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How do cows get pregnant

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Cows are impregnated through sexual intercourse just like human beings. Thanks for using ChaCha. Any more questions? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-cows-get-pregnant ]
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How do cow get pregnent?
Cows get pregnent the same way humans do.
How long after a cow gives birth can she get pregnant again??
It depends on a number of things, body condition at calving, age of dam, if there was any calving difficulty during the calving process, and if diet is adequate after calving during lactation so that weight and body condition losses do not ...
Can a cow get pregnant while still nursing?
a nursing calf can decrease pregnancy rates but yes it is possible for her to be bred again,while still nursing,i found a good site and looked it up,the site is www.iowabeefcenter.org

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how do i get my cows pregnant in harvest moon boy & girl??
Q: sorry i''ve only had this game for 2 weeks and i still have a lot to learn...i have a few Q. to ask so plz answer them clearly not like u get them pregnant by having two and yada yadda.1) so how do i get my cows pregnant?2)how do i get a hot house?(i know where the hot spring is is that the hot house?)3)how do i milk my cows?4)how do i get the wool from my sheep?5)and lastly how do i equip myself with tools? so that i could be holding them because i want to level them up.. i have a bunch more questions to come so pLzzz be waiting to answer them. and if u answer these that will really really a billion times really helpful!!!! so plz anwer my questions!!!!
A: 1) buy the miracle potionthis takes too many days - i prefer just buying cows2) you need to upgrade all the things from gotzthen the hothouse costs alot, i dont remember the exact pricethe hot house is like a greenhouse - it is used to grow crops all year round, no matter what season they are fromnothing to do with the hotspring3) buy the milker from saibara4) buy the clippers from saibara5)ha..? go to your toolbox and get the tools outpress r1 to circle through the tools in your rucksacksquare to use the tool
cows growing on the game harvest moon a wonderful life?
Q: in harvest moon a wonderful life i am trying to get one of my cows pregnant with one of ny bullls with the miracle potion but it says that my bull is too young how long does it take for them to grow up? and i i breed two different cows like a normal cow and a star bull will the calf be something cool like a mix between the two or will it be a normal cow or star cow?
A: The calf won't mix it'll be a star cow i think, as for the bull i think its one year you have to wait.
I have the Harvest Moon game for gamecube and I want to know how did you get your cow pregnant?
Q: Did you use a bull or miracle potion?? Which one works better?
A: Really using a bull takes a lot longer cuz you need to have them both for a long time before you can make them pregnant. Miracle potions are the way to go (what i think) They're much faster. yeah they're more expensive than using your own cattle but then you wouldn't have to wait as long. And I think the miracle potion is cheaper than buying a whole nother cow right?but really both work the same. Just one is faster than the other and one is more expensive.hope I helped :D

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