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How soon after getting pregnant can it show up on a test

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Some early tests can detect a pregnancy 5 days before a missed period. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-soon-after-getting-pregnant-can-it-show-up-on-a-test ]
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How soon after getting pregnant can it show up on a test
Some early tests can detect a pregnancy 5 days before a missed period. Thanks for using ChaCha!
How soon after getting pregnant will it show up positive on a pre...?
about 3 days after your missed period. to be sure, you can always get a blood test at the doctor's office.

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How soon can a blood test show that you are pregnant?
Q: I am coming up on 2 weeks past my last period. and i get negative results. I am having many symptoms. I was on Nuva ring for a lil over a year and used it religiously! i always started my period the thursday after i removed it, and i have yet to start. a blood test should show a positive result by now right?
A: I was two weeks late for my period & I used a first response hpt, you should try to take another one in a few days right in the morning when you first pee. If you drink too much water or don't take the test with your first morning pee then it will show a false positive. If you still get a negative then I would go to the doctor for the blood test, and yes it would be positive if you were pregnant.
How long after ejacualtion can a pregnancy test show up positive?
Q: I had sex this past weekend a few times on friday, saturday, a nd sunday (today is thursday) and I am wondering if it is too soon to take a pregnancy test and get accurate results.I am pretty sure I am supposed to get my period this week or maybe next (im bad at keeping track).If i took a pregnancy test today, would it be a waste or is there a chance I could find out if I am pregnant?help!!
A: It would be a waste. The earliest you can get a positive test is 9 days past ovulation, so if you ovulated over the weekend, you'd have to wait until Saturday- but it still might be a waste. The best time to test is when you've missed your period.Keep in mind that a negative test might mean you don't have enough hormones to register on the test- you could still be pregnant until you get your period.
How soon after conception does the pregnancy hormone show up on an at home pregnancy test?
Q: Bear with me: Ok, you may believe Im a slut and shouldn't have slept with two different people around the same time, I already know this, so that wont answer my question and will just waste your time if that's your answer, but those of you that can help that would be nice :)I had sex on Feb. 2nd and had a missed period Feb. 11th. I took an at home pregnancy test Feb. 15 that came out positive. I know it takes a few days to actually conceive, so the conception date was probably at the end of the week. Could there already be enough of the pregnancy hormone by the 15th to give a positive read? I went to the doctor and they did an ultrasound, they couldn't see the pregnancy yet, so they said I was still really early. This makes me think that I possibly did get pregnant from thee sex I had on Feb. 2nd. But I also had sex Jan 19th. If I did get pregnant from the 19th they would probably have been able to see the fetus, right?Confusing, I know!
A: What test did you use? Some can detect pregnancy much earlier than other brands. (For instance, I once took one that could detect levels at 20 HCG and it was positive 8 days past ovulation, but there are others that wouldn't have given a positive result until I was a day late.) If you were pregnant from the 19th, they possibly may be able to see the fetus, but not necessarily. Do you have any idea when you ovulated? If you think back, can you remember when your body produced a stretchy cervical mucous? How long are your cycles?

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