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How much of a chance do you have to get pregnant if you don't use protection

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The odds of getting pregnant are the greatest for a woman in her early twenties and then slowly decline with the passing years. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-much-of-a-chance-do-you-have-to-get-pregnant-if-you-don%27t-use-protection ]
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How much of a chance do you have to get pregnant if you don't use...?
The odds of getting pregnant are the greatest for a woman in her early twenties and then slowly decline with the passing years.

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Pregnant again?! pls reply?
Q: I was just wondering how soon after having your baby can you get pregnant again and are you more fertile after having a baby? Me and my partner have been sleeping together since my son was 5 weeks old (he is 8 weeks 2day). We havent been using protection (I know how stupid that is) but he has been pulling out (TMI) and I know that as far as protection goes thats pointless. I breast fed my son for the first 3 weeks but then my milk went so I had to stop so Im not sure when my periods should come back. My postnatal check is not until next tuesday so I was just wondering how much of a chance there is that I could be pregnant I was wanting to get the coil in next tueday at my check but if Im pregnant I know I can't get it put in and I don't want to have it put in not knowing that Im pregnant. Does any of that make sense; any advice would be appreciated thanks.
A: It is a very good possibility that you might be pregnant already. Make sure to find out before you have the coil put in. There is a reduction in fertility while breastfeeding, but you can still get pregnant. With our kids we didn't use protection after having a baby, deciding to let nature take it's course...until we decided to stop after 4 children. After our second child we were amazed at how quickly we got pregnant again. I was nursing and never had a period. I only took a pregnancy test because I was going to give my grandmother's cat box a good scrubbing and wanted to be cautious since we weren't using any protection. I was shocked when it came back positive! I went in for an ultrasound, the doctor suspected I was only 3-4 weeks pregnant. Surprise again! I was 14 weeks already! It did make for a "short" pregnancy though!
Pregnancy Ed for Teens: "Can I get pregnant from this: I was naked and he was dressed." ?
Q: Is it just me who is getting rather annoyed of 'am I pregnant' stories. I don't mind the ones where I can help them realize that there is zero chance they'd experence symptoms 2 days after sex, or how long it would take to be able to get an accurate pregnancy test reading. It's just I'm sick of all these questions about being pregnant from dry sex. Or how the penis just touched them, and they are positive they are pregnant from pre-cum.Please stop worrying. When you grow up you're realize that you can't worry about pregnancy every time you come close or experience a sexual experience. You can not experience anything a week after the incident, and your stomach IS NOT getting bigger even though you had unprotected sex 6 days ago. Your stomach starts showing at 3 months. http://www.babies.sutterhealth.org/babygrowth/fetaldev/index.htmlIf you don't want to be parents, no matter how much you 'get into the moment' you use common sense and wear a condom. You do not try for a baby for unconditional love, to trap a boyfriend or cause you want the attention. You need to be financial sound. You need to have a job. You need to have a place of your own. Getting pregnant on purpose and living at home is selfish. You need to realize the pressure you're putting on the family. Not just financial but mentally. A baby is a big deal.If you got pregnant on accident, it's going to be okay. Tell your parents as soon as possible. Delaying the talk will just prove your not ready for a baby, or any responsiblity. If you decided to keep the baby, your parents can not force you to abort, but you do need to step up and get a job to afford the baby. Your sexual partner will need to step up to. It's a two way street. http://www.babycenter.com/cost-of-raising-child-calculatorhttp://www.teenageparent.org/english/costofbaby2B.htmlhttp://www.i-am-pregnant.com/encyclopedia/B/Baby-Cost-Calculator/http://www.babyzone.com/cost-of-baby-calculator/Be smart about it. Buy some Teen Sex Ed books and use common sense. And please stop concluding you're pregnant just cause you had unprotected sex, because you 'feel pregnant', your period was lighter, shorter, a little early or late or cause you have the 'pregnancy symptoms'. Pregnancy symptoms are related to SO many health issues. The only symptom you should be seriously worried about is being OVER a week late. http://www.americanpregnancy.org/gettingpregnant/earlypregnancysymptoms.html✿❀✿❀✿❀✿❀✿❀✿❀I understand about worrying about pregnancy if you just started to have sex, but you really can't just always find any excuse to back up why you think your pregnant. If you always worry, the rest of your life will be very stressful. Remember, being late is the only real symptoms to conclude your period.http://www.babycenter.com/404_can-you-be-pregnant-and-still-get-your-period_7102.bc✿❀✿❀✿❀✿❀✿❀✿❀To those who believed they were pregnant when they were teens. Looking back, why did you think you were pregnant?Were you?How many times did you think you were pregnant?