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How could you tell if I've had a miscarriage even though I didn't know I was pregnant

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Symptoms of a miscarriage include: vaginal bleeding, pelvic cramps, abdominal pain, or a persistent, dull ache in your lower back. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-could-you-tell-if-i%27ve-had-a-miscarriage-even-though-i-didn%27t-know-i-was-pregnant ]
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How could you tell if I've had a miscarriage even though I didn't...?
Symptoms of a miscarriage include: vaginal bleeding, pelvic cramps, abdominal pain, or a persistent, dull ache in your lower back.

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Is it normal to grieve over a dead baby you didn't even know you had?
Q: I suspected some time in september that I was pregnant, but the pregnancy test I took was negative. The doctor told me to take another test later to make sure, because I probably conceived some time around then, and the levels of hormones in my body were still too low. I didn't know what to believe so I didn't really think much about it, nor did I expect anything.However, two days ago I took a new test, the home pregnancy test where you pee on a stick, and it was positive. I was happy, because even though me and my boyfriend are young and still without jobs, we both love children. I went to my doctor to take a test there, just to be sure, but the urine test i took there was negative! I was really confused, and so was the doctor, so she sent me to a specialist in the hospital to take a hormone blood test instead.I did the blood test yesterday, and this morning I got the results. The doctor there said that I was not pregnant, but I still had some pregnancy hormones in my blood, which had shown up as positive results on the urine tests I took myself. The most likely explanation according to her was that I had been pregnant before I took the test, but that I recently had had a miscarriage before the pregnancy was barely even noticable in its early stages.The thing is that, about a week before I took the first home test, I had a weird bleeding. It was kinda like menstruation, but it was not on the right time, and it was more painful than usual. I told the doctor about this, and she said that when I miscarried, that is probably when it happened.I don't know how to feel now. One second I was happy that I was gonna have a baby, the next I get to know that I had a miscarriage. I feel like I've been robbed of the happiness before I even could feel it. Is this normal? Is it normal to be sad when a baby, that you barely even knew you had, dies?I talked to my boyfriend and he seemed more surprised about us actually being "almost parents" for a while, but he understands that I'm sad. I don't wanna tell him exactly how sad I am, because I'm afraid I'm just being silly feeling like this over something I didn't even knew I had.Another thing is that since I thought in the beginning that I wasn't pregnant, I have been using birth control pills for about two months now. Thinking that the pills might have had a bad effect on the embryo, and maybe caused me to misscarry, makes me feel even worse. I feel like I killed our baby before it even turned into a baby.Can someone help me please? Is it normal to feel like this or am I just cracking up? I'm really feeling bad about this but I don't know if my sadness is justified. Help me!
A: Yes hon it is completely normal.. I went thru something similar in 1999 myself.. I had suspected I was pregnant because I was suppose to be having my period but instead I was passing a black tar like substance (sry if too much info..) and years ago my grandmother had told me about a distant relative we had who went thru the same thing.. (same symptoms) I took 2 tests and one of them said negative and the other one seemed like it was a dud.. didnt seem to work properly.. I was in a hurry as I was leaving for out of town that weekend but when I returned home the "faulty" one then read positive. Because of the unusual bleeding my gyno saw me that Monday. I was soooo excited but my husband was pissed to say the least because he was a jerk and because we had planned on waiting about 5 years before having a baby... So my mom meets me at the drs office with 2 really cute pooh bears (I still have them) and although I was happy about the pregnancy I had also started doubling over in pain.. I told the dr there about the pain and the bleeding. They had me do a urine test to confirm the pregnancy and I remember handing it to them all bloody.. not the usual urine color and they assured me its perfectly fine to bleed while pregnant. They told me everything looked great and that I would need to come back in a couple of weeks to hear the babys heartbeat :-) They also sent me home with a diaper bag and TONS of baby stuff... I remember on the way home 'Guns and Roses' was on and I actually switched the station to a disney one!I went to my grandparents house because my husband threatned me if I came home pregnant hed throw me off the roof (needless to say we divorced not long after that). I spent the next hour or so calling my parents and my siblings to tell them the news! but along with the cramps i suddenly felt a huge urge to pee so I went upstairs and when I wiped it was pure bright red blood. and lots of it.. I knew I was miscarrying...I had suspected I was pregnant for about a week or so tops but only knew I was pregnant for less than a day. I was rushed to the emergency room where I was infact miscarrying.. (*twins*)I will be honest it took me YEARS to get