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How many months are you pregnant before you give birth

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You are pregnant for 9 months before giving birth. Some women say its 10 months, based on calculating 4 weeks in a month. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-many-months-are-you-pregnant-before-you-give-birth ]
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How many months before a pregnant cat give birth??
63 days from mating is the general time (anytime between 57-69 days)
Should I wait 18 months to get pregnant or should it be 18 months...?
Well it depends exactly how close you want them. If you want them 18 months apart, then try to get pregnant 9 months from now because you will be pregnant for another 9 months. If you wait to get pregnant for 18 months, then your other chil...
How many exact months before the pregnant mother will give birth ...?
she would of had given birth in the later part of april 2008 or early part of may 2008

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Is anyone else disturbed by how many people ask about pregnancy?
Q: It is ridiculous how many people have idiotic questions about pregnancy. If you don't know, do not do it until you ask a doctor. Anyone on here could give you a wrong answer. Example of what I'm talking about. Someone asked, "I just found out I am pregnant, is it okay to keep smoking for a few months or should I quit now?" BEST ANSWER-->You only have to quit a month before you give birth. Makes me sick that some people are allowed to bear children.To clarify I agree not all questions are dumb but it is the ones that ask 'Can I be pregnant' or the ones that are ridiculous like is it ok to smoke while pregnant that get to me. I apologize if I offended some people that actually do use YA for something menaingful.
A: Well it is typical that a man would post this stupid question. We come on here.. because we don't know everything.. unlike you.. i guess. Do you know how many times i had questions about pregnancy or my kids.. and I called the doctors office and they say "He will have to call you back" .. I need an answer now. Not in 3 hours. I know that if i come on here.. i will get an answer rather quickly.. from others in my situation.Maybe dumbass men shouldn't worry about this.. and with that said.. why are you on the pregnancy portion of yahoo answers? are you a lurker or something?Creepy!
NEVER - EVER give up hope!!!?
Q: Hello ladies, I just want to encourage all of you to never, ever give up hope in trying to conceive. I found out this morning that I am pregnant - after 12 years of trying! I have been trying since I was 21 and am now 33 years old and pregnant!!!Here is my success story:I didn't try every month. I gave up charting for many years and just used no birth control for the entire time. We finally got serious about seeing a fertility specialist a couple of months ago. Dr did an HSG and some basic testing. Wanted to send Dh for semen analysis but he has 2 children already (adopted by me last year) so we weren't too worried about that part. Doctor confirmed I ovulate perfectly each month but he suspected that my eggs just didn't mature right. He put me on one round of Clomid (50 mg days 3-7).We have been using Pre-Seed for the past 2 months and this first round of Clomid worked for me!Here are my detailed symptoms - because I know how easy it is to stress over every little symptom each month.No symptoms until 9 dpo - noticeable cramping all day, enough to take meds but I resisted. I checked my cm in the afternoon and there was a small line of blood amongst the creamy cm. I had light, light brown spotting when I wiped for that day only - not even a need for a liner.9-14 dpo - lots of creamy cm. Cervix is medium and low.12-14 dpo - Exhaustion every evening. Heavy eyelids and need to rest my head on something13-14 dpo - tender nipples and increasingly so every day13-14 dpo - faint cramping/twinges like AF is on the way12-14 dpo - excessive urination (nearly hourly)10-14 dpo - my biggest clue by far is that I had a lack of pms symptoms. I always get tender breasts, lower backaches, headahces 3-4 days pre-AF and I had none of these. I kept squeezing my breasts waiting for them to be tender but nothing. I know this is long but I hope it gives hope to some of you who are trying to conceive - it will happen in the right timing. The other thing we have been doing is really, really praying about this for the last few months. We are Christians and had prayed before but we really committed this to prayer and asked God to help us conceive. If you don't know Jesus Christ personally, feel free to email me privately and I can answer any questions you have.Blessings ladies!
A: WOW! I'm very happy for u! We have been ttc for 3 years and we've been to see a specialist since last year spring and after an hSG, laprascopy, and now 3 months of Clomid, ( last month of clomid with Pre-seed) and still no baby :( I was extremely discouraged and it has been really affecting myself and my marriage. But as of last night I had decided that I have to trust God and pray pray pray! We too are Christians and we have been struggling on persueing treatments as we feel we aren't letting God work but taking it into our own hands. So thankyou for your note here. it is something I definitely needed to read. Praise the Lord for his wonderful gift He has given your family :) Sorry this is soooo long!
Anyone else feel like it may never happen?
Q: I have been trying now for 6 months and every time I get my AF I feel let down. I have been pregnant before and had a beautiful son who is now 6 years old. I have been with my husband now for 2 years and we are desperately trying for a baby together. I just want to cry because in the past 6 months my sister gave birth to a baby girl, her best friend had a boy, 2 of my Aunts gave birth and so many you girls that I know are having babies! I am at my wits end! I feel jipped and I know I shouldn't but whenever I see my sister with her daughter I feel upset. Anyone else feel this way? I had my last period on Dec. 18th and BD on Jan. 1st we only BD every 2 days that week because I just want to give up. With my son we only tried for 1 month and I became pregnant and had sex 1 time that week. What am i doing wrong? I check my CM, can feel ovulation pains when i am ovulating so i bd then but nothing. Anyone feel let down? How long did it take for you to become pregnant? Thank you and Baby dust to all!
A: I know how you're feeling honey but stay strong and positive. The good news is that you are going to get pregnant, it just takes longer for some of us to get there. I've been trying for 6 months too, my main issue having irregular cycles. It's always hard seeing others around you falling pregnant seemingly really easily when you're working so hard for it. I feel the same. Of course, you're always happy to hear of baby joy but it's totally natural to have that niggling ..."When will it be me?" feeling. Everytime you see AF, it's a fresh start and is bringing you one step closer to your baby. Spend time with your son and feel encouraged. You have been blessed once, I'm sure your second blessing is in progress! Timing of intercourse is really important whilst TTC, as is getting to know your cycles. You're doing everything right honey, it just hasn't happened yet. You might want to think about trying Pre-Seed. I've heard soooo many fantastic reviews and BFPs using the stuff, it's got to be worth a go!Good luck and best wishes ***

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