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How soon can you tell if your pregnant with an ultrasound

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Transvaginal ultrasounds can predict pregnancy at about 4.5-5 weeks gestation. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-soon-can-you-tell-if-your-pregnant-with-an-ultrasound ]
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How soon can a ultrasound tell if your pregnant?
You can tell you are pregnant through ultrasound as early as 4 weeks with a vaginal ultrasound.
How soon can you tell if you are pregnant using a vaginal ultraso...?
they did one when i was 3 weeks cause we didnt know how far along i was and said its way to early to see anything.

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How soon does the pregnancy hormone show up on an at home pregnancy test?
Q: Bear with me: Ok, you may believe Im a slut and shouldn't have slept with two different people around the same time, I already know this, so that wont answer my question and will just waste your time if that's your answer, but those of you that can help that would be nice :)I had sex on Feb. 2nd and had a missed period Feb. 11th. I took an at home pregnancy test Feb. 15 that came out positive. I know it takes a few days to actually conceive, so the conception date was probably at the end of the week. Could there already be enough of the pregnancy hormone by the 15th to give a positive read? I went to the doctor and they did an ultrasound, they couldn't see the pregnancy yet, so they said I was still really early. This makes me think that I possibly did get pregnant fromthe sex I had on Feb. 2nd. But I also had sex Jan 19th. If I did get pregnant from the 19th they would probably have been able to see the fetus, right?Confusing, I know!(My periods are very irregular so I cant tell from ovulation date)
A: Hey, your body, your choice. You're not a sl*t, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.The pregnancy could be from either date, you will just have to wait until you have clear ultrasound to tell, and even then the difference of two weeks or so may not be enough. You may end up needing a paternity test.Good luck!
Is is for sure a misscarrage if your hcg level goes down, but you do not bleed and you are around 10 weeks?
Q: I have had 3 miscarriages in the past 6 years, I became pregnant again in October. I started bleeding a bit the beginning of December, so ofcourse I thought I had a miscarrage knowing my past. I got my hcg levels back from the doctor and it was oonly 856, and I would have been a month or more pregnant that level is a few days maybe. So i went along like i lost it, thinking it was weird I only bled for 3 days and the other ones i bled for weeks. A month went by and all my symptoms did not leave, I had sore breasts and still felt pregnant. I called my doctor and he sent me for another blood test. The hormone came back 10000. I was i shock, the doc said he thought i just had a period. He said I would be about 8 weeks and that made sence to how far along I should have been. The 856 the month before still confused me though. He told me to go for another blood test just to check things out. I went in a weeks time and it came back at 4000. So I know if it goes down it is not a progressing pregnancy, but why am I not bleeding, I was far enough along that i should have. It is now Jan 11th and my appt with the baby doc is the 27th, so I have to wait till then for my ultrasound, but it is killing me now and I am thinking, do i just have a dead baby inside me that can't come out? It is really bothering me, I asked my doctor if I could get an ultrasound sooner, but he said he would not be able to get one sooner then my baby doctor appt. Can anyone help me with this confussing story??
A: Go to the er complaining of abdominal pain they will give you an ultrasound tell them its right side and you had a positive pg test but dont know lmp and not sure how far and you have a history of miscarriage
How did it affect your stepchild when you had a baby with his / her mother / father? ?
Q: Me and my husband have been together 3 yrs now and we're pregnant with our first, we're both so excited and looking forward to it so much, But we're already a little worried about his 5 yr old daughter. He has joint custody but hardly ever sees her because she lives 2 hrs away with her mom, so when he does see her it is all about her, he does whatever she wants to do and they are both used to it that way.However, when our baby is born things are going to change. He won't be able to give all his love and attention to one child, he will have another child to love and spoil too but we don't know how this will affect his daughter. We're going to try and treat them both equally but I think he will have more of a problem with this than me, especially if his daughter puts up a fuss when he gives our baby attention ( she makes a fuss when he shows attention to anyone around her ) .She is naturally a daddy's girl, even more so now that she doesn't get to see him much she wants all his attention when she DOES see him, which I don't mind. But with a new baby around he won't have as much time, and due to the financials of having a new baby he won't be able to just go and buy her whatever she wants. We don't really know how to prepare her for this? we don't just want to dump it on her and have things change quickly.It won't be so much of an issue while our baby is a baby, but when he/she is older he/she will want to play with daddy too when his daughter is around, and then it really starts, where he'll really have to pay attention to both equally.We also don't want her getting jealous, like sharing her dad, she isn;t used to sharing him but we obv. can't ignore our baby when his daughter is around because that wouldnt help anyone. We plan on re-doing his daughters room over when we start doing the babies room, and everytime we buy major things for the baby we will also buy her things too.we havent told her shes going to be a big sister yet but we're going to really soon, and we're going to tell her how cool it is going to be and I'm going to give her an ultrasound picture for her bedroom and stuff.Does anyone else have any experience in this area and could offer some advice? thanks!
A: This is a very real, very important issue. I'm a step-mom and I also have 2 kids of my own. My husband has a 14 yr old & 8 yr old from his last marriage. When we had our first baby, it was a messy situation which I won't go into...but our 2nd was planned & it definitely had an affect on his other kids. His daughter, the 14 yr old, was very jealous & emotional...especially when she found out we were having a girl (she has a brother & my son is her half-brother). She cried & said how mad she was, which totally shocked me because I thought a girl that age (she was 13 at the time) would LOVE!!! a baby sister. I tried putting myself in her shoes, and I realized that she was feeling insecure. She's always been the only girl. I knew that after the baby came, she would feel differently...and I was right!! I know your step-daughter is much younger, but here's the kicker- INVOLVE her. Any child, no matter what the age, will thrive on being needed & included. Make her feel like she is part of the process (which she is) and let her help you with things that are appropriate. Such as: handing you wipes, etc. while you're changing the baby's diaper, helping you burp the baby, having her keep a special ear out for the baby to wake up, picking out the baby's clothes- before AND after he/she is born.....and anything else you feel comfortable with. I promise, she'll blossom into an excited & willing little helper!! She needs to feel important- that's the key. Doesn't sound like you need advice on showing her love, you seem like a great step-mom. Congratulations & best wishes to you & your family!!!

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