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If a cat is pregnant, how long does it take for them to have their kittens

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A pregnant cat gestation period typically runs from 57 to 69 days, with the average of 63 to 64 days.ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-a-cat-is-pregnant%2C-how-long-does-it-take-for-them-to-have-their-kittens ]
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How long does it take for pregnant cats to have their kittens??
normally the cat is pregnant from 59-67 days until birth ( about 9 weeks ) Cat pregnancy stages are: first 2 weeks go unoticed, 3rd week the cat starts pinking up ( getting milk and nipples enlarge) 4th week cat gains weight and starts to g...
How long does it takes cats to have kittens when a they are pregn...?
Charlotte, The normal gestation period of a cat is 63-65 days. We usually start counting the second day after the female has been bred. I have known of cats to give birth earlier and have the kittens live (57 days is as short a time they ...
How long after a cat is pregnant does it take her to have her kit...?
About 57-70 days. About 2 days before birth, the cat looses her appetite and her temperature drops. She also starts looking for a dark place to nest her babies such as closets, doors, boxes, etc. so keep all the doors and closet doors close...

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Do cat's nipples shrink back to normal size after they are done breastfeeding their kittens?
Q: or do they stay that big?? if they do shrink how long does it take?? i found a older kitten (probably under a year old) with very pink enlarged nipples and her belly is a little big but not huge...i'v had her for the last aprox 2 weeks and im trying to determine if shes pregnant or was recently pregnant...is there any way to tell that??? no ignorant comments please...
A: I would suggest taking her to a vet to find out. If you "found" her and haven't had her for long, a vet can give her a good once over to make sure she's healthy, whether or not she's preggers, how far along she is, and if she needs anything else.
how long it takes between cat pregnacies?
Q: recently I adopted a female cat, she is around 1 year old maybe a bit more...... when I got her she was already pregnant, 2 weeks later she gave birth to 3 kittens.... they're 1 month old as of todayI will get her fixed very soon.... in the meantime, I do have my 5 years old male cat, i have him since he was 3 months old...MY CONCERN: I lock the female and the 3 kittens inside a room when Im not home and when I get back I free them for sometime...... the male does accept the kittens, he also did and does know accept the female..... the issue is he get very horny and always tries to " jump " her a couple of mins after she is freed. QUESTION: if he does succeed in " jumping her " ( excuse me If i dont the right term, english is my third language), will get she pregnant again? ( she gave birth to the kitten 1 month ago)....and when Is the best time to spay her/ cost?PS: other concern, the kittens do eat adult cats food, even meat.... their mom is very weak, too skinny and didnt gain much weight since I got her, eventough she eats like hell....... so how bad can I be for the kittens eating adults dry food and friskies cans?kittens are 5 to 6 weeks old, just to be precise.jumping her,I translated that from french to english..... there nothing about jumping in it, but rather having sex.... Now can someone plz answer how long it takes between 2 pregnancies, eventough she female cat live with non-neutered male cat.horny is a word I know, its widely used in europe and the world.... didnt translate that one from french :Pin french we say: la sauté, meaning jumping her, but that is a vulgar way to say mating.....I always thought spanish was USA official lingo :P...but I do appreciate your comment about my english.
A: A cat pregn. takes 2-3 months .PS : when they do it they dont jump n stuff
Are people really that clueless to the pet overpopulation problem - or do they just not care?
Q: Posted on here in just the last ten hours:"My cat gave birth to 3 beautiful kittens, This is my first time with cats and birth ect! i was wondering if?""Cat Pregnant what to do?""My Cat had kittens 2 weeks ago?""My cat just gave birth to three kittens, but one of them isn't moving?""When can these kittens leave the litter?""What should I do about feeding my 3 week old kittens?""My cat just had her kittens today. When can I move them from where they are?""My cat gave birth to a dead kitten 2 days ago, how long does it take for her to get back to normal.?""My cat is pregnant have done research and her temp is 99?""I have 3 little 4 or 5 week old kittens. Whats the proper feeding situation i should give them?""How do I tell how many kittens she will have and how do I sex them early on?"Why are so many people still letting their cats breed with TWELVE MILLION dogs and cats put to death at shelters every year? Are they clueless to this - or do they just not give a damn? Is having their "own" kittens more important than the lives of the shelter animals they take homes away from that end up euthanized?How hard is it to get your cats spayed and neutered? There's so many free programs now. So there's NO EXCUSE!I just don't get it. And seeing this is very disheartening. This entire weekend I'm spending at two different events for the shelter I volunteer with. But it seems so pointless - it's like we're trying to empty a bucket that idiots keep filling and filling and filling. Sigh...You wanted the "experience" of seeing a dog give birth? Well then maybe you should go to the shelter and ask if you can watch the "experience" of pets being put down because of people like you. You didn't know there's free spay and neuter programs? You're on the INTERNET - it's just a Google search away. Next excuse?LOW COST AND FREE SPAYING AND NEUTERING PROGRAMS: http://www.lovethatcat.com/spayneuter.html If not in the States then just Google that phrase and your country.ROWAN - you're remembering wrong - because I would never say that non-pedigree domestic cats should be bred to pedigreed cats. You're clearly thinking of someone else and it's actually quite libelous of you to say that I said that. The only thing I've ever said about breeding is that the only people that should be breeding are REPUTABLE breeders doing so to better a breed and with Champion animals. Reputable breeders are not the problem here. They have one or two litters a year and their animals are altered when sold unless the animal's been chosen to be part of the cattery's breeding program. If they ceased to breed all the breeds we know - Persian, Ragdoll, Siamese, etc would cease to exist. The problem is people with non-pedigree animals that breed them repeatedly all year long and give away unaltered kittens. Are the shelters filled with pedigreed cats? No - there's maybe 3% that are specific breeds the rest are domestic shorthairs and longhairs.
A: "I am NOT adding to overpopulation" good grief, it's only 1 litter and then I'm having her fixed. All my friends want kittens so these aren't going to die in a shelter. If all the cats were fixed, they would die out and there wouldn't be anymore cats. Get a life and stop telling people what to do with their cat. I am NOT irresponsible. My cats are my babies and I love them. BTW, my cat is 6 months old and it's her first litter so when will she have them? And when the kittens get ready to go to good homes when they're 6 weeks old, is it better to feed them Meow Mix or Special Kitty? We will be setting in front the grocery store on Saturday to give them away so any help would be appreciated. I'm gonna miss the little guys, they're sooo cute! :)""The reason overpopulation is such a problem is because so many people think like you. If every cat owner let their cat have just 1 litter, that's about 6 million cats right there not including strays. Every home you find for those kittens is one who won't be saving the life of a shelter kittens whose life depends on finding a home." Result from this answer: BLOCKED.It drives me to screaming sometimes. Some people care but are ignorant, some block it out, some don't care. Either way it's wrong and selfish. Ethical breeding programs are necessary to keep breeds alive but there will NEVER be a shortage of mixed breed cats. There are too many of them even if everybody did get their pets spayed/neutered. Oh how wonderful if it ever did get to the point there were so few we could be super-selective in who gets to own one. It would cut down on animal abuse and allow shelters more control over things. It's sad people have to be told what to do but it seems that's the only way to make sure it's done. Every potential pet owner should have to work in a shelter for a month and pass pet parenting classes before being allowed to have one.

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