throwing up in may, in the morning. . . even to this day i am still very nauseated. i don't like food anymore since it gets me nauseated. my boobies have gotten bigger, even starting to have stretch marks on them ( light ones ). Periods - ehmm . april i missed, may was really light, june also light, july back to regular but still light light and the one for this month was pretty heavy like they USED to be. my belly ? some days it'll get HUGE. i mean i really look pregnant then. right now a little but other times i'm just regular again ( pretty tiny , wear a size 1 and Small or XS ). its freaking me out right now and scaring me since its been going on for so long, and i've read that birthcontrol can keep you bleeding while pregnant. i don't want to harm my baby ( if there is one ). i'm scared and really confused. please help me. thanks for reading.p.s. plus i have gas i mean gas gas gas. they don't smell though. and white discharge ( more often ). also, emotionally. bad bad bad.
A: You should see a doctor. Sounds like your periods are just super irregular or you may be stressed out. Since you had a heavy period this month, you're most likely not pregnant. Call your gyno. He could help.

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