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How long does it take your body to know you're pregnant

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Each woman's body is different. some may get a positive test before they miss their period, while others might take longer. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-it-take-your-body-to-know-you%27re-pregnant ]
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How long does it take for your body to know you are pregnant??
The human body takes action immediately. A home pregnancy test can give a positive after 10-12 days. However, only a doctor's visit will confirm pregnancy in its earliest stages.
How long can sperm live inside the body?
How long sperm lives inside a woman's body is dependent on the environment of the vagina some variables include body temperature, ph and acidity levels. General sperm can live for up to 7 days inside.
How long does a sperm live in a females body?
Five to seven days, usually, but there are always exceptions!

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Moms of twins - how long does it take to recover body shape after pregnancy?
Q: Ok, this question is silly and shallow. I'm acknowledging that in advance. And, yes, I'm suitably embarrassed about asking about this topic.I'm almost 12 weeks along and am expecting twins. Today, I took a look at an online photo gallery of pregnant bellies of women expecting twins or more - almost all the pictures are from twin pregnancies, with the occasional inclusion of an expectant mom of triplets. If you're curious - it's at http://pregnancy.about.com/cs/pregnancyphotos/l/bltwinbelliess.htmSo, I perused the belly pics and am astounded at just how large the bellies are. Yes, I knew that I could expect to grow larger than women pregnant with singletons, but I'm honestly intimidated and more than a bit freaked out. Some of those belly pics, particulary past 30 weeks, look painful.How painful is it, really? Do the stretch marks hurt? For moms of twins or more - how long did it take you to regain your pre-pregnancy shape? Was it possible at all?
A: Congrats girl..twins are the greatest! Yes your belly will get HUGE..and its not necessarily your belly that hurts..more like your pelvis and hips and back. The stretch marks dont hurt a bit..I wasnt even upset when i got them..i figured that they were a mark of mommyhood and they still dont bother me! I went through a lot in my complicated pregnancy..I am just happy I came out of it with two beautiful baby boys! Well I had my boys 6 months ago and still have like 25 lbs to lose..(i know its sad huh) It has been really hard for me to lose the weight..i was depressed at first and I still am when i try to squeeze in my prepregnancy clothes. I am giving myself another year to lose it all. OH and your belly looks a hot mess after giving birth. I still hate looking at my stomach...loose skin and covered in stretchmarks..ewwww. OH well its all worth it!
Not many answers on this-nobody else tried this?sorry its long!?
Q: Did you know that cough syrup could help you fall pregnant?hello TTC friends, I found this on the babycentre website-thought those of you who did'nt know might find this information useful:Toni Weschler, fertility educator -While there's not a lot of medical research to support this idea, anecdotal evidence suggests that it can help. But there are a few caveats, too. One ingredient in certain cough syrups — guaifenesin — can help you get pregnant by thinning your cervical fluid, which enables sperm to travel through your cervix and fertilize an egg. If you know from taking your temperature every morning that you're ovulating, but you don't seem to be producing much wet, slippery, cervical fluid, guaifenesin might be all the help you need to get pregnant. This is the paradox, though: You need to know when you're approaching ovulation to take advantage of this recommendation, and the only way to know that is by checking your cervical fluid. So guaifenesin works best on women who do produce at least some cervical fluid.How does it work? Guaifenesin, a common ingredient in cough syrups, is an "expectorant." That is, it relieves congestion by helping liquefy mucus in your lungs, allowing you to cough it up. And because it works systemically on all mucous membranes in your body, it can make your cervical fluid wetter, too.The trick is to find a cough syrup in which guaifenesin is the only active ingredient, so check labels carefully. Many cough and cold medicines contain antihistamines that also work systemically in your body but have the reverse effect: They dry up mucus and diminish wet cervical fluid. And while you're trying to get pregnant, there's no reason to expose yourself to any other drugs unnecessarily, so find a product that contains only guaifenesin and no other active ingredients, including dextromethorphan (a cough suppressant) and alcohol. Humibid LA — the pill form of guaifenesin, available by prescription — is a safe choice. Ask your healthcare provider to prescribe it for you.If you're taking the liquid form of guaifenesin, take 2 teaspoons three times a day around the time of month you're expecting to ovulate. If you're taking the pill form (Humibid LA), take it as prescribed for a cold. Either way, I would encourage you to take it from the first day you notice any type of wetness through the day of your temperature shift. That may be about a week. (Editor's note: If you're not yet charting your basal body temperature, click here for more information on how to do it.)Guaifenesin may even work for women who've had abnormal cervical cells frozen off or who've had a cone biopsy — the removal of a cone-shaped wedge of the cervix to treat lesions that may be precancerous. This procedure destroys some of the cervical crypts that produce fluid. If this is what's behind your low production of cervical fluid, taking guaifenesin might help you produce enough wet, slippery fluid through the remaining cervical crypts to help you get pregnant.Below are a few comments from the site about this:It worked for me! I had six cycles of BFN and my first cycle with the robi, I got pregnant!It worked for me too! I had five cycles of BFN and my first cycle with Mucinex, I got pregnant! I think if timing is good with ovulation and this, it improves your odds.posted 9/14/2008 by blue_rain2401 I stop taking my pills in March 2008, first two months I did not get pregnant. When it was around my time for ovulation in May I took 2 mucinex pills and I am now 16weeks pregnant. I decided to try it because I had abnormal cells frozen and wondered if it could help. I seen this article on here and thought it couldn't help but it did! Just try it and who knows it could help. ANYONE ELSE TRIED THIS AND HAD SUCCESS???Baby dust to all my dear ttc friends, hope this helps some of youIm so glad hun, glad someone found this helpful! good luck and let me know how it goes!
A: yea I read this when trying to concieve my first.....I tried it and did get pregnant....don't know if it was because of this though.....Im not into medicines this time around and am using the REAL eggwhites as a lube now....many have had success with it too.
Birth control question?
Q: Okay I'm going to try to word this so it's not confusing.You know how usually you end your months packet of birth control, and let's just say it takes a while for your body to kick in and start to ovulate and form the tissue lining? So I always start my packet on a Sunday, and it always ends on Tuesday before switching to the blank reminder pills. It always takes about 6 days, or until Monday for my period to start.I guess my question is, how long does it take the body to fully ovulate AFTER taking your last birth control pill?The reason being, I want to know what day I should put as a borderline for not having sex. I know the birth control is 98.9% effective or something, but when you're ovulating, you can still get pregnant right?okay so that's two questions, sorry if it's a little confusing.Or is it just that when you take birth control, you don't have to watch when you might be ovulating or not? It will almost always prevent it?I usually don't have sex for about a week before going into my period because I thought I could still get pregnant even when I am on birth control.I just need a little clarification, thanks and sorry for the long question.Let me reword that. I know I can still get pregnant when on birth control but when you're ovulating does it still offer the 89.9% protection? Or is it that since you are not taking the actual contraceptive pill, then you are basically not protected?Sorry snowbunny. I had read some answers on here that said when you are on birth control you do not ovulate. But how can you have a period if you don't ovulate? I was wondering, does the egg release itself within those "sugar pill" days and that is how you get your period?I just need to know if I am protected or not when I am on the sugar pills.
A: Some pills work by stopping a certain type of hormones from being produced. This type of hormones is responsible for helping the fertilised egg to attach itself to your uterus lining to grow and gt nutrients. Without the hormones, the egg (even if fertilised), cannot attached itself to the uterus lining and thus will not undergo cell division to form a fetus. It is then flushed out of your system when you have your period.This could be the type of pills you're using. Check with the pharmacist or doctor if you're still not sure.Sorry if this does not answer your question.

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