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How can doctors tell your pregnant from urine

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Pregnancy tests work by detecting the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), only present in urine during pregnancy. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-doctors-tell-your-pregnant-from-urine ]
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Would the doctors tell you if your pregnant if you took a urine t...?
Yes , they can tell if a woman is pregnant just by a sample of their urine. I just had a 5 month old and my pregnancy was determined by my urine sample. Although, just to be on the safe side many health centers and clinics to require you to...
Can a doctor tell if your pregnant by your urine??
yes he can tell but may not look. However, UTI's are very commen in women who are pregnant, and if you do have one and suspect you may be pregnant, you should tell your doc so he can give you the right meds that wouldn't harm the baby! Many...
Could my doctor tell if im pregnant from a urine and blood test??
Only if they did a specific test for the pregnancy hormones. Generally a urine test during a regular check-up is just for sugar (it's a diabetes screen.) The blood test ... who knows what they were testing for, but unless you specifically a...

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By when can I start again to get pregnant?
Q: So, I had a miscarriage almost 4 weeks ago(4 weeks on this Wednesday coming up) I had to get the D&C procedure, the doctor that gave me the surgery said to wait 3 months to get pregnant then walked out! so, yesterday I had my appointment with MY doctor, he gave me an ultrasound and I still wasn't cleaned he said it could be blood, that no one knows, so he gave me 4 pills to take every 6 hours, and to go back in 2 weeks. Also, he asked for a urine test to see if I'm still pregnant, and it already showed negativeSo, if in 2 weeks my body is already cleaned out, and well we all know that my test came out negative, is it good to try again? Well I mean also I want to wait one whole cycle for my period to come, or should I still wait 3 months?I know people prefer to wait more, because of the thought of having another miscarriage might be too much for them. However, in my heart I really believe that things will be way better this time.Ladies, what do you recommend? I know my doctor will tell me then how long to wait, but from your opinion what do you think? How about that negative pregnancy test, isn't that a good sign? I've heard stories of ladies saying that after a miscarriage the test still comes out positive. What do you think?
A: I am so sorry for your loss. Please ignore the rude answers from little children.Yes, a negative pregnancy test is an encouraging sign, it means that you no longer have enough preg. hormone to trigger the particular test you are taking. My doctor asked me to wait a bit longer and have a blood test a few weeks after a neg. urine test to make sure my levels went down to ZERO. She said that ovulation will not likely happen until then, and that residual small level of hormone may remain for a while.I agree that the major reason most people want you to wait is for emotional health reasons. I felt I was ready after about 3 weeks and tried again. No luck though. I guess my point is, it is a personal decision and as long as you feel ready and your body feels okay, then go for it.Again, sorry for your loss. Remember that one miscarriage does not necessarily mean that it will happen again. 20-25% of women will have one miscarriage in their lives.Best of luck to you!
Baby Experts: Get Your Pens and Calendars Ready. Could I Be Pregnant? Or Is There Something Else Wrong?
Q: I am in need of experienced opinions from those who have been trying to conceive or know a significant amount about conceiving. -TTC for 2 months with second child. First Child is 5. No symptoms or signs noticeable until after the doctor told me I was 8 weeks pregnant. -Previously on depo for 1 year. Last injection given 4/2008. Next injection was due June but never went to get it. Haven't had an injection since 4/2008.-Periods stopped completely while on depo. Have returned in August but have been very irregular since then.-Cycle history: period 8/30, lasted 7 days, moderate flow. Period 9/19, lasted 7 days, heavy flow. No period October. Period 11/2, last 4 days, light flow. Period 11/27, lasted 1 day, very light flow.-My partner and I had sex on 12/6, 12/8, 12/11.-Had +OPK on 12/8. Contined testing with OPKS due to irregular periods. OPKs continued to have a test line afterwards that went from distinct to very faint or unnoticeable.