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How far along do you have to be to tell if you are pregnant or not

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You should try to wait to take a pregnancy test until 10-12 days after ovulation.Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-far-along-do-you-have-to-be-to-tell-if-you-are-pregnant-or-not ]
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How far along do you have to be to tell if you are pregnant or no...?
You should try to wait to take a pregnancy test until 10-12 days after ovulation.Thanks for using ChaCha!

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Far Along Pregnant and didn't know?
Q: Okay so here is the sorta long story.I have a boyfriend and we have been together since I was 16 I am now 21, We do have sex frequently but I have been taking birth control since I was 16 also by choice which was before I even had sex but was just in case. Anyways, This last 2 weeks I had been feeling like I had gas and I had severe back back pains and couldn't even guess why so I made a doctors appointment but they couldn't see me for at least another week since it was just for pain. Well a couple of days later I decided I couldn't wait to go to the doctor so I went to the local urgent care and they done a ton of test well I went home and a couple of days later the called me to tell me the results.. And the lady just says Oh Its just where your baby is getting bigger and your body.. I was like wait I think you have the wrong person because I am not pregnant and if I was I def. wouldn't be far along enough for the baby to be causing back problems. So she read me my name and all my profile info and I was so confused.. The next day I went to a walk in with an Ob/gyn and I now know that I am 29 weeks pregnant after taking days to figure out how far along we had to go months back. So I have been taking birth control this whole time and she said she would estimate that my baby only weighs about 1lb 13oz right now .. is that normal? And they done a thousand more test and they said that there is no handicaps so far that they know of because of the birth control.. I am still in complete disbelief. I am a small figure I am 5'6 and weigh 134 the last time I checked.. I did gain a little weight but not to extreme I thought it was from stress from school and work. I also never had periods which was normal for me because of birth control. I just would like some advice any at all.. Right now I live in a 1 bedroom apartment with my boyfriend we have not 1 thing a for a new baby .. He is not even ready for a baby he said but I am not able to give this child up for adoption completely healthy or not.. I dont even know where to start I am so confused.. I dont know what to expect .. I do not drink or smoke.. I do have money put back from when my dad passed away it was passed on to me. Has this ever happened to anyone you know or yourself? I am so lost.. and my friend told me about this website so I thought I would give it a shot she said that everyone always helps her and she always finds the answer she needs. Thank you so much.
A: hi i really feel for u and no exactly how u r feeling i was 23 weeks when i found out under the exact same circumstances, but i want to reassure u that i had a healthy baby girl. i was on birth control and also drinking smoking i did stop all this as soon as i found out. i don't think anyone can really prepare them self for having a baby even if u do plan a head. as for being in a 1 bed apt that is better than nothing baby can sleep in your room for as long as needed. also baby's don't need to be that expensive yes they need food which u can provide for the first 6months and nappies u can use cloth ones that u wash. u don't have to have the most expensive pram or cot your baby will not no any different if its second hand or not try not to stress the most important thing is your baby and believe me when u see your little angel all your worries will fade away good luck with everything i am sure u r going to a great mummy x
How to tell how far along you are?
Q: Ok so I went to my first Dr appointment a week after i found out i was pregnant, When at the dr she told me I was about 8 or 9 weeks along, then a few days later she had me go for an ultrasound and the ultrasound tech said i was not even close to that maybe 6 weeks. Now for over a month i have not been feeling right before i took a test. She printed out a picture for me and you can clearly see a little face on the fetus little eye, nose and mouth and the rest of it. Am I crazy or am I right about what I am seeing? I don’t know if this tech new what she was talking about, now by my calculations and the dr. original ones i am now 13 weeks and already starting to show. Is this normal? What should I do??
A: Consult your doctor, not Yahoo! . This is something that needs to be addressed.
How can I tell how far along I am?
Q: I found out on December 7 that I was pregnant with baby #2! According to my LMP I should be about 7-8 weeks pregnant. My cycles are never the same due to my PCOS. I had an early ultrasound yesterday and the tech told me that she could see the gestational sac but couldn't see the yolk sac or the fetal pole. Then she saw something at the very bottom of my uterus and said it looked like a hearbeat of about 100BPM but her machine was outdated and it was also trans-abdominal. I do not have any medical insurance so I can't go to my OB yet. I know I am high risk from 3 previous miscarriages this year. I just want to know how far along I really am by measuring the gestational sac. The measurements were 2.8x1.7x3.0...all was measured in cm and not in mm. Please let me know if you have any information! Thanks in advance.I forgot to say that the tech said that she didn't think I was almost 8 weeks pregnant. She could only give me the measurements and told me to research it.
A: http://healthlink.mcw.edu/article/923526833.htmltry this site. it was accurate for me.

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