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How long should you wait to go to the doctor if you have missed your period

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You may be pregnant or have a health condition that requires treatment if you are otherwise regular. Get a checkup soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-should-you-wait-to-go-to-the-doctor-if-you-have-missed-your-period ]
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How long should someone wait to go to the doctor after a missed p...?
If you take a pregnancy test & it's negative, most advise you to wait another week & retest. After the 2nd test, call the doctor.

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When should you ask your doctor for an ultrasound?
Q: I am now 21 days late . I got a blood test done 3 days after my missed period and it came back negative. I am having all the symptoms of pregnancy and don't know what to think. Was it too early to get a blood test? what is the next step i should take? Has this happened to anyone; if so what did you do? how long did you wait beore going to the doctor ?
A: It usually take time to be diagnosed if your pregnant, depending on the person. Some people usually have periods during they whole pregnancy. Always wait at least 2-3 weeks after your last period to take a blood test, if you want it to be accurate. Some people depending on their bodies have to wait 2 months. That's what happen to me. After 3-4 weeks of missing my period. I went and bought a home test from the store. It came out negative. I did it at least once a week. I went through 4 home test. So when I went to the doctor, and they took a urine test themselves, it came out negative again, but when they took the blood test it came out positive. Just give yourself sometime , if the results do become to be positive, good luck to you and the baby!
If I have unprotected sex the day before my expected period, how long should I wait before testing?
Q: I was told pregnancy tests were extremely accurate from the day of your missed period on. But because I had sex the day before my expected period and because it can take about 6-7 days after intercourse to become pregnant and then several more days before the pregnancy hormone can be detected, does it mean that a test taken the day after my expected period (2 days after I had sex) could be too soon to be accurate? Another question: would getting my period in this case still mean I wasn't pregnant, or would it be too soon to tell because I had sex so close to the time I was supposed to get it? A rephrase: do you still skip your period when pregnant no matter when you have sex, or can you have it so close to your period that you would not skip your upcoming period but instead the next period? Had to cover all the bases...and please don't say go see a doctor. Obviously I will do that if I do not get my period soon. I would just like some peace of mind before I go to sleep.
A: Wait like a week, that's all I have to say.
What if you missed your period, and it came 3 days later but on the next month.??
Q: ok i missed my period for the month of July.., i got my period 3rd day of August...? but it was light. Is there a chance im Pregnant???we have had inntercourse alot lately. And we went through so much with the Home pregnancys tests. from previous times Should i just go to the doctor and get a blood test???? if so how long should i wait???BY THE WAY IM 18 yrs oldAnd YEs Im Married.
A: You could still be pregnant, because some women bleed during their pregnancies. But, you also could be perfectly normal and have missed a period due to stress or nutritional imbalance. The best thing to do, in any case, is to see your OBGYN and find out what exactly is going on. You could make an appointment right now, so there's no need to wait.

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