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If I am ovulating, but on birth control, can I get pregnant

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The birth control pill should have prevented ovulation. If you are ovulating, there is a chance you might get pregnant. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-i-am-ovulating%2C-but-on-birth-control%2C-can-i-get-pregnant ]
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Can you get pregnant if your on birth control and when you are ov...?
There is no form of birth control that is 100% effective except for abstinence. They are all normally 99.9% effective in preventing pregnancy. So there is always that 1% chance.
Is there a big chance I could get pregnant? How does ovulation w...?
If I understand correctly, the ring was in for one day, Wednesday. Then it fell out and you didn't get a new one until four days later, Sunday. Then you waited seven days until Saturday, and had sex. The recommendation is to use a barrier m...
Can You Get Pregnant During Your Ovulation Period on Birth Contro...?
・ Find out what type of birth control you use. The National Center for Health Statistics 2004 study found... ・ The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Education Pamphlet on Birth Control Pills says... ・ According to the web...

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Can i get pregnant the week of my period if i am on birth control and an antibiotic?
Q: I started taking birth control the beginning of August. I took the three weeks of birth control and now i am suppose to be on my period. I also started taking an antibiotic 3 days before i was suppose to get my period and i am still on it. I have had my period very light but it's there. I was bleeding a little bit when we had unprotected sex but not much at all.Can i get pregnant now and what are the chances? Can you ovulate when you are on your period? Thanks
A: My friend told me thats how she got pregnant but there could be other things effecting it too.. i found some informations for you:Women have been hearing stories for years about how taking penicillin or other antibiotics can interfere with the effectiveness of birth control pills. However, according to the Mayo Clinic, a leading healthcare facility, no large, long-range studies have proven antibiotics to cause major interference with the pill. Only one antibiotic, rifampin, has shown to definitively cause loss of effectiveness. Of course, a small percentage of women may experience decreased effectiveness with the use of other antibiotics, so doctors usually advise all women to use a condom or other backup method of birth control while on antibiotics. There is no way of knowing if you are in that percentage until it is too late. New versions of the birth control pill in low-dose form may be more prone to decreased effectiveness.if your still concerned got get a HPT(home pregnancy test).good luck! :)
How can you get pregnant on birth control pills?
Q: I am on birth control, and have been for a while. But I just kinda don't understand, if they completely stop you from ovulating then how come so many people get pregnant by just missing 1 pill or something? My boyfriend's mom got pregnant like that. If it keeps you from ovulating and there is no egg, how come you can miss ONE little pill and BAM!?No, she didn't miss any more than one pill. She had one kid & didn't want anymore. Then after she had that baby, she had her tubes tied & burnt. She got pregnant again and... there's where my wonderful boyfriend comes in :)
A: Maybe the ONE little pill was a made up story so know one finds out they purposely missed several. I know plenty of girls who've admitted doing that.
birth control, possibly ovulating, funny feeling lower abdomen?
Q: I started the pill (yasmine) on the 16th, my last period was the week of the 5th. I am not sure if I ovulated already, on the 17th (day after I started pill) I noticed egg white like mucus, how can I tell if I have ovulated?Currently my discharge is on the thick side, not runny and no longer resembles egg white. Also I started having a funny feeling in my lower abdomin..sort of like a anxious/nervous feeling, could this be ovulation or the birth control or did I mess something up starting birth control at this time. My husband and I have not had sex recently so I know I am not pregnant but if I were to have sex this week would there be a great chance I can get pregnant (being on the pill and all) ?does it sound like I ovulated already or could I be ovulating this very moment even after starting the pill?
A: the pill is not 100%. Yasmine is that Lowest form of B Pill. You may not had released an egg from your ovaries but they could still give a discharge. it takes 14 days for your body to make and release an egg . You waiting too long and prob threw your body off. just becareful and use a condom ..until you are taking the pill right.The same thing is happened to me. Also watch your diet with the pill. Lower your salt ..you will feel better next month. :)

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