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How do you say she is pregnant in Spanish

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"¿Esta ella embarazada?" is "Is she pregnant?" in Spanish.Do ChaCha on Palm Centro with AT&T! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-say-she-is-pregnant-in-spanish ]
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How do wnt say pregant in spanish
The word pregnant is "embarazada" in Spanish. Hope this helps you out! ChaCha on!

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how do you say "she was pregnant at 16" in spanish?
Q: I'm doing a family project in spanish and i'm talking about my sister please answer asap because it's due tomarow! thanks
A: Estaba embarazada a los 16 años. ***********you could also say 'Estaba embarazada cuando TENIA (not tiene) 16 años' but the literal translation from that would be 'She was pregnant when she was 16' ; not 'she was pregnant AT 16Oh and you do not need to add pronouns most of the time in Spanish so putting 'ella' before 'estaba' isn't necessary, although you could if you wanted :)
Pregnant along with my boyfriends mistress, how can I just leave this guy??
Q: Its so easy to say but to do it is especially hard when he says he only loves me!! Yesterday while we were seperated for 1 day, he called her and left love songs in spanish asking "where are you". If he does not desire her then why keep calling her when we are not getting along?? I just want to leave him because I dont trust him anymore. I am 34 she is 18. He is 31. I know Im much smarter than that to take his deceit. But how can I act on it. He cheated on me in february and she became pregnant. I became pregnant in May. Gosh Im so so confused, please someone help!!!! She still wants him no matter if she knows we are still together and I dont trust them both. he says he just called and left her those songs to piss me off. yeah like ok!!! It worked!!
A: just leave him, tell him to f**K off and dont talk to him again and when you have the baby get child support from him, in some, if he refuses and wants a dna test or wirefuses a dna test some states automatically say then he is the father basically and will force him to pay child support, you dont have to see him to recieve it it can be garnished from his pay and sent in check form to you, but just leave him, maybe even change your phone number
Spanish Speakers, can you help me translate this into spanish?
Q: I need help translating the "La Llorona" story into spanish. I know how to say some of it in spanish but I need help with some parts.There was once a beautiful girl named Maria who was in love with a man. They got engaged and were living happily. One day her fiance had to leave for a trip. Maria met another man named Ximeno and they had an affair. She got pregnant with him but he did not want anything to do with the baby. When Maria's fiance came back home from his trip she went insane because she did not want him to find out that she had an affair. When she gave birth to the baby, she ran to the river and drowned it. She now wanders around rivers screaming and looking for her baby.Thanks a lot!!!!!I was going to ask my parents to translate it because they speak spanish but my mom think this story isn't appropriate for school
A: Había una vez, una bella mujer llamada María, que estaba enamorada de un hombre. Ellos se comprometieron y estaban viviendo felizmente. Un dia su esposo tuvo que irse a un viaje. María conoció a otro hombre llamado Ximeno y tuvieron un romance. Ella se embarazó, pero él no quería saber nada del bebé. Cuando el esposo de María regresó de su viaje, ella se volvió loca porque no quería que él se enterara de su romance. Cuando ella tuvo al bebé, corrió al rio y lo ahogó. Ahora ella deambula por rios, gritando y buscando a su bebé perdido.hope its helpful :)

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