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How do you tell your boyfriend you might be pregnant

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At the very beginning, you must confirm your pregnancy. You may conduct a self test pregnancy with a free testing kit and MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-tell-your-boyfriend-you-might-be-pregnant ]
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How do you tell your boyfriend you might be pregnant?
My girlfriend told me she was pregnant last year. She was 16 and I was 17. She sat me down and told me she loved me and that no matter what happened she wanted us to make the decisions together and listen to each other. We are still togethe...
How do I tell my boyfriend I might be pregnant??
Well you have two options i suppose. Tell your boyfriend that you are late and possibly pregnant, and hopefully he will be supportive enough to go through the testing with you to see if you actually are or are not pregnant. Or You test wi...
How to tell boyfriend I might be pregnant?
Don't tell him until you have found out for sure. What makes you think that you are anyway, especially if you haven't missed your period. ***Update*** Those are all symptoms of the wonderful depo shot, that thing can really screw up your bo...

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How do you tell your boyfriend you might be pregnant?
Q: Well im 16 and my boyfriend is 18 and he doesnt know that i might be pregnant an this is just as about harder then telling my mom....so could some one please help me figure out a way to tell my boyfriend that i might be pregnant
A: you could either tell him before you know for sure, or wait until after a doctors confirmation. it depends on how you think he'll react. if he would want to be part of it, he might be upset if you wait to tell him.
How do tell your boyfriend that you might be pregnant after your first time?
Q: I dont really want to go into detail, but I just recently lost my virginity and my boyfriend told me that he came but he didnt nut and I was stressin to him that it was the same thing but I really think he's saying that because maybe it was "precum", but it can still get me pregnant and I know this. I spend a lot of time on yahoo before and after I lost my virginity. Im so scared. I didnt see him cum, I just told him to tell me when he was getting ready to so that he could pull out, but he never said anything. Im expecting my menstrual around the 1st of October and if it doesnt come, im in trouble. Ive already told my mom and went and got me a pregnancy test. Im soooo against abortion, but if im pregnant, I cant have this child, it'll be too much. I have too much going for me. I just...IDK! There's so much guilt built inside of me and I cant take it. I wanna tell him soooo bad, but I dont know how. I know he loves me enough to understand and do what he gotta do but IM SCARED!
A: well, im sure youve been lectured enough about using protection so i wont even put my two cents in... you just need to calm down and not stress about it untill the beginning of the month... also.. if your bf doesnt realize that cum & nutt are the same thing, he isnt mature enough to be having sex in the first place. i know telling you not to worry is a long shot but keep in mind that stress can cause you to miss your period too... i think its great that you are able to talk to your mom about it. maybe you should go to the health department and get on some birth control... they can also give you a blood test there. i wouldnt panic untill you miss a period... and when the time for your period comes and passes and you havent started ... then you should worry. if you just absolutely have to talk to your bf about it just tell him how worried you are. let him know that maybe you two should be more careful next time... good luck and i hope it all works out for you
how do you tell your boyfriend you might be pregnant and not have him freak out?
Q: i had sex with him about a month ago, he was a virgin, and now i think i'm pregnant... and we're only 16... i'm scared he's gonna freak out
A: In the first place you don't tell him "you might be" pregnant. You either are or you are not. This is not a game. Sex is not a game. If you have unprotected sex then you suffer the consequences. Your consequences right now are the fact that you think you are pregnant. His consequences are that he willingly had sex with you unprotected. That is all.Learn from your mistakes. Grow up a little bit more before you engage in acts that could change your life forever. You have too much ahead of you that you "could" accomplish if you straighten up and accomplish it.Find out whether or not you are or aren't. If you are then you deal with it.

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