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How can you fake a pregnancy test

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The best way to fake a pregnancy test is to buy a fake pregnancy test. Otherwise, you gotta ask a pregnant woman for her urine. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-you-fake-a-pregnancy-test ]
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There is no way to fake a pregnancy test besides having someone else take it for you. A good question would be why would you want to know how? Are you trying to make a boyfriend stay around by telling him you are pregnant? You know, tha...
・ 1 Step one is to obtain a fake pregnancy test. The cheapest ones are for sale on ebay but fake newspapers... ・ 2 One you get the test in the mail, tell your mark that you think you may be pregnant. It would help... ・ 3 Urinate in the cup ...
incorporate HCG in the pregnancy test kit because it is a hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy and is excreted in the urine...

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Is it possible to fake a home pregnancy test?
Q: If so, how? My my son and his girlfriend have been on again and off again for a couple of months and now she says she's pregnant. She took several tests and they were positive. She is very caniving and we don't trust her. How can you fake a test?
A: There is no way for you to ascertain whether she is telling the truth unless your son witnessed her from start to finish as she urinated and performed the test. Neither you nor your son has any rights to demand that she test in front of you. If she is as conniving as you say she is, then just hope this is a lie, and hope that your son quits making a pregnancy possible. Even if she is pregnant, your son's paternity could be in question, so it all becomes a legal matter in the long run. If your son chooses to continue the relationship, there isn't much you can do about it without locking him in a cage.....hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
How can you fake a positive pregnancy test?
Q: How can you fake a positive pregnancy test???????????????????????????????????its a jokeits for a med school project
A: Why would you want to. That is just stupid.
how can you fake a pregnancy test to come out positive???
Q: no im not gonna scam a poor guy out of money for abortion,..(that is what some people think). it is a prank me and a couple of my girlfriends are gonna do on a friend of ours...(her b-day is in 3 weeks) and she would freak if she thought i was pregngnt.....sooooooooo,... how do i do it?ive heard that soda works bit i havent tried it yet!!!!=)
A: you cant get a pregnancy test to turn out positive, that is a really mean thing to do to someone, you and your friends need to grow up

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