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How old is the oldest lady to get pregnant

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Adriana Iliescu (age 66) is the oldest woman to give birth, on January 16, 2005 via Caesarean section in Bucharest. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-old-is-the-oldest-lady-to-get-pregnant ]
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Can a 60plus year old lady get pregnant
It is possible for a woman to become pregnant at any age. Unless they have been through menopause
Why is it harder for older ladies to get pregnant?
the younger u are the better the quality of eggs, sperm you produce. with women we eventually stop producing eggs. when we are 15-30 is when there is optimum production. as we grow older there is less. i think this could contribute to teen ...
Did Chris Brown get a 33 year old lady pregnant?
unfortunately yes, i hope its a rumor but no1 has yet confirm it

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does any one know how big of a risk it is for a 45 year old lady if she gets pregnant?
Q: i am 45 years old and having signs of pregnacy such as missed monthly but i was wondering if it may being the change of life starting to take place i am having no other signs i have three children already plus two grandkids my youngest child is 13 it is worring me a lot if i am i will just deal with it and love it when it gets here for the most part im in pretty good health but my age worries me thanks for any response i may get from someone who maybe been in same situation
A: I don't see how it would be an issue. My mom was 42 when she had me, and other than a HUGE age difference between us, and between my siblings and I, everything is fine.I recommend seeing a doctor. That's the only way to know for sure.
Both my x old lady and this broad i got pregnant a few years back wanna take me back to court for more child..
Q: suport. i think thats bulls hit man becuz i no waht i make and i no what they make. i dont see them kids and i dont want nuthin to do with them so why should i have to pay for them? my question is i need a loopholoe in order to get out of paying for 3 rug rats and 2 fat broads who want all my money. how do i get out of this or at leest keep the payments were there at now. like i says this is bulls hit.
A: Such a charmer - it's no wonder women lay down and spread their legs for Romeo's like this man.
How can a 13 year old girl gain 10 pounds of muscle but not any fat?
Q: i seriously need to gain weight...otherwize my moms putting me in a psychiatric hospital. i lost weight and have LOTS of extra skin(especially by my lower tummy and i look pregnant!) i dont want to gain any fat(unless its in my boobs) but its really hard for me to gain any muscle. i REALLY want flat abs but its all that extra skin thats causing the problem and i cant get surgery! i want my arms more muscular, a 6 pack(yes, a girl with a 6 pack) and toned muscular legs without looking too bulky cuz i need that skin tightened. WHAT FOODS AND EXERCISES CAN I DO THAT WILL MAKE ME GAIN MUSCLE BUT NO FAT? i need to gain atleast 10 pounds of muscle but i need 2 do it fairly quickly. wvery time i gain weight, its ALL fat and it goes to my lower belly and an old lady actually thought i was pregnant before and gave me a speech on teens and sex. I REALLY NEED HELP ON THIS AND I DONT WANT TO GO TO REHAB UNTIL I AM AT 150 POUNDS( im 5'5" and thats too much weight)oh yeah, i eat ALOT of peanuts and peanut butter. i thought that was good for muscle gain but what if i dont exercise? are peanuts making me fat? especially around the midsection
A: You would need to do a combination of cardio workouts and weight training workouts while eating a healthy, balanced diet. I'm guessing that you will want to look more like Angelina Jolie or Xena than He-Man, so don't sweat a little extra fat. It softens our curves and allows our bodies to function normally. We are supposed to be curvy, so be proud of them!That old lady sounds like she needs to mind her own business. Even if you were pregnant, it would be your problem and your family's problem, not her's. Women your age start putting on some fat before getting taller for developmental reasons. When I was in 7th grade, the gym teacher told me that I was overweight (at 5'4'' and 138 lbs) and that I should lose some of it, which sent me into years of hell that I wish I could have avoided. I ended up getting taller and gaining more weight, but I ended up just fine. When you get into high school, you could join the cross country and track teams to stay active and get more dietary advice - it worked for me.

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