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How early in a pregnancy do you get abdominal pains

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Within 2 weeks you can feel abdominal pains if you are pregnant. ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-early-in-a-pregnancy-do-you-get-abdominal-pains ]
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How early in a pregnancy do you get abdominal pains
Within 2 weeks you can feel abdominal pains if you are pregnant. ChaCha.

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Abdominal pressure/discomfort in early pregnancy? Advice needed please.?
Q: Hello,I am due for my period today and I'm usually regular. I know my cycle and know when I ovulate as we are trying for a baby. My period hasn't come yet and I know this is early but I'm so confused with my body. I'm getting a few tiny specks of light pink blood which looks like implantation bleeding, not normally how my period starts but I have had pressure on both sides of my abdomen with what I would call slight discomfort not cramping as such for the past 4 days. I will do a test in a few days but I'm so worried I have an ectopic pregnancy which can't be diagnosed for some time anyway. I have been reading on forums about cramping in early pregnancy and wondered exactly what this is? I don't feel like it's normal period pain, I can feel it pulling on both sides of my abdomen evenly with a bit of discomfort.....I am not bleeding with this. I will go to emergency if it gets bad but any information would be appreciated. Thank you. Shaylah
A: Hi,I'm only 6 weeks pregnant. My dr was concerned I had an ectopic because I had pain there too..Only thing was it was only on 1 side which would usually indicate an ectopic pregnancy not both according to my Dr. I had 2 ultra sounds, one at 4 1/2 weeks and another at 5 because my pain got worse. It turns out that you can get a cyst that is common when your egg is released from your ovary. The cyst I got was quite big and then burst and the blood irritated my nerve endings and made it worse. You definatly need to go to your dr or er and get an ultra sound done to confirm it's not. Please dont worry too much though. I worried a lot over it and it was all ok. :)Good luck!!
Early signs or possible pregnancy?
Q: Alright, so here is the situation.First of all, I don't remember exactly when my last period was. I know it was earlier on in September. I was suspecting the 6th or 7th, but looking back I know it was not the 6th, which is a Sunday. I'm never late to my knowledge ( sometimes I just have so much going on that I loose track), and I usually start Sundays if not Monday. So, saying that.. it was either the seconds or third week of September. (6th-13th). But know for a fact I was not menstruating the 16/17th. Which would lead me to start my period again sometime between this past Sunday and next Monday. In between then and now, and I usually can tell, I don't remember having the signs of ovulating. But now, since yesterday, am having a lighter, more liquid like discharge.So with that said as well, I'll continue on. About the 30th of September until currently we are still TTC. October 2, two days later, I felt a cold coming on. I bought Zicam. Saturday morning I had a sore throat. Sunday morning the soar throat was gone and I had a stuffy nose in it's place. Around Sunday night it was kind of clearing up, and I had some drainage, which I figured was causing my bad cramping and abdominal pains. Yesterday evening, I got a severe headache and nausea. I figured it from my sinuses and drainage. But I don't have any sinus infection (I've had a bad sinus infection last year that gave me severe pains in my temples. This was not that kind of head ache.) and my stuffiness has pretty much cleared up, so there isn't that much drainage if any at all. Today I'm still experiencing a little bit of head ache pain. And blowing my nose just a little. But I'm about 95% better than last Friday.I have read up on early signs of pregnancy, and some I did notice were happening to me, but could be because of the small cold I had! Headache, cramps, nausea, back pain (could be from my bed or being uncomfortable with the cold), temperature changes... So, I'm just trying to get a second opinion. It's a little iffy.. cold vs. pregnant?! Is it possible to get pregnant a week before you expected period?And how long should I wait to take a test? I do not want to go out and waste my money when it's too early to tell, anyway!SHOULD make my temples hurt? I was giving an example. When I had a sinus infection JUST my temples hurt. And bad. This was a "head ache", not head congestion.I highly doubt it's the flu. I barely had the cold. And the nausea has gone away as far as today.I wasn't coming here to be diagnosed. I was just looking for an opinion. And I already know that I can go to a doctor. But like I said, I just wanted an opinion BEFORE I went to my doctor.And you honestly didn't answer any questions that I had.
A: hmm it could be either, I got my first BFP on Saturday after tryign for 9 months and I did notice the week before I had a runny nose off and on, but just thought it was hayfever, I also had one day (last weds) where I felt really dizzy, nauseated and tired and had sore boobs (which is common for me before my period - so i just ignored it) so that was a week and 2 days after I THINK I ovulated/conceived so yes it is possible to feel symptoms after a week - i am still very shocked that I have symptoms so soon, It has now been 2 weeks and 2 days since i conceived and my main symptoms would be Tiredness, random headaches (not too bad though), waves of nausea and still the sore boobs. I also get small cramps as if I am going to start my period too. and I am only 4 weeks pregnant. the fact that you had a sore throat leads me to beleive it was just a little bit of a cold or bug. also i think back pains happen later on in your pregnancy but you never know because every one is different. Good luck hun!! :)
How do/did you feel right after you ate early in pregnancy?
Q: I just got done eating and I feel like it's sitting in the back of my throat screaming, "GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!" and I have really bad heartburn. I NEVER get heartburn! What the heck?!?! I really strongly think that I am pregnant (at least I hope I am), however all my tests (4 to be exact) have come out negative. I have an irregular period that shouldn't be coming for at least another month (I just had one June 29th-July 5th and they always skip at least two months) and I have nausea, swollen nipples, lower abdominal pain, heat flashes, mild headaches, flemy cough, and just a horrible off feeling.Do you ever just KNOW you're pregnant? I'm making an appointment in a couple of weeks for a blood test, as I want to wait a little longer to make sure AF hasn't decided to sporadically jump back on the month to month train.Well my boyfriend and I just started trying on the 11th of this month and have been BD'ing about every other day or so.I also noticed light pink spotting yesterday and the day before. That's when the cramps were, but no AF (yet). Could that be caused by stress? IF my period were normal it would have been due on July 29th...I'm still trying to figure out what I could be stressing over haha. My boyfriend and I don't plan the days we should BD, we just do it whenever we want haha. We don't want to make it a chore.
A: The month I got pregnant I wouldn't have known because I had no symptoms except a missed period. After I got my BFP I had sore boobs and was tired. My sickness didn't kick in until I was about 5-6 weeks. It hit hard in my 7th week. I felt fine after I ate. It was before I ate that I felt sick. If I didn't have food in my tummy I would be so sick. But after I felt fine. Good luck.

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