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How do you know if a pug is pregnant

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The earliest method of pregnancy detection is ultrasound-a nice test because it is noninvasive and very reliable. Fetal heartbeats can be detected at around the 25th day from first breeding. The only true and easy way to find out, is to ask a vet. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-know-if-a-pug-is-pregnant ]
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How do i know when my pug is pregnant?
If you don't know the answer to this, why are you trying to breed her? This makes you a BYB. Shame on you. I'm guessing you aren't a member of the PDCA, have never even looked at the AKC guidelines for breeding, have not had the dog tested...
How will we know for sure when our pug is pregnant?
Gee, you want puppies but know nothing about pregnancy? God help you when the female goes into distress and needs a c-section, like most pugs need. Take her in and get her spayed. The vet will tell you if she was pregnant. Seriously, the w...

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Pug may be pregnant, What do I do to be prepared and help her???
Q: My 7 and a half month old female pug and 2 year old male pug have mated. They just did it this week so I am not sure if it has taken but I want to prepare for it just incase. They both have perfect health back grounds and bread from show dogs, but this is Maggie's first heat and she is so young I am worried what this will do to her physically and if she will be ok. I called the vet and they said it was fine, just to feed her good food but I need more information. I need to know when to take her to the vet for a check up and what to ask. I need to know what food to feed her and what to do when she delivers. I need to know how to brake the sac if she cannot and what to do if she cannot break the cord. How will I tell if she needs a c-section? As you can tell I am scared. We have been keeping them apart but he got her while they were eating and once they were stuck it was too late. If anyone could help it would be more than appriciated!! Thank you so much!
A: Don't be scared... Your gal may not be pregnant. But if she is, you can see her through things by remaining calm and collecting as much information as you can before her pups arrive.You'll be able to tell that your dog is most likely pregnant when her nipples enlarge and darken in color. Her belly will swell over a period of about 60 days, and she may begin “nesting behaviors”: tearing up and rearranging blankets, papers, pillows and whatever else is available to make a nest for her puppies as their birth nears. Usually dogs start "showing" they're pregnancy when they're about 45 days along. The general period of gestation for dogs is 58 to 62 days. Most puppies born before 58 days may not survive. The mom will need someplace quiet and safe from other pets, children, cross-traffic and distraction. You can use a whelping box or a large dog crate for this purpose. Or you can just let the dog whelp wherever she is comfortable. Birthing is messy, so also have clean-up supplies around so you can clean up the birthing area as soon as possible after all of the puppies arrive. Also keep a cellphone on hand in case you need to call the emergency room/ vet.About 12 to 24 hours before the birth, the dam’s temperature may drop a couple of degrees. If her normal temperature is, say, 101°, it may drop to about 99° or 98°. The only way you’ll know if her temperature is dropping, of course, is if you regularly take her temperature. Twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening during the latter part of her pregnancy – is usually sufficient. The onset of labor is usually accompanied by heavy panting, pacing, and “nest building” behaviors. The dog may whine throughout the process, shriek at the birth of each puppy, or be completely silent. When hard labor starts, the contractions become more severe. The dam’s panting will escalate a bit, and she may “hunch” over and/or lift her tail with each contraction. Just before the birth of each pup, you’ll see the puppy as a “bulge” just under the dam’s tail.Usually the dam will remove the sac and bite the umbilical cord by herself, but new mothers may be overwhelmed and unsure of what to do when the first pup arrives. If you have to break open the birth sac, do it gently, and pull the sac away from the puppy’s head first. You need to make sure it can breathe. If you have to cut the umbilical cord, cut it with sterile scissors about ½” inch away from the puppy’s belly. Puppies can come at different intervals. Some will come 15-20 minutes apart, others may be hours apart. It's not uncommon for some pups to be born feet first.If you see any heavy discharge of blood… If the dam has been trying to birth the same puppy for 4-5 hours and the puppy isn’t coming out…If you see foul-smelling blackish-green fluid emit from the vaginal area (this usually means a still birth puppy is inside of her)… If the puppies are premature or undeveloped or any time you feel things just aren’t going right call the emergency room/vet and get your dog immediate assistance. C-sections can be rough on dogs; it's best to let her have her pups normally if she can. Your vet can assist you with this decision when she's nearer her due date.Otherwise, stay calm and just be there for your pug. Good luck!You can e-mail us if you need more information or assistance at fetch11hs@peoplepc.com
Is my pug in labour, she is shown a few signs...?
Q: "Hi, I am a petsitter and have temporarly fostered a pregnant pug. She is due today( as the owner said) but I know they can come a few days later. The owner hadnt taken her to the vet to see how many pups there where and I havnt been able to get in touch with her, so Its all me. I have her whelping box ready and everything else, and have done all of the necc. research! She is a year old...last night around 9 when I checked her temp it was down to 98.6, and now its at 98.4...she hasnt aten or drank today, shes just been laying down on the couch with me all day! I am wondering if she could be starting labour...when to expect the puppies around... also a few times within the last week when she went pee there was some thick clear white substance coming out....I hope I gave you enough information to help you answer it! Thanks so much!"Hi she has been nesting for about a week now, her breathing is a bit heavier at times, but she isnt panting. the temp was usually 100.2 or so. Also I was never forwarded with her own vet information so, If need be I will rush her to the closest one. I have been right beside her since her temp dropped last night and she is just very still, staying on the couch but moves side to side... The reason I took her in is because I knew she was being neglected, I dont need help with the birthing and I have sat in for 2 births prior thanks :D.
A: hope you have a vet on standby most purebred pugs need a c section..
What are some signs that your dog is pregnant?
Q: I am sooper worried about Fibi!!! She is only One year and six months old and i think that she is pregnant!!! I really know how to tell if she is or not . . (i hope some vets have Yahoo) . . no seriously though!! Is it bad for her to be pregnant this early in her life?? Does anyone have any i dea what A pug/terrier/chiwawa will look like cuz i know that i sure dont!! I f you can help em then than thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much!!
A: Your vet has a doggy pregnancy test he can give her. He can also stop the pregnancy if you or he feels there may be problems.

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