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How do you know if you are for sure pregnant without taking a pregnacy test

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There can be several clues that you may be pregnant however a test performed by the doctor is the most accurate! Missed periods? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-know-if-you-are-for-sure-pregnant-without-taking-a-pregnacy-test ]
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How do you know if your pregnant for sure? without taking thy pre...?
You mean without taking a test and without going to a doctor? You can't. There can be any number of reasons that cause someone to have pregnancy symptoms that go beyond just pregnancy. Just take the test and go to the doctor.
How do I know if I'm pregnant without taking a pregnancy test??
If you stop getting your period for 2 - 3 months and your belly starts growing, you can be almost sure you're pregnant without taking a pregnancy test. Menstrual periods will cease, you gain weight, maybe feel nauseous, or just buy a pregna...
How can you tell if you are pregnant or not without taking a preg...?
By having a ultrasound scan when you are over 6 weeks into your suspected pregnancy. Or by having a blood test.

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I am not sure if I am pregnant?
Q: I'll make this shortI had sex only twice with the same person. I know I am stupid for not using a condom but I wanted to feel the sex for what it was. I haven't had sex since. It's beginning to become a bit more than 3 weeks. I have unbalanced horomes, so I cannot keep track of my periods. Within the second and third week I've had cramps, and light headaches. I haven't thrown up or spotted but when I feel like I am going to throw up my mouth gets watery, but my stomach feels fine.I haven't gotten my period in the month of october, but I've had it late for a months before. I took a pregnacy test but it might of been too soon so it came up negitive. My family has a history of uterus cancer, so I have cyst on my uterus. I don't feel pregnant or week. I don't feel sleepy and only tired because I like to stay up. Right now I actually feel hungry but I haven't had anything good to eat for a few days except coffee and pieces of cheese.So I guess what I am asking is what are the definate signs? How do you know? I'm goign to take a bloodtest to make sure, but I want to know.I know you all will think I am dumb or stupid for not having sex without a condomn or birth control, but he didn't cum inside of me. However, precum can hold sperm. I know I am also at risk for getting an STD. I know these things and I still did it so please spare me the lecture on those. I just need to know from mothers or people who have been pregnant. Thanks for reading.Thanks, I feel a bit better with the feed back I am getting from you guys. I am going to take a blood test to make sure.I also know that maybe because I am stressed about this and other things that it may make me feel this way. I have lots of school, my grandmother is dying, family is hard, and work is hard. I've never felt this stressed out in my life, but I'll pull through. However, I am just not ready to have a baby, so this mistake will not happen again.
A: Unfortunately, there are only a few ways to tell if you are pregnant. One being a urine sample (most accurate in the morning). More accurate is a blood test by your doctor. Even better, would be a second blood test a week later to see if your "pregnancy" levels have increased. If you have a history of late periods, it can be difficult to identify pregnancy hormones immediately. And what makes this more frustrating is every woman experiences pregnancy differently. I, for instance, have not had any morning sickness while my best friend was in the hospital for getting sick way too much. The best thing you can do is visit your doctor. They don't have to know the circumstances and if you are not comfortable going to possibly a familiar doctor, then go to Planned Parenthood or a different and anonymous clinic to ask your questions and get a pregnancy test. You might also want to get a STD test done just for peace of mind.

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