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How do dogs kill their unborn babies

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Dogs do not intentionally kill their unborn pups. Intestinal parasites in the adult pregnant female may infect and kill them. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-dogs-kill-their-unborn-babies ]
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Why do dogs have more rights than unborn babies?
Okay, enough of this garbage. I'm setting the record straight once and for all. Pro Choice does not equal pro abortion. It simply means the choice is left to the individual and not the Government. Most of the Pro Choice people I know would ...
Do You Know That Bad Dog Food May Contain Unborn Babies ??
Dogs are carnivorous and thrive on a diet of meat. Most dog food consists of by-products of the meat group. That is to say, parts that are not used in food for humans, the leftovers of the animal carcass, belong to this category. Heads, bon...
Can dogs hear an unborn baby's heartbeat?
it's possible, they do have excellent hearing.

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Abortion, shouldn't the stances be the opposite?
Q: I am honestly baffled by the whole thing but especially that the Right is pro-life while the Left is pro-abortion. Should be the other way around. The left will protest the loss of a snail but want the ability to kill babies. The fetus is clearly alive very soon in a pregnancy. Vegans especially, how is an animal killed for food better to save than a baby? The Right has never been loath to take a life but on this issue they are suddenly very pro-life on this issue. They'll happily go to war, support the death penalty but care about the unborn. The Right expects abstinence to work yet even in societies where death of both mother and child is the result of teen age pregnancy/unwed mothers it still happens. To not also advocate free birth control and make it assessable without parental permission (if you require parent's permission you've essentially banned it and your back to square one) is to promote abortions. Think about the history of abortion. Thousands of girls and women died each year from botched abortions and post abortion infections. That was the whole reason it was legalized. This was before birth control was really effective and easy to obtain. The whole argument is moot if birth control exists. 2nd in cases where the quality of life is below a certain standard you'd think the Right would support a merciful ending. Instead the Right fights to prolong that suffering and the Left which wants to see even monsters like mass murderers kept alive supports the death of these. One of my dogs has an IQ of at least 50 or 60. Why would I ever want to bring a child into the world who was dumber than my dog? Would you want somebody to let you go on living in that condition? If you were in a car wreck and was reduced to that level for life would you want to go on? Would you honestly want to be dumber than a dog? Why would you ever do that to another human being? What if your life would be one long painful day after another only to die quite young? In cases where the pregnancy will likely result in the death of the mother how is it right to force a human being to give up their life. If they choose too that is their right to do so, to choose not to is also. So how is it right to kill an invader but not a child that threatens to kill you? So I'm honestly confused. From stances on other topics the Right logically should be more likely to support abortion than the Left and the Left should be more likely to oppose it yet it's the opposite. How do those on the Right and Left deal with these contradictions. Please don't flame the opposing viewpoint.. Just defend your own logic and stance compared to other stances on life and death. Thank you for honest thought out answers. The whole point is to examine the contradictions not try to sway anybody to one side or another. You won't sway anybody by insults. You'll just harden their stance and make it impervious to logic. Had a typo in there. Should read to not support easy to obtain contraceptives is to promote abortions as sex happens and sex leads to pregnancies and without birth control a certain number of pregnancies will be aborted. Wanted to clear that assertion up.Ah but as soon as there are nerves there ARE feelings. Even more advanced feelings than the very primitive feelings of many invertibrates for example.Except for the guy from acorn who spouted an empty slogan these are all good answers. Choosing a best answer will not be easy but choose I must. Thank you for your answers.
A: A rather long way of saying something quite simple. You reached the right conclusion, just took a long way to get there.Shouldn't the Right, whose main platform is getting the government out of our lives, be for the rights of women to their own bodies?Shouldn't the Left, whose main platform is standing up for the little guy, be standing up for the littlest guy of all?
What is your reaction to my research that I have done with regards to pro-choice attitudes?
