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How do you get unpregnant

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The morning-after pill prevents a woman from becoming pregnant after unprotected vaginal intercourse. Thanks for ChaCha-ing! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-get-unpregnant ]
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Is there a way to get unpregnant besides abortion?
no. if you are pregnant you are pregnant, you will have a baby the only other thing would be to have a miscarage in which the baby is pronounced dead at birth.
Can i get unpregnant?
Yes you can get unpregnant, but this is top secret. First sing "I'm an Oscar Meyer Wiener" song three times. Then stand on your head for twenty minutes, after that call seven people and say, "I do I do I do believe in fairies...
How to get unpregnant when your 3 months pregnant?
If she was FORCED into sex (i.e. raped) then her mom shouldn't get mad at her at all. She really needs to discuss her options with her mom. If she wasn't raped,and willingly had sex then she needs to grow up and tell her mom. If she thinks ...

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If its to late to get the emergency contrapteion pill how can i still get unpregnant?
Q: im 14 and its to late for me to get the emergency contrapteion pill. i need to get unpregnant or my mother will kill me. do you girls know?
A: Are you pregnant or not. You need to Call your local Plan Parenting place and talk to them.http://www.plannedparenthood.org
How do i get my girlfriend Unpregnant??? Please help!?
Q: I lerned in health clas today that if you kiss a girl she will get pregnant! Well tonight i kissed my girlfriend at her house and now i know shes pregnant! How do i make it to where she does not hve hger baby??? I dont know what to do!
A: fail
how can you get a cat unpregnant?
Q: ok my cat is pregnant but i dont want her to have kittens what do i do
A: use a coat hangar lmao

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