- Started charting on 12/16 after noticing some creamy cervical mucus, bloating fatigue, cramps, and temp of 98.2-12/17, temp 98.8, creamy cervical mucus, bloating, fatigue, backache, cramps, heartburn-12/18, bloating, gassy, backache, dizziness, increased appetite, heartburn, temp 98.4-12/19 temp 98.4, creamy cervical mucus, negative HPT, bloating, fatigue, headache, gassy, backache, cramps-12/20, temp 99.2, headache only with negative HPT-12/21, backache, increased appetite, heartburn, pink or pinkish discharge after using restroom. Only about a spot. Not pad, tampon, or pantyliner needed-12/22, negative HPT with first morning urine, pinkish discharge only a spot, no pad, tampon, or pantyliner needed.I have been charting on fertilityfriend.com. I know that the most accurate way of finding out is by going to see GYN.Please tell me what you think of my signs ans symptoms and answer these questions:1. How long after implanation can hcg be detected in a blood test. And how much is a blood test. How soon will the results be back.2.Is there a possibility that I have tested too early being that I had what appeared to be implanation bleeding on yesterday afternoon, but tested negative this morning with a first response pregnancy test?3. What are other signs to look for to detect early pregnancy. With my first child, I didn't have any symptoms. No nausea or sore/tender boobs. I did noticed that my stomach started to budge a little bit. Since my periods have returned after depo I haved been getting any signs of those either. Use to get cramps years ago but no cramps anymore. My boobs never hurted when I got my cycle.4. If I am not pregnant, what else do you think that these symptoms could be signs of.
A: Well, I'm not sure how much I can help... but I'll try as I feel your pain! I too was on Depo for a while (much longer that you though) and my last jab was in March 2008! Been TTC since with no luck. My periods come a bit more regularly, but like you they go from a 7-day heavy flow to a 2-day light flow!!! Anyway...1. Implantation generally occurs about 7-10 days past ovulation. So, theoretically HCG could start to be produced at 7 DPO. But, there are a lot of women that won't have detectable levels (i.e. a BFP) of HCG until the first day of their missed period, or about 14 DPO. I have no idea how much a blood test costs, though I imagine if you have insurance it will be covered. I think the results come back fairly quickly. 2. It is possible that you've tested too early, especially with your irratic cycles, it's hard telling exactly when you ovulated. You got your first positive OPK on 12/08, correct? That means you probably ovulated around the 9th or 10th... so you are only around 11 or 12 DPO! Assuming that you didn't have an anovulatory cycle and for some reason or other didn't ovulate this month. This will throw off your cycle as well. Or, perhaps it could be the aftermath of Depo making your cycle weird? 3. Sadly, the earliest pregnancy signs mimic PMS very closely... so there's not real tell-tale sign that you're pregnant aside from an HPT. A lot of women experience morning sickness around 4 weeks (when you should be getting your period), and some will experience implantation bleeding and cramping that feels as if AF is coming. A lot of others complain of sore breasts and noticeable blue veins on their breasts. But, it's different for everyone so there's no way to tell for sure! 4. If you're not pregnant, I'd say that the weird symptoms and irregular bleeding are just the aftermath of the Depo. I am currently trying to figure out what's going on with me as well. Though my periods come pretty regularly since August 2008, they started the first few months being 5-7 days of moderate to heavy flow, and since have dwindled down to only 2 days or so of light to regular flow! And, my cycles are very short (24-27 days so far). I'm dying to find out if there's a problem, or if this is just my "normal" body now. Good luck to you! Hopefully I've at least partially answered your question. Wish I could be of more help. Lots of baby dust to you and hopefully you'll get your BFP soon and all of your questions will be answered.
can you be pregnant with tubes tied?
Q: i have been having pregnacy symptoms for a couple of months now, but not like the early sighns, more like:lower backache, frequent urination, colostrum from breasts, weight gain, but i have my tubes tied for 7 yrs and i am still having periods, last month 5 days late month before week and a half late. i went to the doctor today and it was kind of strange, no exam of any kind, straight to blood work for thyroid and pituitary gland(to check my prolactin level) my questions are how can they tell if your prolactin is high from a pituitary problem or from pregnancy, and can a urine test be negative and you still be pregnant, i just don't want to go through cat scans or mri if there is any possibility of pregnancy, i feel so silly asking all this i am 30 yrs old and should know more than this, but if my tubes were not tied i would swear i was pregnant
A: It is possible to be pregnant. A friend of mine had her tubes tied for almost 10 years and the tubes over the years became untied and allowed her to get pregnant. She didn't even know she was pregnant until she went into labor when she was almost 6 months along (she was pretty heavy already) and the baby had complications and a few surgeries for her lungs, but the baby is now 6 years old!! To be on the safe side, tell the doctors to burn the tubes as well- which is also a procedure for the tubal ligation, just some doctors don't feel comfortable doing it. It is the only way to be 100% safe from not getting pregnant.

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