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How soon can you get a tattoo after you give birth

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After you are done nursing. Most studios have made it a policy not to perform tattoos on anyone pregnant or breastfeeding. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-soon-can-you-get-a-tattoo-after-you-give-birth ]
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How soon can you get a tattoo after you give birth
After you are done nursing. Most studios have made it a policy not to perform tattoos on anyone pregnant or breastfeeding. ChaCha!

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Q: A few months ago I got notice I was going to be made redundant, and luckily while I was working my notice I got another (although just a production line) job lined up, and since money had been pretty tight for a while, I wanted to treat my daughters to something special when I got my redundancy payment.I gave my 7 year old some paper and asked her draw me a picture of herself in the sort of clothes she would really like, figuring provided she didn't want anything too inappropriate (like a mini-skirt or belly top) we would go and get them.I looked at the sketch and it seemed pretty good stuff she was after, then I asked her if the earrings she had drawn were clip on, and she remarked that I was being silly, you can't get clip on studs. I asked if she wanted to get them pierced and she said something about getting them as soon as she was 9 because that was when she would be allowed. I explained that her big sister waited until she was 9, but that was just because she didn't want earrings enough to have her ears pierced until she was 9, it wasn't a rule.I explained how she would have to look after them, keep the studs in day and night even if they were uncomfortable to sleep on etc and not change them for 6 weeks and she was perfectly happy with that, I warned her it would hurt a bit and she said "Daddy, its getting holes stuck in, it'll hurt a lot"Anyway, she convinced me she understood what she was asking for, and wanted them done straightaway (she said if she waited until saturday she would be scared all week) so about 30 minutes later she got her earrings.A couple of months later her mother paid a visit, she only lives about 20 miles away, but by her own choice only sees her children about every 2 or 3 months, and she went apeshit with me. 7 was far too young to be letting her get herself "mutilated" - nice choice of words for someone with a tattoo and breast implants but nevermind, she can't believe how irresponsible I had been for letting her get them done, how could making a choice that will stay with her for the rest of life be made without consulting her mother?I'm afraid I was a little rude, I told her to back off. I told her she had 2 choices - either1. Be a major part of her kids lives and get involved while there is still a good chance they'll let her be their "mother". Come to parents evening at school, go out with them on a weekend, spend a few days with them (she can have my room and I'll set up the sofa-bed in the dining room for me), and again become part of the decision making process before its too late, or 2. continue to have only minimal contact, a few hours every few months, continue not to bother phoning them, and let me try to do the best I can of playing the role of both parents. I'll make the decisions I think are appropriate and she can like them or bugger off.Personally, I think 7 is old enough for a girl to decide this one herself, provided it is her own decision. If her mother was being her "mum" and playing her part, instead of a relative stranger who gave birth to them then abandoned them, she would have been involved not only in the decision making process, but I would have asked her if she wanted to do this as a mother/daughter day. Watching my child cry isn't near the top of my list of priorities.
A: 'You are giving her more choices then I would. A mother who only sees her kids a few times every few months is no mother at all, especially if she lives 20 miles away! Sounds to me like you do the best you can with your kids. Tell her to get lost and you keep up the good work!

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