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How many days should you wait after your period is late before you take a pregnancy test

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You can take a pregnancy test after missing your period for only a few days to see if you may be pregnant. Cheers! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-many-days-should-you-wait-after-your-period-is-late-before-you-take-a-pregnancy-test ]
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How many days should you wait after your period is late before yo...?
You can take a pregnancy test after missing your period for only a few days to see if you may be pregnant. Cheers!

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How many days after your missed period should you wait before deciding taking a pregnancy test?
Q: I might just be a bit paranoid but my period is 3 days late and on the night of April 25th... well, the condom broke during sex (today is May 19th) and neither of us noticed until it was too late. My period was supposed to be here about 3-4 days ago... Like i said, maybe i'm just paranoid. Either way i'd like to know how long i should wait before taking a pregnancy test.P.S.no, me being pregnant is not a good thing.i myself am only 17... and my boyfriend is only 15.
A: If your period is late you can take a test now.
Is it possible to get pregnant during the suger pills of birth control?
Q: I was on this one birth control that allowed periods to be stopped for three months came in a pink box, but the dose was to strong and I was sick days on end throwing up, fever, diarrhea (real nasty). So I got off of it and about a week two weeks later I was back to normal, then I waited one more week and switched to Microgestin Fe 1/20. Ok so I been on the new birth control for a month and a month an a half. (pretty much two months I guess) my last period ended on the 29th of October, it usually lasts 7 days but because of the birth control its been shorter and came up to lasting about four days that was the last day I took it. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend twice, once on the 30th around 10:30 sometime, and in the morning (around 1pm) on the 31st. Because I had sex during the suger pills I was curious if I could have gotten pregnant. My fertile period based on the computer was around the 30th all the way to the 3rd of November. I was supposed to start my new pack on Sunday which was exactly the expected day of my ovulation. (Didn’t start a new pack) Then on the 9th of November there was a bit of clear stretchy discharge and I know that that’s the period in which most women are most likely ovulating (cant remember if that was evident on the 30 and the 31st) I was still partly fertile on the 12th my boyfriend and I had sex again that night. My period is supposed to start on the 20th of November, in which the computer claims I will be fertile again? So before I get to that point I was just wondering if it was possible that I could already be pregnant? I mean there have been points that I have been tired, had unexpected migraines, a few mood swings and constipation here and there, also my breast do feel a tiny bit sore but not to much, plus when I‘m at work I get hot flashes sometimes and its mostly always cold. (Also I have a 21 day cycle and period lasts 6 to seven days, if that helps with the question) I mean I’ve read many things that say you are protected during the sugar pills but then if you miss one or two of your regular pills then you could get pregnant so I don’t really get that, (also if I do happen to be pregnant how long after a missed period should I wait to take a pregnancy test for it to be totally accurate? Because I‘m not sure if I am actually pregnant from the time around the end of October or recently around the 12th?) I just need some opinions thanks.
A: Yes, it is possible. I did. Go to your doctor to make for sure.
I'm in big trouble. The Biggest Mistake Ever.?
Q: I slept(unprotected) with my bf on the 6th of July & he pulled out few seconds before he leaked on to my tummy. It was the first time for both of us.I never planned on doing it till marriage,but it happened.Dumbest and the most stupidest thing i have ever done.I totally regret it. I have not been involved in any intimacy with him since then as we were busy with work & studies. I have been having these symptoms.1. PeriodI HAD MY PERIODS for July, August & September. For October it is due on the 19th. I had severe cramps on my July period & it was late for 6 days. I'm not sure if my all 3 periods were different, but the first 2 days were heavy & continued for 7 days as usual. 2.NauseaI started having headaches from the last week of August.(I work with the computer most of the time in office.Coughing due to a vomitish feeling, but never puked atleast even once. But this feeling disappeared when i got my period on 22nd of September. During this same week I got a cold as well.This week i stared having this vomitish feeling again but its not strong as i had before. Only a few times. It happens when i stare at the computer for a very long time though).(I had issues in breathing a week before i had sex, like something pressing on my chest.It wasn't a regular thing.It faded alittle after taking Ayurveda medicine.1 & half weeks after sex,I went to an ENT doc as the breathing problem started again & had some sort of feeling that something was stuck inside my throat & felt vomitish. Got medication & was ok. A month after medication I started having these headaches & vomish feeling)3. DischargeI think I'm supposed to ovulate this week. Usually i get long stringy discharge, but instead,i got a watery discharge & few egg white discharge. I can't remember the discharge i had for last 2 months.4. Breast tendernessWhen i pressed my nipples they hurt slightly. I didn't get this symptom until this Monday. 5. Belly sizeI noticed that my belly is a bit bigger since last Sunday.It sticks out towards the left side. I'm a small made person & very thin. My waist size is 24 & a 1/2. Now it's almost 25.Sometimes it's hard & sometimes it's flabby when i tap my tummy.6. Burping I burp,but tiny ones. Sometimes when i feel like burping it won't come out.This started this month.7. ConstipationI do it everyday. But since Monday it was very few & a bit hard. But today it came out easily. Last night I had a banana. No frequent urination as yet.8. Since 1st October,i felt lazy to get up early morning. Sleeping time is usually from 10pm to 5.30am. But the rest of the day i carry on well. 9. Since this Monday there was a slight back pain. Not at the lower back,but bit below the neck. Not sure it's due to the transport i take. I go by staff transport & its totally packed & have to be seated in an awkward position. I took 2 hcg home pregnancy tests (a test strip) last month, both came out negative.I took another on the 3rd of October,the result was blurry. There was only one line in it & the rest was blurry.(In my kit there should be 2 lines to be positive)On the same day i took another it came out negative. I'm sorry for writing my history,but without these info, I can't get proper answers.These are my questions1. Are all of these pregnancy symptoms?2. Should i wait for a missed period to take another test?I don't think I'll take a blood test coz unfortunately i faint when they draw blood.3. By how many inches will the belly size increase on the 28th week?4. Am i pregnant or is my mind playing with me?My bf says that it's due to stress.(I'm having an exam at the end of this month) I,m really concerned about my belly.5. Do all pregnant women have food cravings & heart burns? I didn't experience much cravings, but i like spicy food, no heart burn for me as yet. I get hungry mostly during meal times.6. Can you see your tummy move like the baby's heart beat at 13 to 14 weeks pregnant? My tummy moves like pumping of the heart & i'm not sure if it's mine or the baby's.My story is too long & hope i'll get answersHope every thing is clear. Thanks
A: It does not sound like you are pregnant. All of your symptoms can be put down to stress, and obsessing over the thought of being pregnant. You can feel your own pulse. Pregnant people can never feel the baby's pulse. Think yourself lucky and move on. See your doctor if you need further reassurance.

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