over it. Atleast a year before I could even talk about it if someone asked me how I was doing without crying.. Not only had I lost those babies but I also knew we wouldnt be trying for another baby so I felt I had lost any chance of having another one so that made it extra hard on me..The most important thing is NOt to blame yourself. I did that... I thought of EVERYTHING I did wrong.. I even cried over the fact I thought the baby might know how much his or her daddy didnt want him or her. THAT killed me.What I've learned is that miscarriages happen ALL THE TIME and most of the time the women didnt even know they were pregnant in the first place OR that they had miscarried.. Its your bodys way of aborting a baby that isnt well enough to survive. Most of the time its a chromosomal abnormality that could not have been controlled.. About 6 years later I finally realized that it was for the best as I couldnt have imagined having to share custody of my babies with that heartless and selfish husband I had at the time..Also it does NOT mean you cant have another baby. I know right now you feel another baby cant replace your loss and you are right: it wont replace that baby but more than likely you wont have trouble carrying another healthy baby to term.11 years later I remarried this past August and our very first month trying we got pregnant! I'm now in my 12th week and we cant be happier! I send you tons of baby dust and heartfelt *hugs* and wish you the very best.. I know that pain you are going thru very well but as true with many other things in life.. times heals your wounds...keep your head up and you'll have a baby in your arms soon enough :-)
I'm fourteen..and I think I could be pregnant..Help?..please..?
Q: Please..don't judge me..So..I'm fourteen years old..and..i just recently have been seeing a guy who happens to be older..and..we had only been talking..we weren't dating. But then..one day he came over to my house..and asked me out..and Ha..I said yes. Then..a few days later he had come over to stay the night..and well..I think you can pick up the pieces from there.. =/ We didn't use protection..and we both were honestly very stupid about the situation. So..from then..I had this new boyfriend that I had only known for about a week..that i had already slept with after only a day of being with him..I felt pretty shitty..so please don't make me feel any worse..And..it gets worse..We continued to have unprotected sex..about every other day..using the stupid fuckin "pull out method" And..at the time..I didn't care..i grew up..really having no care about myself..so..i was thinking "Oh..If I get pregnant..its no big deal.." type thing..and then..my Mother went out of town and gave him permission to stay the night..(She should have known what was yet to come.) And then..we didn't pull out...and yeah. Awhile has passed..my boyfriend and I have been together for about a month now..and..about two weeks after we had started being together..and..two weeks after we had sex..my breasts had been starting to hurt..and I had been peeing alot. Not to mention I missed my period. So..I had a theory that I was pregnant..And my boyfriend and I were a bit worried...and yes I understand I've made a mistake by continuing to have unprotected sex..but..When my mother had come home from being out of town..She had accused me of having sex and I told the truth..sort of...I told her it was only that one time..and we used protection..she was still furious even though..she should have saw it coming..but..it was also my fault because I abused her trust. And so..then..she started lecturing me on about..how if I ever had gotten pregnant..it would ruin everything..and..the whole time she was talking..I still had the thought in my mind that I was pregnant. And then..about three weeks from the first day we had been together..and had sex..it was about a week from my missed period..I had bled...i was light at first..then..it came to be a bit heavier and i had bad cramps...then it lightened up..and i bled for about a total of six days. Afterwards..my boobs hadn't hurt as much..and..I hadn't been peeing all that much either..but..I don't know for sure If I had a miscarriage or not..so still..I think I may be pregnant..and..this whole experience has gotten me..very stressed out..and..I've really learned from everything..but..to be honest..i love babies and kids and such..but..I'm not ready to have a child at age fourteen. And..When my mother was lecturing me..she told me that I could NEVER have an abortion..She's very religious..and..adoption is a choice..but..i really don't want to go through all that comes before it. I regret everything..but I still do love my boyfriend. And..I've started to care..I've started to think about it..and..for the first time in my life..i had prayed..and..i feel as if i don't deserve this child. I haven't even been tested..but i have no support from anyone..and have to do everything on my own..and..i don't even know where i would go...Not to mention..I don't have a doctor. But I'm 97% sure that I am pregnant if I didn't have a miscarriage..but apart of me just says it was a normal implantation bleeding. *sigh* I'm not a good person..not a healthy one for my age either..and..i know that would effect my baby. And if anyone..has any advice..or..a way that could just make this all go away..that would be greatly appreciated. I've come to find myself desperate..trying ways to give myself a miscarriage..which..is a horrible thing to do..but..what else could i do..?Please don't judge me.and I know that this is a long story to read and everything..but..your help would mean everything to me right now..
