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How soon do u know if your pregnant

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Home pregnancy tests can be positive as early as 10 days after fertilization. One to two weeks after the missed period (3-4 MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-soon-do-u-know-if-your-pregnant ]
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How soon can u know your pregnant?
To avoid wasting money and stress on multiple tests, wait 14 days after intercourse and take a pregnancy test. I prefer the digital kind, since I think they are more accurate and easier to read. Good luck!
How soon can u know if ur pregnant?
within only a few hours of conception
Do u think it was too soon to know if your pregnant??
yes it takes at least 20 days for the pregnancy to be detected by an at home test, that is after date of conception. If you are very concerned wait a week and go to a doctor or planned parenthood to get a blood test

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when can u notice changes if u pregnant like how soon after or before your period is it safe to have sex.?
Q: i would like to know from women who had babies.....i do not know how to word this question.it is to do worth when does ovulation start after your period.can u still get a period when u pregnant even just a few weeks.
A: It's safe to have sex through an entire pregnancy. You may have a regular period or just a little bit of spotting, or no period at all when your usual cycle should have been, if you are pregnant. I'd advise you to go get a test, and if it's negative, get on some birth control so you don't have to worry about it.
When your pregnant do u always experience implantation bleeding?
Q: I think there could be a possibility that i may be pregnant. Is it possible that i could experience the bleedin 2 or 3 days after........or maybe 6 or 7..if yu have any experience with pregnancy please tell me how soon you start bleedin.. And if your goin to answer please speak from experience i know what the websites say i already looked through them all.
A: If it does happen, it normally occurs around the time your period would normally occur. I had it happen with two of my seven pregnancies.
ok.can u tell if your pregnant like a week after having sex?
Q: i mean do u feel a little different at all?whta r the symtoms of being pregnant?how soon can it show up on a pregnacy test?can u get ur period while being prgnant?tell some stuff i need ta know please?
A: It's possible. With my first son I began having symptoms about a week after conceiving. But it varies from pregnancy to pregnancy.Pregnancy symptoms you may experience are darkening of the nipples, breast tenderness, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, increased sense of smell, food aversions or cravings and obviously loss of menstrual cycle. Most women won't get a positive pregnancy test until the first day of their missed period. However, sometimes you can get a positive test soon. With two of my pregnancies I got a positive test 1 week before my period was due. No, you cannot get your period while pregnant. Some women experience some light pink or brown spotting but not a full blown period.

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