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How many weeks pregnant do you have to be to get a positive pregnancy test

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You can test as soon as 5 days after conception in the "first response" brand & get a positive result but the line might be faint. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-many-weeks-pregnant-do-you-have-to-be-to-get-a-positive-pregnancy-test ]
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How many weeks pregnant do you have to be to get a positive pregn...?
One to two weeks.
Can you get a positive pregnancy test if you are only 2 weeks pre...?
yes it can i'm 2 to 3 weeks pregnant. i first took at test around a week ago and it came out positive after i missed my period but to be on the safe side i went to the doctor today and they ran a blood test and also a urine test both came o...
Can you get a positive pregnancy test when your only 3 weeks preg...?
If you get the pregnancy test called first response it can tell you if your pregnant 5 days before your missed period. Good luck!

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BFP and going to the doctors tomorrow. How many weeks am I pregnant?
Q: I am going to the doctors tomorrow as I got a positive pregnancy test. Do they just give you a blood test or do they predict approx your due date, and how many weeks you are? Also I have irregular periods, I ovulated around CD 25-27 I am currently on CD 44, my lutheal phase is 14-15 days. How many weeks pregnant would I be? I heard you count starting from 2 weeks before ovulation? So would I be a little over 4 weeks pregnant?
A: Usually, they go by the first day of your last period in determining your due date. However, that's outdated as we both know not every female ovulates on CD14. Please point out to your doctor that you ovulated around CD25-27 and not CD14 so that they can calculate correctly.But yes, if you O'd around CD25 and are on CD44 then you would be a little over 4 weeks pregnant.Congrats!
How many times did you have to take a pregnancy test before it came out positive?
Q: I was just wondering how many times you guys have taken pregnancy tests until you've gotten a positive (for those of you who are pregnant only) lol. And how long did it take for you to get a positive( as in how many weeks)
A: once. it was 1 week b4 my period was due, so i didn't even miss my pms yet. i was 3 weeks pregnant by then bc i got pregnant on the last day of my period. the test took only a second to show up positive, as soon as the indicator filled up w/ my urine, it was 2 think dark lines.EDIT: i agree w/ skegcu, i knew i was pregnant even b4 i took the test, weird things were happening to me, i already got symptoms on my 2nd week after conception.
How many days/weeks do you have to be pregnant for a test to pick it up?
Q: I'm 20 and I have irregular periods that come anywhere from 1 1/2 months - 3 months inbetween. I have been off the pill since last summer, and have not been protecting since the beginning of the year. We had just been "pulling out" since I quit the pill,Although ppl say its not effective, it did work for us. We started actually trying to get pregnant right after my last period in the beginning of june this year. About a week ago, I got the beginning cramps for a few minutes like I normally do a few days before my period comes, but that was it. For a few days there's also been this weird sensation, like when a muscle flutters, in my lower abdomen. I took a pregnancy test to check, but it came out neg. Has anyone had this happen? Could I be? Or better yet, how far along do you have to be pregnant to get a positive on a test? Please ppl with experience.
A: Because you have irregular cycles, it's hard to tell. Since you did not start your period it sounds like it may be ovulation cramping. A lot of women get cramping when it is time for them to ovulate. Have sex lots now and take a test two weeks from today. If you are ovulating now and you conceive, that will give your body enough time to make the hormone that the tests look for.

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