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How long do cows stay pregnant

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279 - 290 days. There are slight breed differences. 279 for Holsteins, the black and white milk cows most people are familiar with [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-do-cows-stay-pregnant ]
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How long do cows stay pregnant
279 - 290 days. There are slight breed differences. 279 for Holsteins, the black and white milk cows most people are familiar with
How long is a cow pregnant?
Like humans, the gestation period for a cow is nine months. At the time of birth, a calf will typically weigh between 55 and 95 pounds.

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How long does a cow stay pregnant?
Q: Just courious, what is the rate of jestration for the bovine breeds?
A: The jestation period for the cow is = 9 month. Sheep & Goats = 5 month. She-camel = 12 month. Lionness = 24 month.
How long do cows carry their calfs before giving birth?
Q: I want to know this because my cow(Loupie) is pregnant and we don't know how long she's been pregnant or when she's due. I need how long they stay pregnant and(if you know this) what we should do in preparation for the birth. Please give me any information/experience you have on this. Thanks.does anyone have suggustions for a first time mother?
A: hahaha yep they carry for 9 months..her vulva will swell and her udder will be full making the teats kinda stick out sideways..I would suggest a vet to give her an examination to see how far along she is..make sure you give her good food because baby will rob her of the goodness . Lots of water, and sometimes when you give her cold water you may even see the baby kicking. Anyway once all these things happen she will lay around alot then get up and down then dig in the straw, then fianlly push out a baby. The only thing you should really worry about is presentation of baby. If you don't see hoofs poointing down followed by a nose phone the vet asap. Breech births can be hard on them..mind you like everything else some can do it no problem..then once baby is out she will clean it make sure it is in a dry draft free place..and then make sure if sucks to get the colostrum to fight infections and such. Make sure in these days you are handling your cow alot if she is used to you but also remember that an animal giving birth can be unpredicable so be carefulBest of Luck!!
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