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How long is a rat pregnant for

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The gestation period for rats and mice is typically around 20 - 22 days. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-is-a-rat-pregnant-for ]
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How long are rats pregnant for?
A rat is pregnant for 21-25 days.
Can my female rat terrier be pregnant? how long does it take??
wait some time and feel her stomach in a month or so you can feel the pups in her I did that when my cat and dog were pregos
How Long Are Rat Terriers Pregnant?
Dogs are pregnant 63-66 days. Pregnancy can be diagnosed as early as day 20 by ultrasound but more reliably at day 22-26. Fetal skeletons calcify at day 45 and can be seen on x-ray. This is the best way to estimate the number of puppies. F...

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how long does it take for a rat to go into labor when pregnant?
Q: i think my rat is pregnant but do you have to leave the male in for the female to remain pregnant, and how long are rats pregnant before they go to labor?
A: they usually have babies around 19-23 days. 21 days is most common. http://ratguide.com/father-rats are not nice to there babies (often attack or kill them) untill there about 5 or 6 months old, but can eventually be housed together. you should take the boy out asap, because he will try to "play" and she might not want to and could attack him.http://www.fatratcentral.com/pages/reproduction/breeding.htm GREAT SITE!!
How long after a rat has kittens can she become pregnant again?
Q: I am breeding rats for snake food. I use the babies when they are young sometimes. So If I use all of the mothers babies can I impregnate her immediatly after the babies are gone?. Can she get pregnant while she is feeding her babies as well? Is it bad for the rat if she is pregnant while nursing?. Anyways: Answers ONLY. I am asking a question, NOT looking for your opinion. Links are not acceptable. 10 points up for grabs for the best answer. Thank you.
A: A rat will go into heat as soon as the last kitten or pup is born. That is why it is so important to separate the mother rat from all other male rats BEFORE she has babies. Boy rats can make great dads, but you can't stop them from making the mom pregnant again, so it's best to take them out.Baby rats need to stay with their mom until they are 5 - 6 weeks old. But if the mom gets pregnant again so soon, she will abandon the first babies when they are only 3 weeks old so she can take care of the second ones.It is definitely NOT good for a rat to have multiple litters back-to-back. It is hard on her body, it makes her abandon the first litter, and the second litter wont be as healthy because the mom will already be worn out for the first litter.Rats are supposed to have several months to rest before having another litter.Also, make sure you separate the babies from the mom when they are 5 weeks old so that they don't impregnate the mom or each other.Edit to add:Rat fanciers in the USA usually call rats "pups". Fanciers in the UK and Australia usually call them "kittens". Other people call them "rittens", "eepers" and other cute terms."Kittens" and "pups" are BOTH correct terms.
How long do rat pregnancies last? And...?
Q: what are other symptoms beside the obvious swelling and excess urination? i'm looking for other physical signs. are they more sensitive to your touch? if anyone has great tips on helping make a pregnant rat more comfortable, i'm all eyes...when are they old enough to have babies?like your avatar...i had to stand on my head...
A: Oh goody another rat lover!Well, their nipples do swell a bit, but mostly it's the belly that gives them away. Also they will want to build a nice nest for their family, so make sure they have plenty of clean bedding (cotton batting, paper towels, old clean rags) to tear up and a box to put it in. They value their privacy so the best is a box that you can cut a doorway in, but leave intact otherwise so it is dark and cozy inside.She will be pg for about four weeks, then give birth to 4-8 small, hairless babies (or "Rittens.") DO NOT TOUCH THE RITTENS! If you do she will reject them and, er, eat them. It's horrible to watch. Just let her raise them for a couple of weeks, then they will have hair and their eyes will open and they will start exploring outside their box on their own. At this point it is probably safe to handle them, especially if the mother rat trusts you.Make sure mom has plenty to eat, including some people food. My rat loves corn, peanut butter, scrambled eggs, pasta of any kind, toast, and salad veggies. She also likes meat but it is not very good for her so she gets it very rarely - usually when she steals it off my plate! She will need more calories while pregnant and nursing, so put these goodies close to the door of her box where she can reach them without having to leave the rittens.Good luck! Send me a pic at lacticrat@yahoo.com, if you can - I haven't had a litter of rittens in many years and would love to see yours.

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