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How do I know if I am one month pregnant

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The sign to be noticed first if you are 1 month pregnant is the period that doesn't come, and is also the most well known. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-i-know-if-i-am-one-month-pregnant ]
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How Do I Know If Im One Month Pregnant?
You should take a pregnancy test if you have missed your period or suspect your pregnant (most tests won't show that you are pregnant until about the time you miss your period anyway) if you are pregnant then the way we date pregnancies in ...
How will some one know if she is one month pregnant??
some people can just "feel" it. some have already had a positive test, and some don't know. with this pregnancy i was already feeling sick about a week after conception, which is earlier than i had with other pregnancies. some get...
Can you still get your period one month into your pregnancy and n...?
No you can not. Since the egg has been fertilized it does not leave the body, therefore there is no period.

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Am I Being Selfish For Wanting To Quit My Job While 3 Months Pregnant For A Better One?
Q: I'm 3 months pregnant so keep that in mind. I'm working right now for a company that is a pretty good job, full-time, they have great medicial and dental, awesome time off (28 days paid time off just starting), pay is nice, good with maternity leave, and I'm getting a slight raise. The only thing is, I hate the job! The work is slow and the people are ok but no one that I'd really miss. I want to quit and go get this other job that would help get my foot in the door doing what I really want, a police officer. I really want the job but I'm wondering if it would be a waste of time to even interview for it. The new job would pay more but I'm not sure about the benefits package. I guess I could care less as long as they have medical and maternity leave. I know it's rude to ask that at a interview so how should I have brought up or find out if I go? Should I leave my job that I'm at now to go with this new job. It would make me so much happier but I have to think about my baby now.
A: I think you should stick it out at your current job. Soon enough you'll be able to take maternity leave. You need to adjust to having this new baby, and when you have, there is no reason why you can't pursue your dreams... you've got your whole live ahead of you... what's 6 more months at this job?
Do You Think That I Am Pregnant? Please Help?
Q: Okay, I obviously know that nobody can know accurately on here, but please tell me your opinion. I'm 18 years old. Two months ago, I went on an adventure alone to France for one month. While I was there I met a guy who I fell in love with and towards the end of my trip, we had sex, but it was unprotected. I broke things off with him as I knew that a long distance relationship would be extremely difficult. I wasn't on birth control or anything when I went to France because I wasn't expecting to find a man, I was there for sightseeing. So, on average I weigh about 116 or 117 pounds, I'm 5'7. Over the past month, I've gained 7 pounds which is extremely unusual as I go for an hour run every morning, go to the gym twice a week, and eat healthy. I've tried losing the weight, but there's been no change.I'm late for my period, which is unusual too. I've also been getting nauseous a lot and I haven't been sick like that since I was three years old. Certain foods make me feel nauseous, also unusual. I'm also peeing frequently...Most of you are probably thinking "Go see an effing doctor!" trust me, I could if I would. My mom is a doctor at the same clinic I go to, and she is also friends with all the doctors around the city. Even though I would ask for my results and even the trip in to the doctors to stay confidential, then there's bills, and again she's friends with them etc... somehow word would get out. I'm really afraid of what my mom's reaction would be, therefore I'm uncomfortable sharing my theories until I'm 110% sure.I would buy one of those quickie tests, but they're not always accurate which scares me, plus again my mom would find out, she'd find a receipt, the box, or she'd catch me in the act, I don't know.So I really need honest opinions here. I'm in 12th grade, I just turned 18 four days ago. If I'm pregnant, I'm not comfortable with abortion, and I'm not sure how I feel about giving the child up for adoption either, but that's my personal decision so yeah...Also, should I contact my ex-boyfriend? I realize there's not much he can do, I'm not expecting him to do anything but I feel he should probably know what's going on, or else things could get messy.Thanks.
A: Wow, where do I begin...oh my.Well it sounds like you are pregnant. Well here is the thing, I would get some cash and buy a test they are pretty accurate buy two just to be sure, go into a restaurant or a big retail outlet somewhere like debenhams with toilets, sit take the test. i guess the result will determine what happens next.I respect your views on abortions a child is a blessing there are far worst things. Also get tested, for STDs you dont have to use your real name try going some where far from home.Pregnancy is not something that can stay hidden for long if you are pregnant, especially if your mother is a doctor. so hurry up!Your mother might suprise you.All the best.
my boyfriend is violent and I am 1 month pregnant what should i do?
Q: Hi, i have been with my boyfriend for little over a year and recently he has been violent towards me. For example, i asked if we could change the channel some how it wound him up and he ended up placin his hand behind my hand and the other on the front and hitting it off the kitchen wall. He then stated that he could never have hurt me because his hand was in the way. Does that mean i over reacted by saying he coud have seriously hurt me ?? I just want him to be his everything or nothing at all he is really starting to scare me and he has done worse then this which i am not ready to talk about. At the momenti am a little over one month pregnant and dont no how to tell my boyfriend cos i am scared for both me and the baby. On the other hand will knowing i am pregnant calm him down?? please please please helpthank you for your help so far i really do appreciate it. I am going to leave him tomorrow when he is at work he still doesnt no i am pregnant and i am really wanting to tell him. Last night we had another argument and i fell out of our bed onto my stomach as well as hitting it off the side draw i only have a little bruise and as far as i no were both ok. When would be the best time to tell him im pregnant ?? and leaving him without telling him is going to get him angry with me is there any way i can leave with out him being so angry because im scared?? maybe if i told him i wouldn't have a bruise on my stomach please help me again :( !!!!!!
A: If it were me, I'd walk out the door without a word to him. My dad used to hit my mom, and she put up with it, until the day he hit me for touching one of his stereo buttons. That's when she finally walked out. If he hits you now, he likely won't stop just because you're pregnant. You need to leave before your little baby is put in a bad situation, That's just my opinion though. I would never let a man touch me! I had an ex that punched me in my head in front of my kids. I walked out with my kids and barely 2 nickels to my name. But I didn't care. No one deserves to have another person put their hands on them!

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