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How long are you pregnant before you start showing

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Some women start to show very early in their pregnancies. At eight weeks your uterus is about the size of a tennis ball. Thanks! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-are-you-pregnant-before-you-start-showing ]
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How long were you pregnant before you started showing??
I started showing around 12 weeks into my pregnancy. This is my first pregnancy.
How long before a women starts to show when she's pregnant?
Most women start 'showing' during the second trimester of pregnancy. Around week 14 or 15 you’ll probably need looser clothes.
How long before i start showing im pregnant?
you usually don't start showing until 3 months or so, especially if this would be your first. I didnt start showing with my first until at least 4 months.

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How long when your pregnant before you start showing?
Q: Just out of curiosity. How long is it before you can turn sideways and anyone could clearly tell you were pregnant?
A: Depends on your weight...but for an average woman it is about 3-4 months.
How long before you start showing when you are pregnant?
A: I've heard and read that every woman is different. If you have had kids before, then supposedly your stomache muscles are more relaxed and you will show sooner than first time mothers. If you are really slender, then you could show sooner. I am 17 wks and am finally showing.
How long before you start showing?
Q: when you fall pregnant how long is it before you start showing ?
A: After a month you should start to see that "bump" a little pouch on the lower part of your stomache. It will be 3-4 months after that before you look very pregnant. Good Luck!

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