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How old was the man the got the youngest girl in the world pregnant

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It was assumed that it was the girls father who got her pregnant but they didn't list his age. He was released because no evidence [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-old-was-the-man-the-got-the-youngest-girl-in-the-world-pregnant ]
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How old was the man the got the youngest girl in the world pregna...?
It was assumed that it was the girls father who got her pregnant but they didn't list his age. He was released because no evidence

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A: I like it
is this true about what god did u dont have to read th whole thing .?
Q: This is what someone wrote i was wondering if it was true. And if so wouldnt god be evil? NO NOT REALLY...! You dont seem to read the Bible!Among the Priestly Bible writers, Moses admits to be the meekest man on the Earth. Not even Hitler was that meek!Numbers 12:3 Now the man Moses was very meek, above all the men which were upon the face of the earth* (*No false modesty!).The Bible writers say that this Holy and meek “LAW GIVER” stabbed in the back an Egyptian foreman because he was rough on the Jews! Moses had to run away from Egypt to the kingdom of Midian. 40 Bible years later he returns to Egypt to take over the instantaneous leadership of 2,000,000 Israelites so they can be taken to the Promised Land of Palestine. There is not a trace of historical evidence that any of these stories ever took place, or that Moses ever existed outside of the Bible!Moses became a cold bloody murderer. When he came up with the, “Thou shalt not kill” commandment it was more like a big finger salute to the foreman that he murdered back in Egypt! THE BIBLE TEACHES THAT KILLING TO SETTLE AN ACCOUNT IS OK WITH GOD (Exo 2:12)! The Bible God ordered Moses to slaughter everybody including babies and pregnant women in the Palestinian region to make room for Israel! Moses complied with God’s orders on the spot!Numbers 25:16-17 (NIV) The Lord said to Moses, “Treat the Midianites as enemies AND KILL THEM…”The Midianites were not enemies of Israel, because Israel was allegedly born as slaves inside of Egypt so it had no enemies, but the Bible God is telling Moses to TREAT THEM AS ENEMIES and to kill them anyway regardless of how hospitable they were to Moses when he came to Midian running away from the Egyptian law! The Bible is so pukingly disgusting that it is no joke! Zipporah, Moses’ first long term loving wife was Midianite! The heck with “God so loved the world!” No Christian wants to talk about the TOTAL holocaust of millions of Medianites!Numbers 31:17-18 (NIV) Now kill all the boys* (*Moses loving children were Midianite citizens born and raised in Midian!). And kill every woman* (*including Moses mother in law and any other female relative and his own wife, too?) who has slept with a man* (*ESPECIALLY PREGNANT WOMEN! In all the Bible stories “women who have slept with men” MEANS PREGNANT WOMEN! They are the primary target of the Bible God’s killing orders! But spare the Blessed Virgin Mary if anybody spots her! God the Holy Ghost got her pregnant and that is OK! Still all pregnant women and any girl who “slept with a man” must die! Moses and God couldn’t care less about any fetus! The fetuses had to be destroyed with the pregnant women!), BUT SAVE FOR YOURSELVES EVERY GIRL* (*girls, not older women!) WHO HAS NEVER SLEPT WITH A MAN* (*Oh, YES!!! Isn’t this repulsive God so WONDERFUL! In Bible times, sexual predators and abusers had complete and total freedom and protection under this primitive Bible God!)Christianity is a very primitive religion, second only to Islam! God supported pedophilia and the killing of innocent children and pregnant women was NEVER a “sin” in the Bible, but a Holy routine! In Midian alone the fighting men of Israel collected 32,000 young virgin girls for their own pleasure (Num. 31:35)! EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD IS TOTALLY MUTE ABOUT THE GROSS IMMORALITY IN THE BIBLE STORIES! Filthy religious lucre, and mighty politics taking advantage of low IQ religious people!MOSES IS THE ENVY OF ANY SEXUAL PREDATOR IN THE WORLD TODAY! After this episode in the Bible that hardly any Christian reads, it became a routine in Israel to kill everybody even when fighting among themselves, but to always spare the YOUNG VIRGIN GIRLS “that never slept with men” as war trophies for the pleasure of the Fierce Fighting Men of GOD JEHOVAH, and for the discreet erotic pleasure of some Christian perverts today who know how to read the Bible! A team of avid Levite Priests was always at hand to use their big fat fingers in the inspection of all the little girls to see if they still had their hymen intact. Like in Christian America after election time… nicked and butterfly hymens didn’t count and the little girl had to be slaughtered on the spot! The sadistic sexual stuff in the Bible is no joke! Some smart Christians, especially preachers really enjoy it, discreetly in their closet of course!Judges 21:10-11 (NIV) So the assembly* (*Israel leaders) sent twelve thousand fighting men with instructions to go to Jabesh Gilead AND PUT TO THE SWORD THOSE LIVING THERE* (*they were Israelites, too, but they disobeyed God!), INCLUDING THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN. “This is what you are to do,” they said. “kill every male AND EVERY WOMAN WHO IS NOT A VIRGIN.”* (*KILL ALL THE PREGNANT WOMEN…!)The glorious ARMY OF GOD killed all the ISRAELITES residents in the town of Jabesh Gilead, except for 400 young lucky virgin GIRLS (Judges 21:12) that they rounded up so the male Jews from the tribe of Benjamin
A: Were you expecting us to really read this?

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