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How often do pregnant women poop

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People defaecate about once a day, but when pregnant there is more waste so it is usually more then once a day. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-often-do-pregnant-women-poop ]
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Can pregnant women take laxatives if they can't poop or is that h...?
Pregnant woman should always ask their doctor before taking a laxative. Constipation is a normal occurrence during pregnancy.
Do pregnant women pee & poop?
the baby gets all their nurishment from the placenta. the placenta gets it's nurishment from the mother and what the mother eats. since the mother still has full use of her bladder and bowel, the placenta does not interfere with the mothers...
Why Do Pregnant Women Poop Alot?
Probably because you are eating healthier and increased fiber in your diet, it is a good thing as many women get constipated in pregnancy.

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Help! Do you mothers think I could be pregnant?
Q: I am due to have my period in about 5 days. The last period I had was really short and hardly anything really. I feel sick most of the time during the day. Often I suddenly feel the urge to go poop(sorry if tmi) and then I feel like I will barf, along with a huge uncomfortable feeling in my lower stomach. i wouldnt say it is really painful, just really uncomfortable. I know your boobs are supposed to be sensitive when a woman is pregnant. I have felt some pain there, but not a whole lot. And I dont know if this has anything to do with it, but i am ALWAYS starving! no matter what I eat, i still feel hungry. I dont have weird cravings though. I also tried taking 2 pregnancy tests, but they turned out negative. But i hear it sometimes takes a little while for the tests to sense the pregnancy hormone. Anyways, please help me, do you think I could be pregnant?Have you had similar eary signs of pregnancy. i have never been pregnant before so i dont really know how it feels.Please help me:)
A: you could be i went 3 months testing and they all came back negative i was pregnant with twins... try clear blue in 2 days thats how early i found out with my current pregnancy

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