Q: I asked 5 different abortion questions earlier in the week and was fascinated by what I found in pro-choice answers. 1. Can I kill someone and as my defense say I am pro-choice and was aborting them? 2. Why is it pro-choice vs. pro-life? Shouldn't it be pro-death vs. pro-life? 3. Why do we demonize a man who killed some dogs? Yet it's perfectly legal for a woman to walk into a clinic any day of the week and kill a baby? 4. Are you glad your mom was pro-life? 5. Can you look at a fetus preserved in a jar and still deny that abortion is murder? I have broken the answers down into five categories and will comment on each one.A. Religion: If you will look at my questions you will see that I did not bring up religion not one time. I am able to defend my pro-life position without bringing my religion into it. I learned this from the great motivational speaker/abstinence advocate Pam Stenzel. If you don't mention religion, you take away most of the opposition's ammo. Pro-choicers brought it up, though, interestingly enough! "And I am not worried about my relationship with the divine. Again with the name calling when we do not agree with you." I did not call anyone any names and if you're not worried about it, why bring it up? "The crazy pro-lifers claim to use religion to back up their position" Again, I did not use religion to back up my argument. "How about pro-freedom and anti-religious doctrine?" Once more, my defense of the rights of the unborn has nothing to do with my religious doctrine. How about this, "If you do not believe in them do not have one." I won't, but it's not about my beliefs, it's about the rights of unborn humans.B. Bravado and Insults of Fetuses: "You can show me any ugly pictures you want...I am and always will be PRO CHOICE!!" "I can look at a doll and be pro-choice. Neither is a sentient being." "I have seen fetuses blended, arms in sinks, etc. I am not so weak as to cringe behind pathos arguments." "A fetus isn't a human, it's a fetus." "An unborn fetus, that doesn't have brain functioning of a slug isn't worth that trouble. Do you call road kill murder?" Wow, these are some tough folks, beating up on fetuses like that! Momentarily causes me to sympathize with their argument, but I think I'll press on.C. Arrogance of the Born: These people think they know the exact moment in time when a fetus becomes "viable" whatever that means. How arrogant is that? Of course a fetus is dependent on the mother for survival, much as a 1 year old child is dependent on a parent, but they think the one yet unborn doesn't deserve the same respect or rights. Others in this category don't believe that the unborn deserve the same chance to live as they received. "Understanding the lack of neurological activity in a 1st trimester fetus convinced me that abortion is not murder...hence the total lack of guilt on my way into the clinic." "It's not a baby until about halfway into the pregnancy." About halfway? So it was almost a person, but the clock ran out on it? "The world doesn't need any more unwanted kids. there is enough suffering in the world already." Somebody wants them! There are Americans who are being forced to look overseas in order to adopt children, which is fine if they want to Angelina Jolie, but many don't have the option here because we abort our "unwanted" children. "I feel bad for those women who...fall pregnant by accident and then can't get an abortion because 'it's murder'... It ruins two lives, the woman's and the soon-to-be-baby's." Yeah, accidentally falling pregnant is a real nuisance. Clothes falling off and accidentally having intercourse is a real problem these days. Also, I didn't know you could ruin someone's life by letting them have life. What arrogance!D. My body, my choice: What they fail to consider here is that women temporarily transport and nourish a living human and they have a responsibility here. It's not their body they are doing anything to, it's the child that is being destroyed. Women, like it or not, have a responsibility to that child at least until it is born. They were either given or evolved the ability to give birth. Last week where I live a woman was convicted of killing her baby when it was born prematurely because she smoked meth and it died. She could have birthed the child, given it up, then smoked all the dope she wanted. Instead she took a life. "It is you or the government deciding what to do with your own body." " Pro choice is not giving anyone the right to decide what you can or can't do with your body." I'm a political conservative which means I'm for less government, so I don't take lightly forcing anyone to do anything but in this case I am trying to defend the rights of the defenseless.E. Animals are equal to or better than Humans: "Are you really about decreasing suffering as a whole, or do you only care about pain when it happens to human animals?" I only really care about humans. "Oh, and the dogs? They are actually born,"Oh, and the dogs? They are actually born, living, breathing and conscious." Which makes them more important than someone who is a few weeks away from breathing? http://www.akdart.com/culture6.htmlThey have failed to convince me, and I guess I've failed to convince them. My hope is that someone who is not sure will decide like I did that life begins when sperm fertilizes egg and cell division begins and that the sanctity of life should be preserved whether you are religious or not. Email me if you would like a complete copy of my notes. Thanks!Here's a baby that was "unwanted" but not aborted. I'm sure she's happy about that outcome! http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/12/16/AR2009121604240.html?g=0Actually, a sperm cannot develop on its own, nor can an egg, but the convergence of the two "sparks" human life which will be born in 37 weeks or less.Maybe you're right. I will revisit my thoughts on the rights of animals. See, I'm not closed-minded at all!
