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How long are turtles pregnant

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Turtles lay eggs so they have an incubation period. The typical period for box turtles is about 9-10 weeks. ChaCha On! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-are-turtles-pregnant ]
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How long is a turtle pregnant?
someone gave me a aquatic turtle its my only turtle and i have a tank for her and a container and a box with paper for my turtle to get dried my turtle has been scraching the box like if shes diging .if shes pregnet how?.what was she doing?
"Pregnant" is acceptable, but the proper term for oviviporous ( egg laying ) species is "gravid". ...
What do you do when your turtle is pregnant?
Yh get soil and about 3 cm and 7cm rocks about 8 4 of each and put them in a oval in a corner of tank the rocks will keep the eggs warm and also its home like for the turtles and its like a nest for them.

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My red ear slider turtle is pregnant. How long before she lays her eggs?
Q: Did some research and found out my turtle is pregnant. I want to make sure everything goes ok for her. Any advice?
A: The average gestation period for a RES is 2 months. In the last two week, youll see spend more time on land digging or scratching. At this point, put her into a tank with soil/vermiculite mix in it. She can lay 2-20 eggs. Eggs should hatch in 80-85 days
How long does a female box turtle stay pregnant?
Q: I caught my 2 pet box turtles having sex today and i need to know how long will the female be pregnant.
A: Your in for a long wait. She could possibly remain "pregnant" for up to two years. Box turtles can hold "fertilized eggs " until conditions are favorable to lay eggs and hope they survive.
i have 2 turtles i'm not sure what kind but i think they like each other.
Q: they are in the same cage. i was wondering how many turtles can be in 1 liter. also how would you take care of a pregnant turtle and how long are they pregnant?
A: Are you talking Aquatic turtles?? They belong in BIG tank or pond?They get pregnant in May thru June and eggs hatch in Aug or spet..within 90 days.It is advisable during pregnancy to keep the female separate from the male, so that she will not get disturbed so much. You should handle her ONLY when absolutely necessary. Keep the water very clean and give her enough space. Heating is also very important as they will spend a lot of time basking to warm themselves and the eggs inside. You might notice a change in the appetite of the female, she might refuse to eat. This is normal. Nevertheless, continue offering her food and consider a dietary change, she might feel inclined to eat certain things only. Nesting quarters Prepare a 20 gallon tank with about 4 inches of potting soil or soil/vermiculite mixture. http://www.flickr.com/photos/29035692@N03/sets/72157606499624641/Did you know that they need to bask under a reptile light for 8 to 10 hrs a day for the vitamin D that they need to grow. Leave the heater on 75 to 78 degrees always.Their water needs to be clean otherwise they get sick easily from dirty water cause they poop allot. You need a good filter system!You need to feed them feeder guppies, goldfish or minnows for protein and calcium daily.They need leafy greens for vitamins at least 3 to 4 times a week.And a big tank 55 gallons or more..

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