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How do you know that a hamster is pregnant

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When a hamster is pregnant,you might observe an increase in activity.Pregnant hamsters will begin to prepare the bedding area MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-know-that-a-hamster-is-pregnant ]
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Your hamster would get bigger also you will realize that she will be a little protective. Her abdomen will be of course bigger, and tighter, and often her nipples will become more visible. She will also eat more and a few days before giving...
Well, if they were pretty old (like, over 45 days old), then the female COULD be pregnant. O.o She will be eating more than a hamster usually would, and drinking A LOT. She will ALSO be making her nest as big and as comfy as possible (more ...
Look t her stomach and shell have 8 nipples and if the nipples r sticking out like u know just bulging up then shes pregnant =)

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How do you care for a pregnant hamster?
Q: i bought a hamster for my daughter and little sister yesterday, and she is pregnant. i have no problem with that, because i plan on keeping a baby or and the mom, but i don't know if there is anything special i should do for her. how long are hamsters pregnant for? and how long do they need to stay with their mom?
A: take it to a local shelter.
How do you get your hamster pregnant in Hamsterz Life 2?
Q: I know that you need to have a male and a female of the same gender, and put them in the same cage, but how do you know when the female is pregnant?
A: Well first of all she will start acting different. Second if you talk to the people in the chat place in the shop they might tell you.... And are they 21 days old? They need to be adults
Is my hamster pregnant?
Q: I recently got a new hamster from a pet store in my town... it separates all of its hamsters so each gets its own cage. Later that night I took this hamster out and my other male hamster. I didn't want them to mate so I made sure that they wouldn't get near each other. But when I turned my back for a second they got together and started fighting. Neither of them got hurt, but they were together long enough where their butts might have touched... sorry but I can't explain it any other way. My female hamster is acting very territorial and also seems to be building a nest in one corner of the cage. She abandoned her hiding spot and is now spending all of her time hiding food in the nest. Today is the ninth day after I think she mated (today is the 31st of august) and she is looking bigger than usual. I know how to care for baby hamsters if there are any. Do you think she's pregnant? She's showing all the signs, but I just can't convince myself that she really is. Also, how will I tell this to my parents? My hamster is due to deliver on september 7th (labor day) and I'm not sure what I'm gonna say.I need more answers. Please help me!
A: It's highly unlikely, but then again, possible. She will get bigger, and begin to sleep more, eat more, etc. Keep the male away. She'll go into labour, and then you'll have 2-6 new babies in about 2 hours. Just keep her comfortable. Dont clean the cage anymore, and once the babies are born, dont touch them until two weeks old. When adding new food and cleaning the wheel (it shouldnt be in there when there are babies), make sure your hands are washed. Um....feed her an extra protein diet, scrambled eggs, walnuts, cashews, milk bones, etc....and telling your parents....just wait until they are born (but start working on new homes NOW, NOT petshops!!!!!!!) and then be as surprised as they are. I mean, what are the odds? How did this happen? I dont know, I let them play for five minutes...I'll find homes.... or you can come out now and explain the whole thing,,,,it depends on the relationship you have with your parents. again, i highly doubt she is pregnant, but you never know. life's crazy. hope i could help, anymore questions feel free to email me:)

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