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How many weeks should my period be missed before i know im pregnant

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You can do a pregnancy test the day after the first day of your expected period. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-many-weeks-should-my-period-be-missed-before-i-know-im-pregnant ]
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How many weeks should my period be missed before i know im pregna...?
You can do a pregnancy test the day after the first day of your expected period. ChaCha!

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not sure of how many cycle days in between periods? so not sure if ive missed and pregnant??
Q: im should be on my period either this or last week not sure of how many days are in between my cycles so cant decect whether ive missed my period or not, im having all the symptoms of pregnancy really sore breasts,sick feeling, frequent urination etc that i never normally have even before my period is due i never have these symptoms ever, me and my partner have been trying and ive been off the contraceptive pill for three months now, can anyone relate to my confusion and anxiety to know?? thanksps done 3 tests all negative think maybe too early to tell?
A: A typical menstrual cycle is 28 days in length. But, of course, we're all different and this cycle can range anywhere between 21-30 days. Ovulation typically occurs 10-14 days after the first day of your cycle, and you're typically fertile for about 3 days. I use the word typical a lot because we're all very different, and these timelines may not be appropriate for your body rhythms and cycles. If you're showing symptoms (breast soreness, nausea, etc.) then it's not too early to take a pregnancy test. If you are not pregnant, but are trying to get pregnant, try charting your cycles. You can go to Babyhopes.com and print out a BBT chart (Basal Body Temperature) to help chart your cycles, which will help you determine what days during your cycle are the most fertile for you.
Am I Pregnant I don't have many symptoms, I've taken 3 home test and seen a doctor?
Q: a couple weeks ago i took 3 home test the first one came out positive and the next two were negative. I went to the doctor and my doctor seemed concerned that i may have missed carried. it turned out that i didn't. But he was also concerned that the i may be pregnant and the baby may be on the outside of the uterus. But he never checked to make sure. My symptoms haven't gone away. But i have my period and i know if u get your period your most likely not pregnant but my mom had her period the entire time she was pregnant with all 4 of her kids. Another thing that my doctor couldn't figure out was why my tissue in my boobs felt like a pregnant woman. Yet my boobs have grown 2 sizes in 2 months. I'm 20 so puberty isn't want is causing it. I've gained like 7-10 lbs and not sure why. I walk every night or every other night. I stay active but I haven't really had any cravings. My periods aren't normal. Its normally heavy for the first 3-4 days and then becomes light but its been light lately. I know i have been stressed lately and stress can cause this but i've been stressed before and it didn't effect me before. Im always tired no matter how much sleep I get. I have nausea in the morning wen i wake up but haven't puked. Im running out of ideas on how to find out. My gyno won't give me an ultrasound to make sure that nothing is wrong. What should i do?
A: You need to find another doctor right away, friend. A GOOD doctor will at least take blood and order a transvaginal and/or abdominal ultrasound and treat you according to those findings and NOT rely on best guesses in this situation. Based on your symptoms alone, pregnancy is possible, but not the only thing that this can be. Nonetheless, your health is what is important here and you need some serious answers from a serious doctor, not Mickey Mouse. *sigh*.... I really hope you call around and find someone else to help you by performing the right tests, and if you are pregnant, make sure that your baby is safe. Wish you the best of luck and God Bless!
Please help Im begging you...need soem good advice here!!! Thanks.?
Q: Have some questions...please help..thanks!!!?Hello, I am 24 years old, and am currently about 4-5 days late. But the guy I was with only played with his dick near my ***** (and never felt any *** or precum at all) wouldnt one feel that? Also he then put on a condom and put his dick in me for only a few minutes. And to my knowledge the condom didnt break or no *** ever touched me. (and like i asked before if there was *** ud feel it right?)1. Can stress make you be late2. As you get older, can your period chang patterns3. Can you miss period for a whole month and not be pregnant?4. Do u think I am pregnant?5. Would you have any symptoms: i.e.Stomache feeling firmer or whatnot.6. If pregnant, but have no health insurance what do I do?7. Does it mean a lot when I told the boy and all he said was keep me informed, but hope ur not?8. How does it affect a divorce with another man? (we have been seperated for a while) I know bad to hang out with man while married still but just happened I guess.9. I am not on the pill and havent been on pill for almost 2 years, so would that make a difference? I mean since going off of them my periods have been pretty regular.10. Is there anything to do besides take a test or go to a dr. to know that your pregnant and not just stress or something of that sort.11. Why else can u miss a period besides stress and being pregnant?12. i dont really have any symtpoms except being late, except on occasion my back/stomache have hurt a bit13. but do u also think maybe its my diet im sure i dont get what i need, like enough fruits or veggies or whatnot14.should i wait since dont have many symtpoms or what 15. also ive been pregnant before when was 16 but had morning sickness after a week or so (i have nothing now no symtpoms but being late), i ended up having an abortion (was raped as well, but no one knew) but had abortion cuz doctor said something about it being a good idea to not have baby as i was real sensitive to the touch down there, or something of that sort. so if i am pregnant should i be worried about that and having a baby if i dont do well with pap smears like at all etc.16. Can you have 2 periods in one month, like lets say dont get it one month so it makes up for it by having 2 the next?17. Should your stomache be more hard or flabby and is that when u sit down or stand up or both?18. Would u have any symtpoms or notices this early if only been a few days late. Please please help I need it....or give me a good website to go to or something. Thanks.
A: For a 24 yr old you dont sound very mature. You're probably not preg, maybe thats just wishful thinking so we dont have another one of YOU in the world.The only way to know if to either take a preg test, go to a doctor, or wait a few month and see if u get bigger and continue to not have a period. Or if you're realy dumb, arrogant and refuse all of these, wait 9 months and see if theres a baby.

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