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How long is a raccoon pregnant

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Female raccoons are pregnant from between sixty-three and sixty-five days. Most of the babies are born between April and May. A litter can have anywhere from two to eight young, but the average is three to five babies. ChaCha On! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-is-a-raccoon-pregnant ]
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How long is a raccoon pregnant
Female raccoons are pregnant from between sixty-three and sixty-five days. Most of the babies are born between April and May. A litter can have anywhere from two to eight young, but the average is three to five babies. ChaCha On!

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Q: I have 2 ducks I believe are pregnant..How long before they lay the eggs? After that how long before they hatch? Do I need to feed a special food? What do I do to help them get ready? Buy hay/straw so they can make a nest? Anyone know some good websites with any info..They live in my back yard there are 4 of them..One male 3 females..Did not know the sex of them at the time I got them as they were too little..Do they need to be separated?They are in just a wire cage with a swimming pool durning the day and at night they go in the garage in a wire dog kennel to keep them safe as there are too many raccoons running around! PLEASE NO STUPID ANSWERS! Thanks already to the people who can help....Yes..Iam aware they she is not pregnant! But has mated saw them..So I just assummed eggs would follow..They have never laid any eggs before they are only around 4 months old..The male is a mallard and females are not just white( domestic)...
A: if the ducks were born this year they may noy lay until spring. it takes 28 days for a duck to clock with a clutch of fertile eggs under her. if u have an incubator i reccomend using it, a lot of ducklings die of the cold, so try and get her to clock in march/april to have ducklings for summer. you are doing everything correct regards to housing them, just feed them duck layers pellets (never feed bread, its bad for them!!) i have a duck who is not laying yet, but given time she will lay next spring, any other questions u can email me. i keep exhibition poultry.
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A: Yes it could do that. She might also be stuck in someone's shed or lost - perhaps it or another cat chased her beyond her territory and she has struggled to get back. Either way, you have a small window now to try to find her. Print up some posters and knock on your neighbour's doors/attach them to lamp-posts. Ask them to check their sheds/garages or call you if they spot her. I can't say how long she'd choose to stay away, but I don't think this is your best bet. Get working on the posters.
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A: I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!It is very nice to do this, you have land to keep them then have at it. You CAN foster a mom from a local shelter. But that is up to you. -make a nesting area, (in the barn, somewhere secluded, protected)-see that she likes her nesting area-thats about it, you need to know her spotsMy cats nesting area ended up being my bathroom, and she literally would not have them if i left the room. Sound from hell came out of her, I had to sit there and watch the whole thing, lol.BUT yea, just try and have her stay inside for the last 2 weeks or something.......I would.

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