A: If you want to induce a miscarriage take very high amounts of Vitamin C. Having high Vit. C in early pregnancy destroys your uterine lining and terminates the pregnancy. I found a website about "Vitamin C Abortions" on the internet years ago, it's a popular method of abortion in China. I've done it myself a few times. Just get the strongest ones and take like 5 a day until you start bleeding...
How can I help my husband get excited about getting pregnant/having a baby?
Q: Hi - I'm really getting worried. Let me begin by saying that my husband an I have been married almost a decade and love each other very much. When we first got married, we were both aware of my health problems - kidney and female parts. We never dreamed we would have so much trouble trying to have a child. We've had miscarriages and one that made me very sick. For most of these, my husband was away or out of the country (his job had him gone for at least 6 months out of the year)-now he has a much, much better job, but of course as with any job there are stresses. I've finally gotten some doctors to communicate with each other and we are very close to having them all in agreement (we're talking about possibly on the 16th of December...), that if we are going to try again for a baby than this would be the best time to try-i've gone almost a whole year with no major hospitalizations, no surgeries, very few ER trips (only one was related to my health problems mentioned)- but now I can't seem to get any spark of excitement from my husband like I used to get. John just almost seems apathetic to the situation. I understand he is somewhat afraid of what might happen to me or the child I carry- we have mourned the miscarriages and even were able to have the ashes of one miscarriage so we could have a physical letting go. I REFUSE to get pregnant on the sly -I've seen this happen and I could never do that to my husband - I love him too much and even if I thought I could - I NEVER can keep lies from him - not that I really try. Before, he used to be really excited about the prospect of trying to get pregnant and getting pregnant- now I don't know what to do. I dropped a few hints but now I've stopped that because I don't want him to feel like this is all I can talk about. I did tell him last week that there was only about 5 weeks to go before the doctors gave the o.k to begin trying again. I'm in my 30's and don't get me wrong, I'm afraid too, but I don't want to wind up in my 40's to find myself childless(even though I do have friends who had children beginning at age 43 - and they've had 3!) - I have no doubt that when the child comes, assuming I get pregnant and can carry to term, that John will be excited. I just don't know how to get him excited again. I want to kind of try to "fix" this problem somehow but I don't know how. I can't promise him that we won't miscarry -neither I nor any doctor can. And we did discuss this prior to marriage and we wanted 4 kids if we could- we planned to wait 5 years (so we could get to know each other as a couple living together) before we wanted to try-we did have an unplanned pregnancy on the pill, but I couldn't carry that one to term. I'm praying a lot - but please give me help if you can think of any~ I've even begun a chest with clothes in it - some unisex-HELP!!!! I'd love to get some opinions from both Men and Women. I'm willing to do almost anything - oh one last thing - he won't go to counseling. I don't think he believes there is any kind of problem. Most of the time, he would get back and everything would be done with. At the time, the military didn't have direct communication for men in his situation. There's got to be away to get him excited - we do have lots of God Children and he's great with them. I know he's seen me sigh over the little ones too. I think I've gone on enough - HELP Please!Category
A: I think the best thing to do is sit down and have a really long talk with your husband. He wants children, but not at the expense of his wife's health. That's really admirable, and sweet. However I can see how it can be a hindrance to getting the children you both want. I would have to say that if you set the mood over maybe a three of four day period then you may get him excited about it. Before December 16, take a couple of days to reconnect. Go out, go dancing, have fun and make love without the stress of baby making (for lack of a better term). Then when the 16 rolls hopefully you will both be quite ready and the "burden" (again lack of a better term) of trying to make a child will be lifted enough for you to enjoy the moment and God willingly get a child from your love. Good luck and God bless.

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