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How many weeks is eight months pregnant

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You are in your eight month of pregnancy when you are 31 - 35 weeks along. ChaCha 24/7-365! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-many-weeks-is-eight-months-pregnant ]
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How many months is twenty eight weeks pregnant?
Um there are 4 weeks in a month so 27/4 = 6.75 so Six and three quarter months pregnant...YAY MATH!
How many months pregnant am I? I am 8 weeks?
Pregnancy typically covers nine months, but not 36 calendar weeks. When you and your doctor establish your baby's due date, you'll be told that your due date (EDD) is 40 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP). If you d...
What does 33 weeks pregnant, means 7 or 8 months pregnant?
You are 8 months pregnant at 33 weeks pregnant. Your baby weighs about 4.4 pounds at this point. The crown-to-rump length of

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Im 8 months pregnant how many weeks is that?
Q: eight months prego how many weeks is that?
I'm eight weeks pregnant and my due date is Apr.21 how many months am I?
Q: I get confused everyone tells me a different thing and I don't know who to believe.
A: LOL--you are about two months. The way they do the months is that you are pregnant all through the whole month. So tecnically you are pregnant 9 months trough total or ten months. I had a really hard time with this concept and I sat down and thought very hard about it...and I figured it out. I'm not laughing at you I'm laughing because I know it's confusing! Here's where to start--There are 40 weeks of pregnancy. Divide that by 4 (which is aprox. how many weeks are in a month). That equal 10. It's hard to explain...you'll get it after you think about it for a while!Good Luck!
How many months pregnant were you when you needed to start wearing maternity clothes?
Q: I have been looking at clothes but am just wondering if I will need warm weather or fall mommy stuff. I am eight weeks now, due at the end of november. 1st baby!
A: I would get a few warm weather things, and then the most in the fall. You will probably start needing them in a couple of months. Until then stretch/yoga pants, long tees should be fine. And here is a link where you can ask other 1st trimester mommies when/what they are wearing: http://www.thebump.com/stages/stage.aspx?stage=trimester1

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