✿❀✿❀✿❀✿❀✿❀✿❀In total. I did about 5 times. When I started to get sexually active, I never worried about pregnancy cause we used protection and birth control. When I was 17, I was 11 days late before I got my period. The 2nd time I was 18, and 6 days late. The 3rd time I was 20 and we decided to stop using condoms. (I had stopped Birth Control at 18) I thought people automatically got pregnany when they weren't safe. The 2nd month of being unprotected I thougth pregnancy too. I had nothing to think I was. I was just being naive.
A: I WANNA PLAY I WANNA PLAY! lol"We dry humped and he said he had cum in his pants. Will I get pregnant for rubbing up against him but he still had his pants on?"
This guy i'm seeing got me pregnant and won't talk about it w/ me!!?
Q: I've been seeing this guy for about four months and he has yet to make it official due to the fact that i just got out of a long-term relationship and he has a crazy ex who he has a kid w/ and is fighting for custody over. Just this last Saturday i found out that i was pregnant after taking two diff. pregnancy tests. I told him and he just seemed surprised and we didn't say much about it. That night he ignored my attempts in trying to contact him until the following morning when i text him to tell him how i felt alone and needed him. We agreed to talk about it that afternoon. When i went to his house to discuss it not much was said other than what we wanna do.. due to the custody battle he doesn't want the judge seeing it as he being irresponsible ( in case anyone is curious.. no i wasn't on birth control and no we did not use protection ). He is so afraid to lose his son and the littlest possibility that might chance it he isn't willing to take.. he has the upper hand in the custody battle due to the fact that he has had his son since they broke up and the mother has only chosen to see their son 4 times since the split a year in a half ago.. and she is mentally unstable. I tried waiting for him to bring up the pregnancy topic thinking he would talk about it on his own time but five days had passed and i couldn't continue to pretend like i wasn't growing a baby anymore. So i brought up the conversation again and he shut down. He didn't say much but i told him i decided to keep the kid (cuz we did discuss abortion.. but i did research and couldn't imagine killing our baby). I told him that if he didn't want this than i was giving him the option to not worry about the child and have nothing to do w/ us because i wasn't going to force him to raise a child he wasn't ready for. He didn't say much all night and after time passed he looked @ his watch and asked if we could talk about it this weekend. ANOTHER cop-out!! I was so frustrated and upset by this time that all i said to him was, "i've made my decision.. you let me know when you make yours" and i walked out. I always thought that he was the man that would stick by in these kind of situations but i am now considering otherwise. I am 21 and he is 31... his son is 3 and a half years old. I adore him and his child and don't want to be w/o them and i want my child to know his/her father. I am only about 4 weeks pregnant. I'm just confused as to how to go about the situation.. do i let him come to me on his own time or assume that i'll be raising this child on my own?? He loves his son so much and i know he is just very scared and confused.. but i feel he is being selfish and only considering his feelings and not my own. Please.. advice.The doctor wont see me until i'm at least 6 wks pregnant. I have an appt on Dec 9th. It just sux to think that i may be going to all my appt's w/o the father.. i'd always hoped to have a baby w/ a man that wanted to be there every step of the way. I'm terrified to be having this baby (it's my firs tone) and am trying not to stress out too much because i don't want to hurt the baby.For the record we have known each other for two years and recently decided to start seeing each other so i'd say we know each other pretty well. And we both made the decision to have unprotected sex.. i am not going to kill our baby because we don't want to deal w/ the repercussions of our decision.
A: hey there, all i can say is that u should give him alot of space and let him come to u on his own time like you said he is fighting for full custdy of his son, and trying to foucus on that just be there for him with the custdy and be there for his son, and wen he is ready he will talk to u. i went through the same thing with my partner with my second son and he wanted me 2 have an abortion in the end he didnt want me 2 do that but through out the whole pregancy he didnt really care and everytime i would bring it up he would tell me 2 shut up. so i left him and wen our son was born he loved him and adore him ever since and cryed when he was born. u might fink he is being selfish but he is thinking bout his son and trying not to lose him ok. hope this really helped message me back if u need more advice . :)

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