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How long is a bear pregnant

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Female brown bears give birth to 2-3 cubs after 6 to 9 month gestation period. Cubs stay with mother for 2 to 4 years.ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-is-a-bear-pregnant ]
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How long is a bear pregnant?
a grizzly is 12-13 so Im gonna say go with that with any bear...alright
How Long Are Teddy Bear Hamsters Pregnant?
She will be pregnant for 14 to 18 days depends on how old she is
Who long will a Female Teddy Bear Hamster be Pregnant for??
the gestation period for a syrian hamster is 16-18 days and you can touch them from 2 weeks old no sooner they should be taken from there mum at 5 weeks and put males and female in separate cages feed mum grapes and apple and boiled egg (co...

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How do i know if my honey bear hamster is pregnant? how long will it be till shell have babies?
Q: she is a little rounder, heavier, and lost all energy. she made a giant nest w/ tiolet paper I gave her and she has never made a big nest like that before.
A: Hi Kate... these websites will be helpful to determine if your hamster is pregnant and how to prepare for the birth of her young: http://www.ehow.com/how_2246578_recognize-hamster-pregnant.htmlHamster pregnancy and care: http://www.hamster-heaven.com/breeding_02.htmlhttp://www.advice-on-pet-care-and-pet-product-supplies-online.com/Care-of-a-pregnant-hamster.html
My female long-haired teddy bear hamster just built a nest in her cage.?
Q: She shares the cage with a male long-haired teddy bear hamster and they get along perfect and I'm pretty sure that she is pregnant. How long should it be before I can expect her to start having the babies. Also--should I be feeding her anything different than her regular food?
A: well, your hampster is probably pregnate! YAY! : ] heres a website that should have the info you need :]http://www.hamster-zone.com/hamster-reproduction/hamster-pregnancy.htmlhope this helps!good luck!
how long is a black bear hamster pregnant?
A: The gestation period for all syrian hamsters is 16 - 18 days

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