A: I agree with you on almost everything. I've always felt that abortion is a moral issue, not a religious one. The way the media and society constantly portray the situation as "only lunatic religious fanatics would be pro-life" is clearly false propaganda spread by the pro-choice movement to undermine the pro-life values which are clearly of a higher morality.The reactions you got were typical of pro-choicers. It's extremely common for them to assume as though religion had been brought up, make degrading jokes about fetuses, and make disgustingly immoral excuses about having the "privacy" to harm another being. The real tragedy is that people who behave like this are allowed to think they're the more intelligent, more enlightened individuals on the planet. This can clearly be chalked up to the fact that in just about every society, the human race has far and large been made up of imbeciles. There's no doubt in my mind that in a few hundred years, our descendants will look back at us with the same disgust with which we look back on the people who allowed slavery to occur, and wonder how it is that we could have supported this atrocity.The one thing I disagree with you on is that you only care about the humans. I believe that just as our society has acknowledged women and blacks to be equals, we will someday extend that to include all forms of life, which is why I consider a fetus to have rights, whether or not people want to argue that it's not human yet. Only then will we be a civilized race.Some of the answers this question has gotten are reflective of the stupidity of the human race. Typical unthinking pro-choicers have said things like "A ball of cells has more rights than a woman," completely missing the point of what you posted. How is it that these people are allowed to think they're intelligent? And masturbation is not murder, as sperm will die regardless of whether you hold them in. Plus, the sperm dies even if it reaches the egg, all it does is release its DNA code into the egg. It still dies.
Help with fleas? and I'm pregnant?
Q: So I got my dog a treatment from the vet to kill the fleas and I notice that he's been itching a lot less, however they are still everywhere, how do I get rid of them, and I think my dog lay on my bed when I'm at work and they are on there too, I don't have money to replace my bed or funiture and I'm pregnant so I want this all gone before the baby comes, What products work to kill fleas and their eggs, and if it is a bomb , does the bomb chemicles stay in fabric like the matress and couch and is it safe, and do I have to leave the house for couple hours or couple days, again I don't have much money to be gone long, but I also don't want to harm my unborn baby. HELP I hate sleeping with fleas I even saw blood marks on my pillow this morning,
A: Ok, I dont think you need to throw out your furniture because of the fleas- Im sure you can treat them fairly easily.Firstly, if you have purchased a good quality flea treatment from your vet it should be very effective at killing your dogs fleas- but it will take about 24 hours before you start to really see the effects.Look at the package- it should tell you how long you have to wait before your dog can get wet (its usually not water resistant for 24 hours) after this period you can wash your dog to help get rid of the excess fleas and flea dirt. The flea treatment should stay on the dog and help it to kill fleas, and the eggs wherever it goes for the entire month that it works for.You should wash your sheets, vacuum the floor, and wash your dogs bedding to also help to destroy the fleas.You can then use a flea bomb- there should be a few different varieties avaliable- but you will have to vacate the house for a few hours for it to work- and the chemicals arent great- i dont know if there are any risks to pregnancy but its good to check the labels and maybe consult your doctor before using one. The flea bomb should work to kill all the fleas and eggs in the area it is let off.

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